Customer Car: Zac’s 2012 GT-R, Complete In-Progress Build by GT-RR

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GT-RR complete car build - Zac's 2012 GT-R

One of our greatest joys is taking on complete car conceptualization and managing builds.  We tap our networks to select the best partners for each aspect of the car build.  We extensively consult with our clients to determine the very best possible parts to meet their goals.  On the blog and in the Facebook gallery, we will be updating the in-progress photos of our client Zac’s incredible GT-R build.  Zac’s car is aggressively modified but done so in his own style, which is classy and somewhat understated compared to many of the other wild builds.  What defines Zac’s build is the extreme quality and attention to detail.  You’ll get a better feeling for this as the build unfolds.

Modification List:

AMS Alpha 10 for Zac's 2012 GT-R
AMS Alpha 10 (1029whp race gas)
Amuse 90mm STTI Exhaust
AMS Ported Throttle Body

brand_RR custom headlights for Zac's 2012 GT-R  AMS full carbon roof for Zac's 2012 GT-R

brand_RR Dual HID Headlight Conversion (OEM Color Combo, Switchback LED Rings)
AMS Carbon Fiber Roof
GT-RR Carbon Fiber Spoiler
Zele Fender Duct
Rear Carbon Seats
Top Racing Dry Carbon Mirrors

ADV1 wheels for Zac's 2012 GT-R
ADV.1 5.0 TrackSpecs 21″
GT-RR One-Off Carbon Fiber Interior Pieces
Tommy Kaira Door Sill Plate, GT-RR One Off Carbon Rework
GT-RR One-off custom carbon fiber trunk/spoiler combination
Swift Spec-R Springs

brand_RR front bumper w Mine's Version 2 dry carbon front diffuser
brand_RR Cross Compatible front bumper
Mines V2 Dry Carbon Lip
Mines Dry Carbon Side Skirts
‘Reventon’ Matte Grey Paint
Nordring Rear Under Spoiler, Dry Carbon
Nordring Front Bumper Duct Fin, Dry Carbon
Nordring Headlight Finisher, Dry Carbon

brand_RR front bumper and Mines dry carbon front diffuser for 2012 GT-R   Amuse 90mm STTI exhaust for Zac's 2012 GT-R

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Customer Car: Jon’s 1250+awhp GT-R

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Jon's 2012 R35 GT-R

We are pleased to have been involved with this build from the beginning. The car features quite a lot of high quality parts and custom work, making it deserving of a full post and its own gallery on our Facebook.

Jon’s GT-R features (partial modification list):
1250+hp Upgrade by Switzer (in progress)

GT-RR R35 custom leather carbon interior
Extensive custom interior work including GT-RR one off carbon fiber bits
brand_RR Carbon Fiber 2012 Front Lip Spoiler
brand_RR Custom Headlights
GT-RR one-off modified Zele Rear Underspoiler Remix
brand_RR Carbon Front Grill
Zele Carbon Side Skirts

TommyKaira LED emblem and brand_RR carbon front lip
TommyKaira Light Up Front LED Emblem
TommyKaira Light Up Rear LED Emblem
TommyKaira Light Up LED Door Sills
DPE 21″ SP SC16 Wheels

Bulletproof GT-RR customer car 1250+awhp R35 GT-R

Labor/Install Partners on the project:
C2 Design
Mirek’s European Auto Body Shop
Jesse’s Upholstery
Glenn’s Elite Detailing
Adrey @ Specialized
Chris Grosser Photography

GT-RR Bulletproof customer car R35

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Customer Car: Bill’s G37 Coupe

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Here’s a project we’ve been excited about for a while now…

Yes, that is an Amuse exhaust and a Zele kit among the more obvious great mods!

Check out Bill’s blog for a full mod list and authentic JDM aplenty:

Parts by Bulletproof
Install and photos by Kaizen Tuning

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Loading...Loading... Sponsored 1000hp 370Z Build

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Zele 370Z 1000hp

We’ve been involved in this crazy 370Z build and I’m excited to leak some behind the scenes visuals on the car. Here is a video shot today after the completion of the Zele aero kit installation. I’d like to thank my friends at Zele for their support with this project.

The car features a GTM 1000hp 4.5L motor with dual GT35R turbos. We’re helping out with the build and hoping to finish up the car soon for some media features. Congrats to the owner Mike from Georgia for the great ride!

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Zele Update

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Zele R35 GT-R

Naturally I’m concerned when I hear incorrect rumors, so I’d like to set the record straight on Japanese high end tuning brand Zele.

Zele, back in January restructured their organization, bankrupted the previous company, and switched ownership to a Japanese owner in Osaka. This was a result of their original business of selling used cars weighing down the company financially, due mostly to difficult economic times in Japan.  Zele brand products which debuted a couple of years ago continue to remain the future of Zele and have been doing quite well. When I talked with Kamata-san years ago (President of Zele), it was already apparent that the company’s focus was being put increasingly into developing original parts and lesser into the used car business. In short, Zele parts have been, and continue to be, the future of Zele since long before the bankruptcy/restructuring. In order to save the future of the company (original parts production) the old company needed to go through bankruptcy to clear out the used car business.

As a result Zele as a brand is stronger than ever. For example, their 370Z kit finally came out now that the restructuring has been completed. The same minds behind Zele’s parts development remain to ensure future quality remains at the level we have come to expect (did you know that some of Zele’s parts are produced with the same factories that make OEM Spec-V parts?). GT-RR/ remains their North American distributor and has more stock coming in shortly for popular applications.

For anyone out there hearing false rumors of Zele being gone, the only thing that’s gone from a customer perspective is the used car business. Zele parts continue to be made in Japan at the same high-end factories and continue to be supplied reliably to the international market.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly, I’ve been very close with Zele for years and I’m happy to answer all questions.

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Customer Car: Saeed’s R35 GT-R

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Amuse R35 GT-R Rear Wing

I’ve been on the road a lot lately visiting some amazing people in some equally amazing places. Just this month I’ve jumped from Las Vegas to Dubai to Bahrain to San Francisco with a day or two spurts home in Los Angeles in between travels. Next up I’m off to Arizona, and then Japan (pre-Auto Salon and then again for TAS of course!). I apologize for the lack of my personal posts lately, the traveling has made it impossible to keep my regular blogging pace. I’m going to make it up to you, I promise!

During my stay in Dubai I was fortunate to spend some quality time with my good friend Saeed. I did a quick two day trip to Bahrain, but primarily this trip was about visiting with Saeed. Saeed is one of the very few guys I’ve ever met that I can say is an encyclopedia of knowledge about cars. I can mention any car to him and without hesitation he will instantly have not only a well considered opinion, but more impressively, actual driving experience with the car! For more than a week we talked about cars, life and Dubai in general…the entire time a car never came up that he didn’t personally drive and have a fascinating opinion about. Perhaps he’s the Jeremy Clarkson of Dubai! 🙂

I must say that although I have always somewhat liked Porsches, I’ve never considered myself a huge Porsche fan. There are plenty of cars I’d choose over a Porsche…but when Saeed said his favorite car he’s ever driven for a daily driver is a 997 GT2, I reconsidered everything. Saeed is one of those guys who will tell me a car is no good and from that point forward I will have no interest in ever owning one. Its easy to have an opinion about cars, but few have the experience to back it up.

So its no doubt that Saeed has great taste in modifying cars as well. I hope you all enjoy the pictures I snapped of his R35 GT-R, a car that I believe holds the title of the car Saeed has held on to the longest of all of his cars. Despite my love for the Ferrari 599, Saeed got bored of it. Even his beloved 997 GT2 he one day became bored of and he moved on. Somehow, the GT-R is the last car standing….a testament for the qualities and appeal of GT-R ownership in itself.

One thing Saeed and many of my GT-R owning friends all have in common is they all enjoy driving the GT-R more than other exotic cars worth 4x the price. Forget Nurburgring numbers for a minute, the real truth is when you see guys fight over the keys of the GT-R when the other car is a Gemballa Porsche Mirage GT (Carrera GT based) as I saw on a previous trip to UAE. Whether the other car is a Veyron, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or whatever, invariably the GT-R is somehow always enjoyed more when it comes to actually driving the car. It still surprises me to hear people say that, but it keeps being proven true! To me, that is the most impressive thing about the GT-R (amongst the many).

So how did Saeed modify his GT-R? Well, I cant exactly divulge the engine modifications since there is some value to the surprise factor when he battles a street foe down Jumeriah. The modifications I can discuss are all found here along with a few more pictures:

Lets just say that anyone who replaces every gear in the GT-Rs transmission is someone on a mission…

Saeed GT-RR Customer Car Dubai R35 GT-RSaeed GT-RR Customer Car Dubai R35 GT-R

Saeed GT-RR Customer Car Dubai R35 GT-RSaeed GT-RR Customer Car Dubai R35 GT-R

The car has all of the best parts, as expected from a true car aficionado. The latest mod the car has installed is the Carbon Dry aero hood which is full dry carbon with an aluminum honeycomb core. This hood is so nice, we kept it in our sales office just to stare at it for a while prior to shipping it to Dubai. Very few parts get that level of praise and status over here, at the moment just Super GT Nismo parts and ASM race car one-off parts have held that office display status alongside this hood.

Just from looking at the front profile of the car, you can see the newly installed light weight hood, the auto select front diffuser, Esprit front mount intercooler, Esprit dry carbon intercooler duct, Nissan LED driving lamps, Auto Select Canards and the GT-RR one off carbon fiber mirrors. The rest of the car is equally modified. A full titanium Amuse exhaust is utilized. MCR suspension keeps the car fast yet streetable. The Amuse dry carbon wing keeps the rear of the car car planted at speed. Zele carbon fiber side skirts, rear under spoiler and fender ducts add some subtle style to the exterior as well.  Then there are the Dymag carbon fiber and magnesium wheels. Saeed is actually tired of those rims at the moment and the car will soon be sporting some flat black Volk G2 20″ rims with R888 rubber. Although not as exotic as a carbon fiber wheels, this new set will surely look even better on the car (more aggressive face profile and offset) and the R888 rubber will allow the car to run even faster on the streets and circuit.

The car’s interior features a heap of GT-RR’s carbon fiber one-off parts. Everything from the Navigation surround Bezel to the reshaped flat bottom carbon fiber and leather steering wheel have been reworked. The car has turned out so nice that despite me being biased against red cars, I really think that this is one of the best private owned, street driven GT-Rs in the world. For me to say that about a red car took a lot of careful consideration. Plus somehow R35 GT-Rs are one of the very few cars that in my opinion look really nice in red. I’m sure Kobayashi-san of MCR would agree with me on the Red. I’d still choose black or white personally, but looking at Saeed’s car has me saying Red is a good color choice for once.

For those disappointed that there was no travel report for this trip, the previous blog posts (from earlier trips) will offer my perspective on the amazing experience of visiting the UAE. Although I’ve learned much more with subsequent trips about the culture and the experience of living out there, my earlier posts can serve as a good introduction to anyone curious about what its like to travel there from an American perspective.

Trip #1

Trip #2

It has been fun watching Saeed’s GT-R evolve over the years he’s owned it. I wonder what the future will hold…whatever it is, I’m sure it will be exciting!

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Zele 370Z Aero Pricing Released

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One of my favorite 370Z aero kits is nearing official release in Japan and today pricing was released. To see how much it’ll cost in USD after importing and duties, check out (its better priced than I expected for this level of quality). You know we’ve got these on order for stock!

Zele Z34 370Z

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