BMW Z4, Today’s Supra? by Patrick Callahan

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Sometime back in 1998, Toyota stopped bringing Supra’s into the US. Then, in 2002, they stopped making them altogether. The car has experienced huge surge in popularity after production ceased which can be seen by the strong resale values the car enjoys. Clearly the combination of a turbocharged inline-6 and RWD wrapped in a sports-coupe skin is an attractive one. However, Toyota no longer makes such a car and doesn’t seem to be changing that fact anytime soon.

Interestingly, the Z4 Coupe makes a compelling case to take on the Supra’s legacy. Its layout is extremely similar, and power, weight and length are within 10% of each other. However, one of the things that contributed most to the Supra’s enduring legacy was the ease with which power could be added. BMW’s new motor certainly stacks up with many of the new turbo sixes performing extremely well in Redline Time Attack events.

Unsurprisingly the car has done extremely well in Japan. Garage Studie, Sunbeam and others have embraced BMW’s new line and provided wonderful support for the car. Even in Japan’s domestic-dominated SuperGT series, the Motorsport Z4 has found a home. And just like the JZA80’s of yesterday, the Z4 takes extremely well to outrageous widebodies and crazy color schemes.

JFactory has also shown that the car can be done well even with relatively tame modifications like the Varis hood and splitter. Even the cars Ben posted a while back from Studie show the potential of the car.

Could Toyota have made a business case to keep the Supra alive? BMW did and has reaped the rewards while Toyota chose to develop the SC430 that was a production failure.

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40lbs of Gold On A Porsche 996 Turbo Cabriolet

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40 pounds of gold on a 997 porsche turbo cabriolet

This is so over the top insane that I had to comment on it. 40lbs of gold was added to this Porsche. The owner was clearly too poor to add 40lbs of platinum or diamonds so he settled for gold…maybe next time he can step his game up to more exotic materials once a fully gold plated car is played out and relegated to the poor folk in his social circle. Or perhaps, just maybe for this owner’s next car he’ll simply clearcoat a couple hundred thousand dollars of actual money into the bodywork and make a finish out of that.

What I will say though is that the detail work is really quite beautiful. I happen to really like the wing in the top picture. Still…you gotta wonder, who is stepping out of a car like this when it rolls up?

40 pounds of gold on a 997 porsche turbo cabriolet40 pounds of gold on a 997 porsche turbo cabriolet

This was posted by our blog poster Matt Rus on his own personal blog a while back. I just happened to run across it (thanks Kris):

OG Post:

Edit – Thanks to the great (and entertaining comments) we now have the following picture, video and link to it for sale on ebay!

Gold Porsche 996 Turbo

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Bulletproof Automotive S2000 GT

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I thought I’d share some studio shots of the S2000 with you all. Over the past year I’ve become perhaps better known for designing GT-Rs but I’m still very proud of my S2000 which was really the car that put me on the map as a complete car designer/producer. Recently I put my S2000 as my desktop wallpaper and it made me remember that I never shared some of these pics with anyone. Here are a few of my favorite angles of the car.

(And for those of you who will ultimately say or think that I should lower the car…keep in mind I drove the car 90 minutes down to the studio for the shoot. I drove in, drove out and did not need to change anything. That’s what a street legal car is all about.)

Bulletproof S2000 GT Studio Shot

Bulletproof S2000 GT Studio ShotBulletproof S2000 GT Studio ShotBulletproof S2000 GT Studio ShotBulletproof S2000 GT Studio Shot

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World’s First Turbo Upgrade for R35 GT-R: Exclusively at GT-RR.COM

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GT-RR.COM is proud to be working with South Side Performance to offer the world’s first turbo upgrade set for the R35 GT-R! The GTR820RR twin turbo upgrade is available exclusively from GT-RR.COM and because the kits are produced in the USA, order turn-around time is estimated at only a week!

As the name implies, the 820RR kit is able to flow up to 820hp efficiently. Additional parts and tuning however is needed to fully utilize these higher flowing turbines.

Direct Product Page Link:

South Side Performance GT-R Turbo Upgrade

The official press release follows:

Contact: Jonathan Silva
+1.408.230.6099 (mobile)


Sioux Falls, South Dakota (January 16, 2009) – South Side Performance is offering, for the first time in the U.S., a turbo upgrade capable of 820 HP* for Nissan’s newest supercar.

After months of R and D, South Side Performance have found a turbo combination with greater efficiency, faster spooling, and a stock style fitment for ease of installation. The result is a kit capable of making 820 HP* (when combined with other modifications). Due to the high efficiency of these turbos, GTR owners can run lower boost and make more power. The result is one of the first true big power upgrades available for the R35 GTR.


These Garrett ball bearing turbos are a direct bolt-on that utilize CHRA oil lube and are water cooled. They require only one line to be changed and can be properly installed with basic tools and equipment. The price of the kit includes the machining each of the stock turbos and installation of an upgraded actuator, 53.8 mm turbine wheel, and 68 mm high pressure billet aluminum compressor wheel which is efficient up to 32 PSI.

The turbos were specifically designed to bring bigger power at lower boost and to utilize the fastest spooling turbos available for the size and application. The result is a turbo that makes more power at stock boost levels and starts making boost lower RPM’s than stock. This combination allows your GTR to enjoy the benefits of power lower in the power band that continues all the way to redline.

Price and Availability:

This upgrade is available exclusively from our distributor
and will be available with exchange of the stock turbos for $6,499.00 or without exchange for an additional core charge. Turnaround time will be minimal, usually about one working week.

For a complete listing of South Side Performance products currently available please visit:

For additional product information directly from South Side Performance, please contact us at:

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