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TA22 Celica Bosozoku

In the world of blogs it seems like everyone takes content from everyone else. Although I try to keep a relatively high percentage of original content here, I’m not too concerned with attempting to be above everyone else…and sometimes I feel the nessesity to “borrow” content when I feel its appropriate. This is one of those times…

I stole this idea from who stole it from the OG source Modena Photo found here:

All credit is due to the man above from Australia who happens to have some really amazing pictures he’s taken on his Flickr account.

Of all of his photos, this TA22 Celica built by the mysterious “Fonzie” is what caught my eye. This classic Celica is a perfect mix of old school JDM tuning with Bosozoku elements of style. Seeing an exposed oil cooler and hoses out the front of the car always gives me a smile. When I was first learning about JDM tuning in the mid 1990s seeing cars like this always shocked me with their rawness and gangster attitude. It takes a certain kind of swagger to rock a car like this right.

Although in the past 15 years of the hobby I’ve become more routinely accustomed to the other JDM things I’ve loved (like time attack cars for example), old school gangstered out tuning like this never did quite catch on with the mainstream. As a result, the same feeling that I had about cars like this from back in the day, remain fresh and undiluted to me today…that is a rarity in today’s information age in which millions of blogs gradually replace thousands magazines to crowd our overstimulated brains with overdoses of whatever drug we choose to feed it.

Its cars like this that for better or for worse have not become so played out and copied upon that they have become ordinary. The mystique is still there…at least for me.

TA22 Celica BosozokuTA22 Celica Bosozoku

TA22 Celica BosozokuTA22 Celica Bosozoku

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