Thanks for the love Super Street Magazine! Bulletproof Automotive Honda S2000

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AutoCon Los Angeles Bulletproof Automotive S2000

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FB Update: Gold Digger

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CZ4A Evo X Top Secret gold TE37

This car has bounced around with a couple of different wheel set ups, but we’re partial to the OG Top Secret Gold TE37s.

This post has been rebroadcast from our Facebook fan page.  To see similar updates, visit us at

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Customer Car: Joseph’s Evo X

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Joseph's CZ4A Evo X with Volk Rays TE37

Joseph’s CZ4A Evo X with Runduce, Varis and Do-Luck aero.

Joseph's CZ4A Evo X rear   Joseph's CZ4A Evo X with Volk TE37s and Brembo brakes

So clean.  Volk TE37s and Brembo brakes.

Joseph's CZ4A Evo X front

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Bulletproof’s 11th Anniversary Meet Recap

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Some of you may remember that Bulletproof had our 11th Anniversary meet this past October 15th; some of you were even there!  We had fifteen Bulletproof Select Showcase cars on display.  The Bulletproof Select stickers were designed by our GT-R specialist, Kris.  Great job, Kris – love the Option font.

Here’s the Bulletproof Select line-up.  We were lucky to have extensive coverage of the meet by William Lee of Night-Import, as well as additional photos by James Younger and David Izrailov.


Check out all the carbon on that DreamzSport NSX.  This thing caused quite a stir when it rumbled into the lot – full carbon fiber widebody, built motor with twin turbos, Brembo racing brake system, and finished off with some one-off vinyl graphics by the world famous Mana-P of MS-R Japan.

Full Powerhouse Amuze Vestito 370Z with our 2012 demo car.  Photo by James Younger.


Jon’s Evo with full Varis kit and Jason’s Evo, flurry of 370Z and 350Zs leaving the lot, including Andrew’s 370Z with full Powerhouse Amuse kit on Volk TE37SLs.


CR-Z with Mugen MF10s and Spoon BBK, our R35 demo car.

370Z with full Amuse kit (and exhaust) and Kelvin’s Do-Luck widebody Evo.  Photo by James Younger.

2012 R35 with brand_RR front lip and Esprit dry carbon wing, and more R35s galore!

When this guy rolled in, all eyes were on him – you could tell that everyone knew and respected the lineage behind this hakosuka GT-R.

Photo by James Younger

I think that reaction perfectly demonstrates the high-level of rides and owners who were at our event.   The day was all about quality; you could tell that by the cars that showed up.  But more importantly, the quality of the attendees was top-notch.  There was no tension between different crews or drama.  Everyone was just there to have a good time.


Thanks to Night-Import for covering the meet, K1 for allowing us to take over their parking lot, Phamish for providing the tasty banh mi, and everyone who came out to enjoy all of the above!

For more photos and coverage of the event, check out our Facebook album and the post over on Night Import.

Japanese 370Z Build Part 2

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370Z build Japan, BBS, Varis, Ab Flug, varis

The owner of this car is fairly crazy for high end modifications. Here you can see he installed the Ab Flug rear bumper along with the Mines carbon fiber wing cover. Although I’ve done my best to try to hide the scissor door conversion (which I don’t happen to like), you can see a peek of it in the above photo.

370Z build Japan, BBS, Varis, Ab Flug, varis

Above you can see another nice wheel choice, this time TE37s in a gloss black which fit the car’s theme and makes the blue brakes pop nicely. I really also love the Amuse exhaust poking out in the above picture with the blued/gold ring tips. Classic.

370Z build Japan, BBS, Varis, Ab Flug, varis370Z build Japan, BBS, Varis, Ab Flug, varis

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Random Fairlady Z by Matt Rus and Ben

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Guys in Japan do it right. Check out this 370Z rocking a Top Secret front spoiler with integrated brake ducts, Varis twin carbon intake ducts, Varis carbon aero hood, Top Secret aerocatch hood pins, Mines carbon wing, Volk TE37s and a number of other tasteful aerodynamic upgrades.

You can get a further taste of those modifications here:



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