Tecnocraft + Gallardo by Stanley Ku

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Tecnocraft is the company that is responsible for the seats that I mentioned earlier. Tecnocraft is actually a branch of Password JDM. For those who are not familiar with Password JDM, they mainly specialize in carbon and kevlar composite parts for Honda’s and Nissan’s, but they are not only limited to just that. Utilizing the same experiences and technologies, Tecnocraft is a branch of Password JDM that develops and manufactures composite parts that cater to high-end cars such as Lamborghini’s.


Their current demo car is a Lamborghini Gallardo that has been entirely carbonized with their extensive line of products for the car. In the engine bay, the hatch assembly, panels, and intake assembly are all replaced by dry carbon parts. The hood and inner hood bin are constructed out of dry carbon as well. The car is equipped with dry carbon front splitter, underbody panels, diffuser, and adjustable wing assembly to provide additionally stability at high speeds. As a result, the Gallardo was able to shed roughly 350 lbs. to make it even lighter than the Superleggera by 200 lbs. That is a very impressive to say the least.



Tecnocraft is currently working on a few other cars so stay tuned for more carbon goodies.

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6 Pounds by Stanley Ku

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With Ben’s recent post showcasing the ASM Recaro SP-X CL100, I thought this would be a good time to publish this post.


These Tecnocraft T1 seats are a measly 6 lbs. It can be hard to put 6 lbs into perspective but that’s less than a gallon of water which weighs in at about 8 lbs. These seats retail for $2,699 each, which I thought were crazy until I read the price tag for the ASM Recaro. I guess these are pretty cheap compared to the ASM Recaro, which costs a few times more.

The reason why I am posting this is not to say that these seats are superior, but rather a compare and contrast between 2 products. The ASM Recaro and the Tecnocraft T1 are both constructed out of pre-preg dry carbon and are made to be the best of the best. Enough though the ASM Recaro is more expensive, it is not without justifications. The Tecnocraft T1 is more simple in construction. The overall contour is smooth, and there are not many sharp edges. It is also not relinable. The ASM Recaro is more complex in design with sharp turns and different levels of reliefs. It is also reclinable. A combination of leather and alcantara are used to create not only an incredible seat, but an amazing piece of craftsmanship and artwork.

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