FB Update: Vertex GT-R

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Vertex R35 with Advan wheels

Vertex R35 with Advan wheels.

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Vertex E92 M3 D1GP Drift Car

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For the past 6 months so many of my friends in the industry over in Japan have been talking about the build up of this car. If there was one car being produced in 2008 that generated the most hype in Japan, this car is it.

Oddly that hype has been seemingly limited in North America…so much in fact that after reading countless blogs and posts about the car’s debut at TAS, nobody seems to mention one of the most important facts regarding the car…the engine.

This E92 M3 widebody drift car uses a 2JZGTE Supra twin turbo engine. There, finally its been said.

After near eternity driving the infamous red Toyota Soarer, Ueno has picked up some big dollar sponsors and built himself one of the most seriously potent, most expensive D1 cars ever built. I’ll save the complete specs for another blogger out there who has more time to research it and write it all up, but in short the powerful 2J engine along with massive weight reduction and a seriously built chassis will make for a monster of a car when it debuts!

For now, lets enjoy the artistry of Vertex’s widebody E92 M3 drift car:

Vertex E92 BMW M3

Vertex E92 BMW M3Vertex E92 BMW M3

EDIT: It may technically not be an M3 but rather a 335 base car. With how modified it is however, I’m not sure what difference that would make…but still we try to get the facts right when we can! 🙂

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