Voltex’s New Type XIV GT Wing by Ben Schaffer

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Voltex Type XIV GT Wing, Dry Wood AP1 S2000

Voltex as you should know is always innovating with their aerodynamic designs. Writing the next chapter of their continuous evolution is this upcoming Type XIV GT Wing. The Real JDM blog has the worldwide exclusive on it! Incorporating their racing prototype know how with wood as a material for front diffuser design, Voltex has produced this unique Type XIV GT wing out of their proprietary Dry Wood construction. Dry Wood is a unique high strength and light weight wood created from chopping down only the most ancient Japanese trees, then grinding the valuable wood into small grains, after which the grains are saturated in high-end Japanese Sake and finally wind formed into a final shape using an industrial strength wind tunnel.

What makes this wing even more impressive however is that despite its highly aerodynamic design, it is also extremely versatile. The wing utilizes custom wing stays which have a dual use as a bicycle rack for those who spend all of their gas money on this incredibly innovative wing.

And if you believe all of this, either you are extremely gullible or you have forgotten what day it is today. Happy April Fools!

PS – This is actually real, my friend Konrad and I made this wing as a joke about 8 years ago for his Chevy Lumina and eventually I convinced him to put it on his S2000 to take a picture! He always had a bike rack and I used to joke that we could make a hilarious wing out of it. A night shopping at Home Depot, some messing around with saws and this is the hilarious result we came up with. Unfortunately we didnt get photos of the version we made after wrapping it with supermarket aluminum foil….Ah…the randoms times we had back when we were young, stupid and had time to waste! Good times…

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More Wood

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Wood Rims

This Splinter concept car build is actually happening and it is one of the most interesting builds I’ve seen in a while. I’m really impressed with it actually.

Check out these wood wheels. Crazy.

Wooden Rims for Splinter

The pic above is hi-res. I dont know how well these will hold up but the builder seems confident.

Check out joeharmondesign.com for updates on the build.

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Splinter Wooden Super Car

I’d like to introduce you to a concept car called the Splinter (I’d suggest that they use a sponsored name like “Viagra” as it is highly appropriate for the car and Pfizer might actually fund some of the development of the car if the name was used for marketing).

I saw this car this morning. It was impeccably timed after I was randomly thinking all morning about creative uses for wood accents in building another all out demo car. I’m always trying to push the creativity of my projects and concepts and wood seems like something I’d gravitate towards creatively using in innovative ways for accents. Although I’m not sure this car  featured here will ever exist, I do think that it is inevitable that wood will make a comeback in the tuning scene. I have a few ideas myself but no project car to do it with at the moment. Maybe someday…

Back to the Splinter…This thing is nuts. I’m not really sure how well this car can hold together with 600hp if it is actually built as a functional concept, but it looks really really cool. I LOVE the wheels in particular, its like a wooden spyker wheel with crazy lip. I’d totally rock those with stretched tires on a blister fendered Miata.

Words from the guys behind it (Joe Harmon Design):

“We aren’t really all about mission statements around here; too often, they are phoney and superfluous. That said, here is ours. We are building a high-performance, mid-engined supercar from wood composites as a graduate project at North Carolina State University. Wood will be used whereever possible, including the chassis, body, and large percentages of the suspension components and wheels. The car has a target weight of 2500lbs and a power goal of over 600 horsepower. We aren’t trying to sell anything; we aren’t trying to save the world, and we aren’t advocating that everyone should drive a wooden car. This project is a scholastic endeavour in which are simply trying to explore materials, learn, teach, share ideas, and stimulate creativity. This section details who we are and what we are doing. We hope you enjoy checking out what we are working on.”

More pics:

Splinter Wood Super CarSplinter Wood Super Car

By the way: Did you catch the use of the high exit exhaust (above the tail lights). Remember that post a few weeks back where I mentioned that rising trend…here it is, popping up again.

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