Voltex’s New Type XIV GT Wing by Ben Schaffer

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Voltex Type XIV GT Wing, Dry Wood AP1 S2000

Voltex as you should know is always innovating with their aerodynamic designs. Writing the next chapter of their continuous evolution is this upcoming Type XIV GT Wing. The Real JDM blog has the worldwide exclusive on it! Incorporating their racing prototype know how with wood as a material for front diffuser design, Voltex has produced this unique Type XIV GT wing out of their proprietary Dry Wood construction. Dry Wood is a unique high strength and light weight wood created from chopping down only the most ancient Japanese trees, then grinding the valuable wood into small grains, after which the grains are saturated in high-end Japanese Sake and finally wind formed into a final shape using an industrial strength wind tunnel.

What makes this wing even more impressive however is that despite its highly aerodynamic design, it is also extremely versatile. The wing utilizes custom wing stays which have a dual use as a bicycle rack for those who spend all of their gas money on this incredibly innovative wing.

And if you believe all of this, either you are extremely gullible or you have forgotten what day it is today. Happy April Fools!

PS – This is actually real, my friend Konrad and I made this wing as a joke about 8 years ago for his Chevy Lumina and eventually I convinced him to put it on his S2000 to take a picture! He always had a bike rack and I used to joke that we could make a hilarious wing out of it. A night shopping at Home Depot, some messing around with saws and this is the hilarious result we came up with. Unfortunately we didnt get photos of the version we made after wrapping it with supermarket aluminum foil….Ah…the randoms times we had back when we were young, stupid and had time to waste! Good times…

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