FB Update: Bensopra TRUST 35RX Authentic Demo Car For Sale

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1200ps TRUST Bensopra demo car for sale

The authentic 1200ps TRUST demo car in collaboration with Bensopra is available for purchase. Bulletproof / GT-RR has been asked to offer the car for purchase for our international clients. The car is available for export outside of Japan (North America not included) and we can assist with export. The car is a Japanese spec, right hand drive car.

For serious inquiries, please email sales@gt-rr.com for further information. Please let us know a bit about yourself; we are interested in finding the right buyer first before we discuss prices. The price will be fair for the car and the parts on the car, however as you likely would imagine this is not a cheap car. Please do not email simply inquiring for price.

This post has been rebroadcast from our Facebook fan page.  To see similar updates, visit us at www.facebook.com/therealjdm.

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Greddy R35 GT-R Turbo Kit Arrives to GT-RR

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Greddy Trust TD06 R35 GT-R Turbo Kit

Our first Trust / Greddy turbo kit just arrived to our offices yesterday (this one is spoken for but we have more on order). We had an opportunity to get some good photographs of the kit and wanted to share with everyone!

There is a lot of buzz about this turbo kit lately and I wanted to take some time to explain a bit more about it and to address some of the confusion that I know many GT-R owners are having with regards to the kit. There are a couple of key points I wanted to address, although I’ll try to keep this short since I can talk on this topic for far longer than I should on a blog.

1. It is not a complete turbo kit, it is more along the lines of a “set-up turbo kit” as we’ve seen them called in Japan in the past. This is a common misconception that should be addressed. Unlike many of the other turbo kits that we offer (we sell every turbo kit on the market), this  does not have included solutions for intercooler, fuel, or computer/tuning, etc. Fortunately we and our GT-R master tuner John Shafer have the turbo tuning experience to provide you with complete solutions to reach your goals. Price-wise however, please understand that the real costs of using this kit are significantly higher than this set-up package. Greddy specifies that this kit can not be used at all without also purchasing an intake piping kit (by which they mean intercooler hardpipe kit), and really that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The true cost of this turbo kit is more along the lines of:
This kit +
Hard Pipe Set (approx $1800)
Haltech ECU ($3199)
Intercooler (approx $3700)
Injectors ($699)
Tuning (we offer tuning services at various price points)
Total – $19,000+

2. This turbo kit makes very strong power, however due to its turbine size and manifold configuration the response is not going to be exactly as quick as stock as well as some other turbo upgrade solutions. We suggest consulting with us so that we can determine the best solution for your needs, whether it is this kit or any other kit on the market. Because we offer every kit on the market we’ll give you unbiased consultation to help you make the best choice.

3. We encourage people to not use dyno numbers as comparisons alone. Dynos have a high degree of variability when comparing with one dyno to another. The important factor in evaluating peak horsepower of this kit is the gain on the same dyno when compared to stock. That specific gain is 230hp according to Greddy (604.4ps before vs 834.3ps after). Having seen GT-Rs that put out 390 to the wheels stock on other dynos (compare that to Greddy’s stock readout of 604hp in their literature), simply looking at 834ps as a peak number can be a bit misleading if not put into context.

4. Due to the nature of the aftermarket (non OEM design) manifolds and turbines, this turbo kit does have higher peak horsepower potential than all other OEM type turbo kit upgrades out there. Typically the OEM design turbo upgrade kits can flow to 800-900hp however we expect the design of the Greddy turbo kit to be able to support higher peak horsepower on cars with built engines and fuel/ecu tuning that can support it.

This turbo kit includes:
two TD06SH-20G 8cm2 turbos
two stainless 45mm exhaust manifolds with 42.7mm wastegates (type R spec)
two stainless steel downpipes which expand from 60mm to 70mm
two compression tubes in aluminum 60mm
intake pipes out of aluminum
air filters
assorted hardware

We’ll continue to order up more of these turbos as well as continue the variety of kits so that we can provide the best unique solution for our clients. With the GT-R it is certainly not one solution is best for all, as with most tuning parts there are pros and cons to each option and the only way to do it right is to make an educated and well consulted decision. That’s why we’re here to help.

Greddy Trust TD06 R35 GT-R Turbo KitGreddy Trust TD06 R35 GT-R Turbo KitGreddy Trust TD06 R35 GT-R Turbo Kit

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Debut – TRUST / Greddy R35 GT-R Turbo Kit

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Source: GT-RR.COM


GT-RR World Debut of Pre-order Trust / Greddy R35 GT-R Turbo Kit

GT-RR.COM is the US distributor for Garage Saurus and of course we provide Greddy products as well. As such, we’re happy to be the first to introduce the upcoming TRUST Japan (Greddy) turbo upgrade kit for the GT-R. Garage Saurus co-developed this turbo kit in collaboration with TRUST Japan. The kit will be released in upcoming months (estimated fall 2009) and is available for pre-order with a minimal deposit from us now to ensure first allocation.

Additionally we are also connected with Greddy Japan and we’re able to offer international distribution of the kit outside the US as well, allowing twin sources of the kit (Greddy USA and TRUST Japan).

Specs are still being determined as it is still in development stages, but current specifications of the turbo kit include (but not limited to) the following:

Mitsubishi TD Series Turbines, TD06SH
Stainless Steel original turbo manifold design
Twin Wastegate Setup
Estimated power – 880hp

Suggested use – 820cc injectors (available from us through Garage Saurus, although they may be included with the kit as well)

For more pictures please visit the link at the top, a number of additional pictures are available.

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This Just In…TRUST (GReddy) Bankrupt

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 TRUST / GReedy

I just got an email from Japan on this an hour ago. Apparently in Japan Trust/GReddy today filed for bankruptcy. I only have one source on this at the moment, but its a reliable industry source. It is obviously really sad news; not just for the company and their many employees world wide, but also for the industry as a whole within which TRUST/GReddy has been one of the oldest and most stable companies for decades.

I hope this news is false, but my sources are deep in the industry and are almost never wrong.

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