BMW Z4, Today’s Supra? by Patrick Callahan

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Sometime back in 1998, Toyota stopped bringing Supra’s into the US. Then, in 2002, they stopped making them altogether. The car has experienced huge surge in popularity after production ceased which can be seen by the strong resale values the car enjoys. Clearly the combination of a turbocharged inline-6 and RWD wrapped in a sports-coupe skin is an attractive one. However, Toyota no longer makes such a car and doesn’t seem to be changing that fact anytime soon.

Interestingly, the Z4 Coupe makes a compelling case to take on the Supra’s legacy. Its layout is extremely similar, and power, weight and length are within 10% of each other. However, one of the things that contributed most to the Supra’s enduring legacy was the ease with which power could be added. BMW’s new motor certainly stacks up with many of the new turbo sixes performing extremely well in Redline Time Attack events.

Unsurprisingly the car has done extremely well in Japan. Garage Studie, Sunbeam and others have embraced BMW’s new line and provided wonderful support for the car. Even in Japan’s domestic-dominated SuperGT series, the Motorsport Z4 has found a home. And just like the JZA80’s of yesterday, the Z4 takes extremely well to outrageous widebodies and crazy color schemes.

JFactory has also shown that the car can be done well even with relatively tame modifications like the Varis hood and splitter. Even the cars Ben posted a while back from Studie show the potential of the car.

Could Toyota have made a business case to keep the Supra alive? BMW did and has reaped the rewards while Toyota chose to develop the SC430 that was a production failure.

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Super Clean Z4 For Sale By Garage Studie Yokohama

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Studie Garage Z4 BMW

Studie in Japan has this ultra clean Z4 for sale for 5,780,000 Japanese Yen. For how expensive BMWs are in Japan its a pretty reasonable deal. I love how clean Studie’s cars are. Although this Z4 cant stack up to the green monster mentioned yesterday, this is still great execution and a classy job.

Studie Garage Z4 BMWStudie Garage Z4 BMWStudie Garage Z4 BMW

And a bonus shot of a really clean AC Schnitzer Z4 to follow…

Studie Garage Z4 BMWStudie Garage Z4 BMW

I’m really glad to see a nice looking Schnitzer BMW again. They have (IMO) been coming out with mostly trash for years now…which is really a shame since the Schnitzer of the mid 1990s was simply amazing to me and I used to dream of that widebody green E36 demo car of theirs back around 1995 when I was 16.

Pictures today and yesterday are from Gawa’s blog (the man has few blog posts but he does have incredible taste in cars when he’s touring Japan)

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The Best Street Driven BMW Z4 by Ben Schaffer

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Street Driven Z4 Widebody BMW Motorsports

Garage Studie in Japan always builds some of the nicest BMWs in the world. This car I’m featuring happens to be an incredible demo car for them and it is street legal!

Just watch out for pets, puppies love the carbon roof! 🙂 (it’s vinyl paw prints)

Street Driven Z4 Widebody BMW Motorsports

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In Stock Items by PCAL

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Over the 10 years we’ve been in business, we’ve had an astounding amount of rare and awesome JDM products roll through our warehouse. However, it seems like some have made themselves a home on our shelves and we’ve accumulated a pretty eclectic mix of rare products. Below is just a taste of what you’ll find. Among other things, check out the Ersteklasse Z4 kit and the Top Secret Longnose kit for the 350Z:

Clearly there’s a huge variety of items you won’t see anywhere else. We have a nice list of what’s in stock right here. You’ll find everything from First Molding canards to Top Secret Fusion Oil!

As a special offer for our loyal readers, if you’re interested in any of these items, give us a call at 213.745.6954 or drop us an e-mail at and we’ll get you a great price. These parts would look much better on your car then on our shelves! Who knows, we might soon be blogging about your project instead of parts just sitting around.

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