FB Update: S2000 Demo Car Interior

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Bulletproof S2000 demo car w Recaro Super Stark and Mugen roll bar

The Bulletproof S2000 demo car interior has a few special Japanese parts like these sold out Recaro Japan RS-G Super Stark limited seats and a Mugen roll bar with roll hoop delete panel.

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New Recaro Super Stark Limited Edition Seats

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I’ve been thinking lately about seats. In my recent quest to rethink my S2000 and to build it for daily driven comfort I have decided that I need new seats. Being on the hunt, today I came across these RS-G “Super Stark” limited edition seats.

I think these are really cool so I wanted to share them here. They are limited to 500 pcs (still a lot, no?) and are sold in Japan only. Since we work with ASM Japan who sells these seats, we can offer them for export upon request. I’m still personally undecided about what I’ll do, but I will say that I did have a set of RS-G seats briefly before and I really liked them. Unfortunately someone else did too and they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse so I sold them instead of keeping them for myself. Maybe this time around I’ll keep them.

ASM Recaro RS-G Super Stark

Check out also the SR-6 Super Stark which is also nice. I’m a bit biased towards the RS-G though.

ASM Recaro SR-6 Super Stark

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