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R32 Hakosuka R35 GT-R Bulletproof meet


R32, Hakosuka, and our demo R35.  From last year’s Bulletproof select meet, via Night-Import.

This post has been rebroadcast from our Facebook fan page.  To see similar updates, visit us at www.facebook.com/therealjdm.

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Bulletproof 11th Anniversary Meet October 15th

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We will have 15 “Bulletproof Select Showcase” cars on display, a bunch of local R35 GT-Rs, a group of touge tuned rides and a whole lot of guys that genuinely love cars, and love having a good time.

This is not a car show, it’s just down to earth good times with like minded folks.  Our apologies, but if you rock knockoffs or fake the funk no need to apply. This event is to celebrate and gather those that represent the real.

Drop on by, bring your ride, hang around and chat…even challenge someone to a kart race if you feel your circuit game is tight!

We’re bringing out the Phamish food truck for banh mi and Vietnamese treats, and Night Import is coming to cover the meet.  Old school meet style to the max!

Please spread the word within your community!  There are already discussions within the communities below as well.





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The First Bulletproof / GT-RR / The Real JDM Meet – Recap

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The Real JDM Meet by Bulletproof November 2010

After a partial night’s sleep I’m happy to bring a somewhat official recap of what went down last night. What started as a humble old school style meet ended up becoming quite epic. As I mentioned last night, we were going to be happy if 20-30 great cars and people came through. Instead the advance sign-ups exceeded 100 and guys started rolling in deep who didn’t even sign up (which was fine with me).

For those of you who know me and know this blog, I’m not huge on quantity but I am huge on quality. It’d be one thing if 150 cars came through, but what struck me as awesome was the quality of cars and people who dropped in. I’m easily disappointed at car shows in recent years, but the quality that I saw represented last night had me very proud to be associated with the evening!

Seeing friends, past/current clients, readers of the blog, guest writers on the blog, and a bunch of guys who are just down for the cause was really incredible. There was more than a handful of cars that were better than some of the best Japanese cars we just saw at SEMA a week earlier.

A few of the many that stood out to me were:

Full Do Luck widebody Evo 9 with Top Secret TE37s and Okuyama full cage

Full Voltex Evo

Midnight Purple 3 R35 GT-R

TWO Amuse Vestito 370Zs

Phil’s sleeper S2000 with 500+ wheel HP

Randy’s Kenstyle/Top Secret SC’d G35 Coupe Show Car

Jon’s Evo X that we featured on the blog earlier with loads of nice parts

Two of the owners of NAGTROC (GT-R community) who live out of state and stopped by

Numerous tuning shop owners

Mugen’d out CR-Z

A few VIP tuned sedans

Waizzz’s Nismo’d out super clean 350Z

A ton of 350Zs, S2000s, Z32s

The Real JDM Meet by Bulletproof November 2010 Do Luck Evo 9The Real JDM Meet by Bulletproof November 2010 - Do Luck Evo 9

The layout was unique in that the venue is a retro American diner with car hop service and neon signs. While we could only fit about 15 cars up front, there was room for 100+ at a time in the back (which was unfortunately dimly lit for night time photography). Ultimately we did this to bring great people together and to have a good time, not to stage a photo shoot so I’m happy with the results even if the pictures don’t do it justice. I think if you ask anyone who was there they’ll tell you how incredible the cars were that attended!

The Real JDM Meet by Bulletproof November 2010

We had roughly 8-10 GT-Rs drop in over the course of the evening. I drove out my GT-R with the newly installed Pro Stock racing canards, Do Luck front diffuser, Tommy Kaira side skirts and gloss black powdercoated R57GT wheels (I run low offset 20×10.5″ front and rear on mine which is a bit unusual for R35s to run non staggered). In the picture to the left you’ll see Steve’s white gt-r, Chris’s midnight purple 3 painted GT-R and mine.

The Real JDM Meet by Bulletproof November 2010 - R35 GT-R Midnight Purple 3The Real JDM Meet by Bulletproof November 2010 - GT-RR GT-R

Below is Jon’s immaculate Evo X and Phil’s sleeper S2000. You know a car is special when it looks nearly bone stock yet it draws a crowd instantly from guys who are all overwhelmed and desensitized with so many highly modded rides in the vicinity. Phil’s 520hp or so S2000 is one of the fastest I know of out here and he’s about as hard core as guys come with engine mods. What makes it that much more awesome is that you would not expect it from Phil or the car when looking at them for the first time since Phil is retired and spends his time touring the country in RVs and racing his S2000.

The Real JDM Meet by Bulletproof November 2010Phil's S2000

Here’s a small lineup of 350Zs, I’m guessing there were 20+ that came through over the course of the evening. And then yes…one of a couple Voltex’d out Evos.

The Real JDM Meet by Bulletproof November 2010The Real JDM Meet by Bulletproof November 2010

Two full Amuse Vestito 370Zs. Watching these two cars leave for the night and do a fly by was one of the sexiest things I’ve seen in a while. I hope these guys became great friends and roll together more often, necks will be snapped often. I know of at least 5 conversations that stopped mid sentence when these two drove by. Funny note…these two guys not only have similar taste but also share the same name, Andrew.

The Real JDM Meet by Bulletproof November 2010The Real JDM Meet by Bulletproof November 2010

The amount of incredible cars there just can’t be done justice…I’m featuring only a small portion of great rides that showed up. Here’s a Varis’d out Evo X and a Spoon fed S2000 that looks track ready.

The Real JDM Meet by Bulletproof November 2010The Real JDM Meet by Bulletproof November 2010

A little BIPPU (VIP) ARISTOcratic action and what appears to be Tom’s old S2000 project we collaborated on a few years back (now with a new owner I believe) EDIT – Incorrect, the S2000 is actually a new project and a really nice one at that!

The Real JDM Meet by Bulletproof November 2010Bulletproof The Real JDM Meet 2010

Here’s a few more awesome cars below from Night Import’s capturing of the event!

Bulletproof The Real JDM MeetBulletproof The Real JDM Meet

Bulletproof The Real JDM MeetBulletproof The Real JDM Meet

Bulletproof The Real JDM Meet

As the night wound down, it was time to take our two cars back home. Thanks goes out Kristoffer who drove the S2000 was happy to demonstrate the durability of the Amuse front diffuser for everyone on his entry. 🙂

The Real JDM Meet by Bulletproof November 2010

Bulletproof S2000 GT

Even though the event started at 6:30, I’m told guys started rolling in at 4:30! I showed up thinking I was early at 6 and the lot was already nearly full. Thank you to the two guys who gave us their spaces so we could put the S2000 and GT-R up front! Speaking of…THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT. This event was about making new friendships, and unifying around the love of Japanese tuning. I feel like it was a massive success on both fronts and it was a great pleasure to see it all come together.

THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH! I’m grateful everyone was down for the cause. Lets keep this quality JDM movement moving forward!!! I’ll keep doing my part, you’ll see a new t-shirt campaign coming soon. Perhaps we’ll even do another event like this if enough guys are wanting it (let me know if you’re down for another one next year!).

For all of you who couldn’t make it, I took a short walk with my iphone to try to capture a brief moment in time…You can check it out below. The degree of quality cars was really overwhelming for a local meet, I think you’ll agree when you see the video. 🙂

Lastly, I wanted to share links here to those who have pictures from the event…Please feel free to comment with more links and I’ll continue to update this.

Thank you for all of you who took pictures! I’m taking some liberty above with the pictures, many of which belong to Waizz, Calin and others (thank you!)




Thank you again to everyone, I really can’t say that enough! You guys made it an awesome night!

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One Day Left…

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Bulletproof JDM Ego Event T-Shirt

Thanks to Greg the T-Shirts are ready just in time for the meet tomorrow! I look forward to hanging with everyone there! There’s a lot of really great people coming by and I’m super excited about it!

(Thanks again to JDMego for the t-shirt design!)


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JDM Ego x Bulletproof x The Real JDM Meet T-Shirt

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Our friend Jay hooked up an exclusive t-shirt collabo for our first meet event. I’m happy to show you JDM Ego’s design here for the first time!

This is made exclusively for the November 11th meet up that we’re organizing.

We’re printing up a very VERY limited run of these which will be available for those who attend the event. Rather than selling the shirts which goes against the intent of our grassroots meet-up vibe, we’re basically giving them away. After careful consideration rather than doing them for free we decided to pick a nominal figure of $5 per shirt, just to make sure that everyone who orders one is committed to attending, hanging with us and picking up a shirt.

The link for the event and link for picking up one of these shirts is found below. Sorry but we will not be shipping these shirts, they will be only for attendees and only one per person.


As expected – we have already a very eclectic mix of cars attending including GT-Rs, 370Zs, 350Zs, Evos, S2000s, etc. We look forward to hanging out with all of those who attend!

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The Real JDM Meet!?!?!

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As this blog approaches 1000 posts I’ve learned a great deal about running a blog and specifically what blogs can and can not do. This blog has been a bit of a miracle in that it has united so many amazing people together around a central shared passion. For all of the power that blogging has to spread information and to build community, it does not as easily have the same ability to take that connectedness offline into the real world. I’d like to propose a bit of an experiment to change that.

The game plan is to take the blog offline, into the real world for an evening of meeting up, hanging out and checking out some great cars…

I am really excited to meet more of you all and I hope many of you will be attending! If you plan to attend please let me know by commenting here, on our facebook fanpage:

Bulletproof Automotive / GT-RR / Bespoke Ventures

and/or by emailing me at ben@bulletproofautomotive.com. I would prefer if you commented here however on the blog itself.

The time will be Thursday November 11th starting at 6:30pm

The location is the parking lot at the In-N-Out in the Long Beach Towne Center (this is the most central So Cal location with the biggest parking lot we could find). 7691 Carson Blvd Long Beach, CA

You can expect attendees to be blog readers, clients of GT-RR, Bulletproof and anyone with a passion for Japanese tuning.

I look forward to taking this offline with real people, real cars and real conversations.

Please let me know your thoughts and if you’d like to attend.

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