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We’ve been working on the latest version of GT-RR.COM for multiple years and finally this week we were able to relaunch it!

I welcome everyone to take the site for a new test drive. We’ve spent this week working out the kinks and we are happy to officially announce it and share it with you all!

Some of the big changes besides a huge change in style is the addition of sub categories which really have helped navigate the approximately 1000 or so products on the website. The old version of the website was getting drowned out by our steady addition of parts and it became troublesome to find anything. Now it is easy to sort through our 105 exhaust products by drilling down isolate just the 52 available cat back systems and then drilling down further to find the 31 full titanium constructed cat backs. (Damn that’s a lot of full Ti catback exhausts for the GT-R!!!)

We hope you like it!

* Thanks to our website guru David and our graphic design master Edwin!

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