15 Amazing R35 GT-R Wings

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1. Esprit Dry Carbon 262 GT Wing  
The Esprit 262 Wing is by far our number 1 choice in the top 15 Nissan GT-R GT Wings. This dry carbon constructed GT wing not only looks gorgeous but is  functional as it reduces weight and aides aerodynamics. Esprit’s 262 wing perfectly compliments the R35’s body lines and weighs in at only 2.1 kg.
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Esprit Dry Carbon GT Wing 262

2. Shadow Sports Dry Carbon Wing  
The Shadow Sports carbon wing has been designed and tested by Masami Kageyama compliment the R35 GT-R as well as perform on the track. This R35 wing features lightweight full dry carbon construction engineered to be lighter and stronger meanwhile providing excellent down force.
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Shadow Sports Nissan GT-R Dry Carbon Rear Wing

3. Powerhouse Amuse High Mount Dry Carbon GT Wing
Powerhouse Amuse has an excellent reputation that speaks volumes on the quality of the performance brand. The Powerhouse Amuse High Mount GT wing has been featured on both of our GT-RR Demo Cars. This high quality dry carbon GT Wing weighs only 1.35 kg and provides outstanding corner stability. Powerhouse Amuse has recorded 61 second lap times at Tsukuba circuit as well as 1 min 49 sec run at Fuji Speedway.
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Powerhouse Amuse R35 GT-R High Mount Dry Carbon GT Wing

4. Mines Mooncraft Version Carbon Wing 
Designed by Mooncraft for Mines… this is an add-on carbon piece utilizing the oem R35 GT-R trunk spoiler. This lip features Mines signature high quality carbon to compliment the factory GT-R wing.
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Mines R35 GT-R Mooncraft Version Carbon Rear Ring

5. Top Secret Carbon Wing w/ Active Aero DRS 
One of the most unique functional wings available from the top 15 is Top Secret’s Active Aero DRS Carbon wing for the GT-R. The unique active-aero DRS system turns the wing’s flap into an air brake under braking situations.
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Top Secret R35 GT-R Carbon Rear Wing with Active Aero DRS Kit

6. Tommy Kaira Carbon Wing and Trunk Spoiler 
This wing originally debuted with the luxury Tommy Kaira “Silver Wolf” aero kit at Tokyo Auto Salon 2010. The Tommy Kaira rear wing features Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) side mounts and a carbon fiber center section. Pictured with the available carbon trunk lip spoiler that appeals to the GT-R’s function and form.
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Tommy Kaira FRP Wing with Carbon Center Flap and Carbon Trunk Spoiler

7. Esprit 052 Dry Carbon GT Wing  
After extensive track testing, this race oriented GT wing increases rear down force with minimal weight gain due to full dry carbon construction. Esprit is well known for high end track oriented products for the NSX, Z34, and GT-R.
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Esprit 052 Dry Carbon GT Racing Wing Nissan GT-R R35

8. Voltex Type 5 Carbon GT Wing  
The Voltex Type 5 GT Wing was specifically designed for high speed downforce and weight distribution for time attack applications. This Carbon GT Wing is available in 1650mm or 1700mm wingspans and is available with custom base that utilizes oem GT-R wing holes.
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Voltex R35 GT-R Type 5 Carbon GT Wing

9. Mines Carbon Wing  
The Mines rear wing for the R35 provides luxury and performance with its lightweight twill complete dry carbon construction. This wing weigh’s only 1.7 kg in contrast to oem 4.4 kg and height is raised to 30mm in contrast to stock. If that wasn’t enough… Mines also finishes the dry carbon wing with an anti-UV special clear coat.
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Mine's Carbon Wing

10. Varis x Runduce – VSDC Dry Carbon Wing 
Varis x Runduce collaboration aero product line is widely known and respected in the track community worldwide. Varis namely… producing some of the highest quality carbon materials used in Super Taikyu as well as many other time attack racing events globally. This rear wing includes a carbon fiber base (trunk spoiler) which extends off the rear trunk slightly. The Varis Semi-Dry Carbon Fiber (VSDC) wing weight is only 2.2kg and the low height GT inspired wing compliments the rear body lines of the GT-R.
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11. BenSopra
The BenSopra Rear GT Wing is easily one of the most recognizable wings available for this platform since its debut. Mounted at the complete rear end of the vehicle..independent of the body gives the cleanest air flow possible meanwhile providing as much aerodynamic down force as possible. It’s easy to see there is no other GT wing quite as aggressive and functional quite like it.
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BenSopra Rear GT Wing Nissan GT-R R35

12. Top Racing Weave Carbon Wing & Trunk
This full dry carbon constructed GT wing is choice for track oriented R35 GT-R’s. The Top Racing GT Wing comes packaged with a pre-cut trunk designed for easy bolt on and bolt off application for track day events. Top Racing has had quite a performance history since its R35 debut and  it’s unique carbon product line.
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13. Zele Dry Carbon OEM Wing
Zele’s Dry Carbon wing is produced at the same factory as the OEM Spec-V Nissan GT-R wing in Japan. Only produced in 100% dry carbonfiber for perfect light weight performance. 
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14. C-West Dry Carbon Wing
The C-West wing for the GT-R is made using advanced dry carbon construction techniques providing a durable and lightweight racing product. This specific C-West Dry Carbon GT Wing shown is the “High Speed” version with a “High Downforce” version coming in the near future. C-West’s “High Downforce” version will feature a longer chord as well as adjust-ability to optimize performance.
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C-West Dry Carbon GT Wing R35 Nissan GT-R

15. WALD Carbon Wing Cover and Trunk Spoiler
Last but not least is the WALD carbon oem rear wing cover available in wet or dry carbon fiber. The Wald carbon wing cover adds a luxurious and stylistic contrast to the oem wing which can be complimented with the available trunk lip spoiler. 
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Wald R35 GT-R Carbon Wing and Trunk Spoiler

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