FB Update: Tamon 370Z

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Tamon orange Z33 370Z

Tamon Design 370Z.

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While You Were Sleeping

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Here’s some killer stuff you missed that we were sharing and talking about on our facebook page. Don’t sleep. Check us out here: http://www.facebook.com/therealjdm

Tamon Design AP1 S2000 Wind Tunnel





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Tamon Design Gang Rolls Deep

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Tamon Design Crew Rides

Seeing many of my favorite Tamon Design demo cars together at one time is a rare occurrence worthy of sharing. Getting that much awesome in one picture just isn’t easy. I can’t imagine how incredible it must have been to see and hear all of these cars ride by on the freeway!!! Only in Japan.

Tamon brought out all of the heavy hitters for a cruise, including an incredible looking Porsche that I’m not sure has been seen before. Check out some of the pics!

Tamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - PorscheTamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - Porsche

Tamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - PorscheTamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - Porsche

All the hitters were there. You might recognize the red Tamon Design FD3S RX-7 for being a kit also used on the legendary Scoot Sports 4 rotor RX-7. Then there’s also the ridiculously expensive Tamon 370Z, a Super GT inspired JZA80 Supra, and another FD3S as well. The only thing absent is Tamon’s FC3S which is another favorite of mine.

Tamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - Porsche

Lets close this out by looking at one of my favorite S2000s.

Tamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - S2000

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Table Scraps Weekend – S2000 Edition

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Top Fuel S2000 and ASM S2000 Time Attack Cars

Time to share another couple of pictures that I have randomly saved on my computer. First is this incredible shot of the two most potent Japanese S2000 time attack monsters in existence. The ASM S2000 and the Top Fuel S2000 both remain at the top of the food chain. Both are nasty beasts in their own right, but my vote still goes to the ASM car for doing comparable lap times as the Top Fuel Turbo S2000 with roughly half the horsepower (ASM’s car is naturally aspirated as most of you know).

Tamon Design S2000

I’ve had this picture on my desktop for a few months now it seems. I love this angle of this car in this color with this kit. Damn near perfect right here. Tamon Design put this car together with their original aero parts and the result is stunning. We’ve sold a couple of these kits but it still remains a very rare kit to this day. I like this a hell of a lot more than their green demo car.

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RC370Z – The Tamon Design 370Z

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Tamon Design Z34 370Z RC370Z

Today I was talking with a client who asked me what I felt about the Tamon Design RC370Z which debuted just recently in Tokyo. Not only was I happy to answer his question, but I was glad because it reminded me that I’ve wanted to blog about this car for the past couple of weeks now.

On January 5th I put up a sketch here by Tamon Design which showed the concept of the car in early form:


At the time I was extremely excited by the very unique image on the sketch and I was prepared to be blown away by a very controversially designed and aggressive car whenever it did materialize in the flesh.

When I arrived at Makuhari Messe for Tokyo Auto Salon a day before show started, I was surprised to see this car before my eyes so incredibly soon after being introduced to it by the concept sketch. What happened next for me was really interesting…I looked at the car and felt like saying “that’s all!?” Now this first reaction did not make much sense to me then and it does not make much logical sense to me now, but let me try to explain the feelings that seeing this car the first time represents.

First of all, the sketch is insane and had me looking for a loud and controversial car. Yet, this car at first glance looks surprisingly normal. Especially normal for a widebody 370Z with every panel replaced and widened or elongated (the front and rear bumper are longer). I expected a big visual impact, like seeing a Top Secret widebody 350Z for the first time. Honestly, I was a little disappointed at first based on my expectations. But that was not the car’s failure, that was my failure for expecting a big impact at first glance.

The beauty of this car when seeing it in the flesh is that it is an aggressive new vision of what a 370Z should look like and a complete widebody conversion, yet at the same time it is elegant and tasteful enough to be a subtle package at the same time. A subtle and integrated widebody is not too common at Tokyo Auto Salon and I may not have been ready for it.

To say it simply,this car grew on me. My first reaction was feeling a bit letdown, but as I walked around the car and continued to stare at it the details and thought put into it, the car started to show itself. The conclusion after a couple of days of walking past the car is that this car is essentially a gentleman’s widebody Z. I think most people who buy a widebody kit want impact, yet this car is different than I expected and perhaps different than most others have expected as well. It is well integrated, clean, tasteful and simple while at the same time being boundary pushing. This in itself defines the beauty of demo cars as an art form.

I especially love the long nose rear bumper which elongates the rear of the car and specifically the rear fender exists which are scuplted beautifully into the rear bumper. The front grill was less impactful and impressive in person than the sketch led me to believe, but it was also more acceptable of a look for a daily driven car without being too gaudy. The rear diffuser was a bit too SLRish for me, but it is clean and does the job nicely.

Overall Tamon Design (which is basically one guy who does this essentially more for the art/hobby than for a living) did an excellent job on this car and hopefully he is proud of what he has achieved with it. It is the perfect car for the Z owner who wants a more refined gentleman’s type widebody, a category which I’m not sure has existed in the aftermarket until now.

Plus he designed a pretty cool new company logo which looks like a chocolate bar when shaded brown or black! I like those emblems on the car. I want a chocolate bar logo too!


The car has been added to our 370Z specialty website at the link below:


Tamon Design Z34 370Z RC370Z

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Tamon Designs Nissan Z34 370Z Sketch

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Nissan Z34 370Z Tamon Designs RC 370Z

Tamon Designs Japan is at work conceptualizing this widebody kit for the Nissan Z34 370Z.

I’ve been a fan of Tamon Designs for years and they’ve done some really cool aero kits for the FC and FD RX-7s as well as the JZA80 Supra and the S2000. Over the years we’ve sold their parts and had some very happy clients running their aero!

This new 370Z continues their tradition of innovative design. I consider Tamon Designs to be comparable to Ab-Flug as both companies seem to specialize on custom low volume widebody kits which follow in the tradition of the wild old school Veilside ethos back when they were on top and winning TAS car of the year consistently. The times have changed and some companies surely have as well, but Tamon continues this (now dare I say) “old school) JDM mentality of wild custom wide body kits with a premium on unique individuality.

The finished car should turn out very nice if judging from these sketches.

Plug: Our website www.370ztune.com will of course be offering this complete aero kit when it is released. If you own a 370Z and have not yet checked out that website please have a visit and see what we’re up to. Also, a little known thing…we price match everyone on everything including even group buys! Give us a shot and I personally assure you that we’ll be your best source for 370Z tuning just as we have been for the GT-R, the S2000 and countless other cars.

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