FB Update: Voltex Downforce

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Voltex wing on Honda S2000


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Table Scraps Weekend – S2000 Edition

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Top Fuel S2000 and ASM S2000 Time Attack Cars

Time to share another couple of pictures that I have randomly saved on my computer. First is this incredible shot of the two most potent Japanese S2000 time attack monsters in existence. The ASM S2000 and the Top Fuel S2000 both remain at the top of the food chain. Both are nasty beasts in their own right, but my vote still goes to the ASM car for doing comparable lap times as the Top Fuel Turbo S2000 with roughly half the horsepower (ASM’s car is naturally aspirated as most of you know).

Tamon Design S2000

I’ve had this picture on my desktop for a few months now it seems. I love this angle of this car in this color with this kit. Damn near perfect right here. Tamon Design put this car together with their original aero parts and the result is stunning. We’ve sold a couple of these kits but it still remains a very rare kit to this day. I like this a hell of a lot more than their green demo car.

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Was It Forgotten? The Top Fuel Del Sol RR

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Top Fuel Del Sol Turbo RWD Rear Engine

Out of the blue I remembered this car today. It was during my impressionable years when JDM was still new to me that I first saw this car in the flesh. I was in Tokyo for the Auto Salon and it was January 2001. I was a Honda fanatic and was in the midst of a turbo 1993 Prelude VTEC project which ultimately went horribly wrong.

During my wide eyed time at TAS one car really blew my mind and showed me what Japanese tuning was really about. It was the Top Fuel Honda CRX Del Sol. Now dont get me wrong, I think Del Sol’s are lame now and they were definitely even lame back then as well (although the VTEC version did have a great engine at the time).

Yet Top Fuel managed to do something back then that was impressive, they made the Del Sol badass. So badass in fact that I’d go out as far as to say that it’s still bad ass when compared to the best tuner cars of 2008.

Why? They took the front wheel and front engined Del Sol (boring) and made it rear engined, turbocharged and rear wheel drive. FF –> RR as they say. So now we have a 500+ HP, rear engined super light weight rear wheel drive Honda. A car that weighs in somewhere in between a Beat and a NSX with the power of both of them combined (and then some).

It was a really interesting car and I have a hunch that everyone has since forgotten about it. So I wanted to raise it back from the dead.

Top Fuel Del Sol Turbo RWD Rear EngineTop Fuel Del Sol Turbo RWD Rear Engine

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