Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 – Toyota FT86 Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ Features

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Greetings from Japan to our Real JDM Blog followers! Here is the list of our favorite FT86/BRZ’s to debut at Tokyo Auto Salon 2013!

WALD International 

Wald International Tokyo Auto Salon FR-S FT86


Top Secret FT86 Tokyo Auto Salon

Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 - Varis Japan 86 FRS

Nomuken’s new FT86 drift car

Nomuken FT86 Drift Car Tokyo Auto Salon 2013

ZELE International FT86 FR-S
Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 - Zele International 86 FRS 

Esprit’s 400whp Track FT86

Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 Esprit FT86

Vless FT86
Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 Vless FT86 FRS

Varis x Runduce FT86

Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 - Varis Runduce FT86 FRS


Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 INGS+1 FT86 FRS BRZ


Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 Zero-Sports Subaru BRZ


Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 Crystaleye FT86 FRS

TRD Toyota Racing Development FT86 FR-S
Tokyo Auto Salon TRD FT86 FRS

AutoFactory Japan

Tokyo Auto Salon FT86 FRS AutoFactory Japan Exhaust

Tommy Kaira FT86

Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 Tommy Kaira FT86 FRS


Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 Silk Blaze FT86 FRS

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Wald International LS480

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New Mercedes CLS Aero by Wald Japan

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Wald C218 Mercedes CLS 550 Black Bison

This is the new hotness. Wald didn’t waste much time coming up with something fresh for the new Merc. This kit is called the Black Bison (a common name for Wald complete aero kits). It includes a new front bumper with LED DRLs, side skirts, rear bumper with LED brake light, exhaust tips, sport front fenders, trunk spoiler and roof spoiler.

Not only do we love this design and the kit, we are also distributing it. If anyone needs one just send us and email and we can ship worldwide.

Wald C218 Mercedes CLS 550 Black Bison

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One Too Many – Wald’s Prius

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Wald Prius Black Bison

Sometimes I’m easily amused. I found this early rendering of the Wald “Black Bison Edition” Prius aero kit and I just had to comment on it. I know the Prius tuning is big business in Japan and judging from the looks of this design, I think Wald took it pretty seriously. The only problem is that I think they took it a little too seriously. It looks like they kept on adding more and more until there was simply one too many things going on with it.

Looking at the sculpted front fenders on their own, I can say that they are entirely perfect for the car. The shape is actually beautiful if the production version ends up like that. I’d take those with a full bumper replacement from ASI or Tommy Kaira for sure. But then we look at the bumper of this kit and I just totally loose all interest after looking at the mid/lower center section of the bumper. There is just too much going on..The sculpted lines under the headlights are a nice touch and the side exit vents are totally acceptable (although super over used)…but to me, starting off with the R35 GT-R Wald designed front grill (adapted here to the Prius) and looking downward from there its just a complete mess to me. Maybe paint accents can save it, but I don’t think so.

Sometimes I think the design should just be finished a little bit earlier on in the process and people should stop messing with it. I feel like this bumper was just too over-thought, simply one too many ideas.

What do you think?

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What PETA Wouldn’t Drive

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Vellfire Minivan Leather Painted Wald

I missed this car at SEMA this year. I cant say I missed too much…but its worth a mention just because its the first time I’ve ever seen a car (Minivan) “painted” in leather.

The car is a Toyota Vellfire from Japan. The kit used on the car is actually pretty decent and is produced by Wald. The leather treatment on the full exterior of the car is just plain nuts…presumably just as a car tuned in this style should be. The result is just barely creative enough to be saved from being tagged as a “hater fodder” car here, but still ridiculous nonetheless. If the trend of leather wrapping cars ever catches on in Dubai, that will probably be the last time I visit there. Anyway Dubai is too good for just plain old leather anyway, I think they’d probably need a Crocodile skin wrapped car or maybe Ostrich. Cow hides wont be baller enough unless, at the very least, they are from Kobe raised cows and then sprinkled with diamond dust like the limited edition Koenigsegg.

More ridiculousness below:

Wald Toyota Vellfire Minivan Leather PaintedvWald Toyota Vellfire Minivan Leather Painted

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Editorial: I Say, Enough With the IS-F Tips Already. Seriously.

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Wald Black Bison Mercedes E Class W212

I love the new E-Class Mercedes. Mercedes design seems to be doing everything right lately. After an incredible C63, now the new E63 meets the same high bar they’ve raised for themselves in both design and performance. The new E-Class looks so nice that I didn’t think there was a way for the aftermarket to screw one up…until I saw Wald put IS-F exhaust tips on their Black Bison kitted E63.

Why in the world would Wald put IS-F exhaust tips on a E63 Benz? This to me just reinforces my point that I’ve been saying privately under my breath for a while now. ENOUGH WITH THE IS-F EXHAUST TIPS ALREADY. Seriously, does it take Wald ruining an E-Class for people to get the picture that this is no better than slapping Z3 fenders on a Junction Produce Lexus LS nearly a decade after Z3 fenders were already played out and then having VIP Tuning fans trying to justify it being cool because a good brand produced it!? In my book, wack is wack. Wald is a good brand, a solid brand that I’d use on my own cars…but recycling the same diffuser and IS-F tips that they use on their IS-F Black Bison car just doesn’t make sense for E-Class owners in my not so humble opinion. Apparently there are some E-Class owners that disagree with me and wish their E63 was a Lexus. If you are one of them, send me an email, I’d be thrilled to know that one exists out there who understands why Wald did this to a E63.

And its a shame because the E63 is beautiful and in my opinion nearly impossible to screw up. Wald got the trunk spoiler right, the front bumper came out pretty nice as well. Just why in the world would they put IS-F exhausts on it? Why do we do this to ourselves as tuners? I feel like if we’re going to steal a major piece of identity from a different car, at the least that car should be part of the same family of cars and an upgraded model to the car you’re installing it on.

That’s just my editorial…it is my views only and does not express the views of Bulletproof or any affiliated companies…its just my crazy ass who is going to snap if I see any more IS-F exhausts on cars that are not IS-Fs. Maybe Wald knows some some secret that I don’t. Perhaps they did market research and found out that most E63 owners wished they had bought a Lexus instead. Maybe they’re selling used AMG exhaust tips to IS-F owners to make double the profit and flip things both directions…Who knows.

Wald Black Bison Mercedes E Class W212Wald Black Bison Mercedes E Class W212

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GT-RR For “R” Pt. 3 – Bodywork Completed!

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The previous two installments of this complete car build can be found here:

In part 3 we find ourselves just after the successful completion of the bodywork phase of the car. Sadly, the car will not be done justice visually until the HRE wheels are fitted (thanks Fedex for losing a rim and delaying this), the massive Esprit intercooler is installed and the full Amuse exhaust system is attached. Those pictures will need to wait a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I’m hoping that you can all judge the car as a work in progress and reserve final judgment until the car is fitted with the various tuning modifications bound for part 4 of this update.

GT-RR for "R" R35 GT-R Wald, Esprit

With this rear profile picture I just wanted to say again how much I love the Esprit dry carbon wing. That was a modification I strongly urged “R” to do and I think it is perfect on this car. Besides the track tested performance and reduced weight, the quality and finish of the wing is simply flawless. Once the Amuse titanium exhaust is installed (and we’re also installing the Mines carbon fiber muffler protectors), this rear will fulfill our goal of what we feel an aggressive street car should look like! After all, this is only view most drivers will ever see once the power mods are installed and tuned.

GT-RR for "R" R35 GT-R Wald, Esprit

On the front you can see the successful conclusion of chopping up the Wald front bumper and inserting the Esprit dry carbon intercooler duct. Although at the moment this simply looks nice, a week from now the massive Esprit intercooler will be fitted and will be sitting cool and comfortable behind that duct. From this view you can also just barely see the Carbon Dry aero bonnet. That hood remains super clean for a street car, yet undeniably functional and sporty in all the right places.

More pics will be coming as the car gets the final stage of the build completed by our east coast partner John Shafer and his shop Akuma.

Stay tuned…

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