Thanks for the love Super Street Magazine! Bulletproof Automotive Honda S2000

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AutoCon Los Angeles Bulletproof Automotive S2000

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The Epic Video That Wasn’t – GT-RR R35s x 2

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GT-RR R35 GT-R Demo Car Mobil 1 Toyo Tires R888

Back in 2008 I had one of my career highlights of producing two ultimate GT-Rs simultaneously over a short period of time. It was an amazing experience and as I look back on it, I still have the same love for the cars as I did back then (if not more so). I only had these two GT-Rs for a short period of time and after their SEMA debut with Mobil 1 and Toyo Tires the cars were shipped off to opposite sides of the country (Hawaii and New Jersey). Although I’ve amassed a large collection of photos during the builds and at SEMA, sadly I have much less documented of the two cars together.

A video shoot for Streetfire’s television distribution was prepared and that video was going to be my only video documentation of these two beasts together. One afternoon three GT-Rs drove off to do a video shoot by the beach in Los Angeles. The two GT-RR demo cars of the time were joined by Adam from Streetfire’s silver GT-R as a camera car. As we ripped up and down the street getting footage I felt that I’d have something great to look back on to remember these cars by. In a matter of a week after the filming the cars dispersed and there was no more footage ever again of them together.

Much to my disappointment the video never made it out of streetfire’s offices and I’ve never seen it. Sadly, no video exists of Brandon’s midnight purple R35 at all. (a huge mistake on my part)

So I’m left with just a couple of still pictures that I have from the day to reminisce over the video that wasn’t.

As I continue to plan and prepare my latest GT-R project car, I look back at these cars and somehow feel a little intimidated with my current project.

GT-RR R35 GT-R Demo Car Mobil 1 Toyo Tires R888GT-RR R35 GT-R Demo Car Mobil 1 Toyo Tires R888

All pictures above are 1800 pix res. The picture below is my favorite of the two cars together but unfortunately this is the best quality I have of it.

GT-RR R35 GT-R Demo Car Mobil 1 Toyo Tires R888

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GT-RR Bulletproof Demo Car Replica in Forza 3

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GT-RR R35 GT-R Demo Car Bulletproof GTR Forza 3

I get such a kick out of people re-creating the cars we’ve produced in video games like Microsoft’s Forza. I just got forwarded the link to this re-creation of the white R35 GT-R we developed a bit more than a year ago now for SEMA 2008. Whoever created this did a great job recreating the graphics. Credit goes to our graphics designer over in Japan, Mana-P (Manabu Suzuki), who worked so hard with us and my demands for constant revisions/improvements to reach the conclusion of these graphics. Although the car in real life is currently in full street mode (stripped of all graphics), the crazy graphics scheme lives on with fan re-creations like this in Forza 3!

GT-RR R35 GT-R Demo Car Bulletproof GTR Forza 3GT-RR R35 GT-R Demo Car Bulletproof GTR Forza 3


And of course the original car this was based on:

GT-RR R35 GT-R Demo Car

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Some More by Stanley Ku

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I was browsing Signal Auto‘s blog and saw some pictures and videos of the white GT-RR demo car being loaded into a transport to make it’s journey back home to New Jersey. I can never get tired of looking at this car. The livery really sets this car apart but unfortunately most of that has been taken off the car now. But it was awesome that I got to see it in person. It was and still is definitely one of the best GT-Rs. I really want a wallpaper for this car. I’m sure pretty much everyone does too.



The GT-R looks like a 4×4 when it is lifted on the air suspension, doesn’t it?

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Random Snap

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I’m back in Los Angeles again. I wanted to share this random snap I took. With the GT-R specific 20″ Toyo R888s finally in stock and shipping to our clients, we’ve been just all about these tires lately. Here you can see a stack of 20″ R888s about to soon go on the BBS wheels and in front of that a set of Top Secret TE37 wheels also wrapped in R888 rubber. Both sets are for the same GT-R of course (you’ve seen both sets of wheels on the car by now I hope).  The GT-RR beast looms in the background, looking mighty innocent without the Amuse front diffuser and stripped of graphics.

Bonus pic of R888 stacks:

Toyo R888 Stacks

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GT-RR R35 Demo Car On The Dyno!

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Ben here, back again and blogging live from New York. Thanks to Stanley Ku, Matt Rus (farmofminds), and Patrick Callahan for holding down The Real JDM blog this week while I’ve been managing two GT-R builds in NY, CT and NJ.

We recently picked up a brand new black on black 2010 GT-R to build which is in progress out here on the east coast (more on that in a couple of weeks), and we’re finishing up our white GT-R build which is well known as the GT-RR / Toyo Tires car.

FYI – What we’re doing is really a global affair. That is why you’ve been hearing about me blogging from various locations quite often. We’ve been setting up a network of affiliate tuning shops and body shops in key parts of the world to best service our clients. It is all about having the best connections with best tuners in the world so that we can accomplish things that almost nobody else can from anywhere at anytime. Its been a lofty goal but its working quite nicely.  I’ve been back to the east coast quite a lot lately in particular, working with our tuning partners and body shops. I’ve been here so much lately I’m about to start calling this location GT-RR East. Anyway, back to the main story here…

Lets talk about the related video for a second…

First off, just as planned early on, the white GT-RR demo car is designed to be a street driven and usable car. That is a general requirement for most of our builds, for good reasons since usability is a key component of a good build. As the car is wrapping up, we last installed the Top Secret cup kit in Los Angeles to give the car 3″ extra ground clearance at the push of a button. Then the car was sent back to New Jersey to finish things up with our partners out there. Recently the wild MS-R graphics were stripped off of the car to let it fly a bit more under the radar when blasting down the streets of the dirty Jerz.

What I have intentionally not been talking about for the past few months are the secret power modifications we’ve been doing to the car. Some things I feel should just not be talked about until results are proven.

So here we are, about to prove some results we’ve been working hard to achieve. The dyno video was from yesterday and I think we are very close to breaking the horsepower record for a street legal R35 GT-R on pump gas (with cats and stock engine internals).

What you are listening to on the video above is a tuning session, running on pump gas with catalytic converters installed. That exhaust system is full Amuse titanium and I’m just loving the way it sounds under full throttle! I’ve been used to just cruising it on the streets and it has been very quiet, but in this video the quietness of the exhaust is gone when under WOT! Hope you enjoy the video.

Anyone care to confirm the highest hp #s for a GT-R on street gas with cats installed? If so please let me know the hp and the dyno used (I’m looking for unadjusted numbers for fair comparison). I’d like for my next time posting to be a confirmation that we have the record for max hp in a streetable/catted GT-R since that’s been our hopes for this project.

More info on the dyno #s of our project will be coming…and if/when we are satisfied with the dyno #s and results. Then, at that point I’ll also finally announce the new parts we’ve developed and those parts will be available immediately.

Our goals for this build are just about to become realized…this project was never meant to just be a show car, this was meant to be the ultimate R35 GT-R in the world for a moment in time (and then afterwards to be enjoyed as a daily driver for many years to come).

PS – Shouts to Ernie Manasala from NOS Energy Drinks who was there yesterday to witness this beast in action. Shouts also (and especially) to Anthony, the owner of the car who is probably the proudest man in the world right now.

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