CR-Z and GT300 by Matt Rus of FarmOfMinds

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Rumors are that a CR-Z will compete in Super GT although there are no official words, GT Channel already obtained shots with CR-Z in wide body shape which gives you an idea of how it might look as a GT300 competitor. Furthermore, Auto Sport made an illustration of the CR-Z which can be seen at the bottom. As the rules will change in 2012 where the teams will be allowed to use hybrid system maybe this is Honda’s hybrid weapon for GT300 class?


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News: GT-RR.COM Partners with GT500 Parts Supplier Craftsquare

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Nissan R35 GT-R Super GT GT500 Craftsquare Mirrors

August 27th, 2009

GT-RR.COM Partners with GT500 Parts Supplier Craftsquare

GT-RR has been selected as the exclusive North American distributor of Craftsquare’s upcoming R35 GT-R specific mirror conversion. The Craftsquare application will be a direct replacement for the stock R35 GT-R mirrors, using original mounting locations for a clean and simple bolt on installation. Craftsquare is used in Super GT racing by Nissan because of their functional advantage in aerodynamics as well as weight savings. Craftsquare, because of their wide use and history within the Japanese Super GT series has benefited from extensive wind tunnel testing. The countless hours of wind tunnel testing has resulted in determining the unique and functional shape of their mirrors. Each set of Craftsquare mirrors is produced in Japan with a  full carbon fiber housing to maximize weight savings.

Craftsquare has a long history of success on race cars in countless forms of motorsport, yet is also very popular for street applications on Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus and many Japanese vehicles such as the previous generation Nissan GT-Rs. The mirrors are known for being highly functional during daily driving, maintaining a comparable horizontal range of vision to the stock mirrors. This is accomplished by being wider than most “racing” aftermarket mirrors and also by use of a wide angle mirror. The result is less blind spots and a more usable mirror set for the street or circuit.

The design is being finalized now for the Nissan R35 GT-R street application, it will differ in shape slightly from the Super GT500 racing application due to the car’s mounting location and body dimensions being different between the street and the race car. This new design from Craftsquare will be titled as a “TCA-F” mirror set and will be comparable to what is found on the Super GT Lamborghini Gallardo pictured below.

Craftsquare TCA-F
Once actual product photos are released they will be on display immediately at

Official pricing has been competitively priced at $795.00 USD, all inclusive of importation costs, duties and insurance from Japan.

An initial order has just entered production in Japan and the mirrors are available by pre-sale immediately. The mirrors will be exclusive items and will be imported in limited numbers. Orders will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Contact and Order Information:

Website: GT-RR.COM

Voice – 213 745 6954


Note – Endless USA is the official and sole agent of Craftsquare in North America. GT-RR is procuring Craftsquare mirrors in partnership with Endless USA, using official distribution channels. The full support of Endless USA and Craftsquare Japan will be in tact on all sales conducted by GT-RR.COM, as the only official supply source for North America.
Nissan R35 GT-R Super GT GT500 Craftsquare MirrorsNissan R35 GT-R Super GT GT500 Craftsquare Mirrors

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The Best Private Built Silvia Ever

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S14 Silvia Private Build

I cant believe I have never seen this car before. The build of this car is massively epic. A guy in Leeds built this car in his garage from a bone stock S14 Silvia. He even made his own fiberglass body panels from scratch. This is essentially a backyard built Super GT car…something I was pretty sure I’d never see.

The guy who built this car deserves some sort of award or something. It is truely insane to see how he put this together all on his own.

The thread:

S14 Silvia Private BuildS14 Silvia Private BuildS14 Silvia Private Build

I cant do this car justice. You need to see the build pictures. It is absolutely insane.

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Craftsquare New Mirror Shape

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I’ve been a fan of craft square mirrors for what feels like forever now. The design has never really changed in the past decade, and yet they still look as functional and fresh as they ever did. That however didn’t stop Craft Square from developing a new shape…will this ever see its way onto street cars? Perhaps. You can bet its functional…the Xanavi Super GT car runs them.

Craft Square new design

and a bonus shot to make it a little more personal with craft square mirrors on my car…

This pic below was taken of my S2000 back in 2002. And yes, although it wasn’t crazy gold and widebodied back then, I was certainly still rocking quality JDMness like an amuse exhaust, dry carbon c-west trunk, mugen carbon hardtop, amuse suspension, and other quality bits. To those of you new to me and Bulletproof, perhaps you never saw pictures of my car back in the day…so here’s some hi-res old school action of my S2000 for you.

Ben’s S2000 Back In The Day

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Garage Saurus’s Inspiration for their Ferrari

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Ferrari 550 Maranello

The Ferrari 550 Maranello campaigned in various race series in the late 1990s, including one of our favorites: the Japanese Super GT race series (then JGTC). The 550 platform saw multiple aerodynamic configurations for various race series (the Prodrive car is especially cool although I cant at the moment find the picture I personally took of it which I really wish I could find right now).

Although Ferrari offered dry carbon body work which included a vented hood and full widebody to race teams, the Evoluzione version of the 550 Maranello was never readily available to the public.

I thought I’d share some various pictures of other modified and race spec Ferrari 550s for any of you that enjoyed the Saurus car as much as I do.

Ferrari 550 Maranello

Ferrari 550 MaranelloFerrari 550 MaranelloFerrari 550 MaranelloFerrari 550 MaranelloFerrari 550 MaranelloFerrari 550 Maranello

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Too Much Aero!?

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Dont ask me…I love this picture but I dont have a clue why this rear fender is this complicated! Is this too much aero? This is the most complicated and extreme rear fender I’ve ever seen. I love it because its so damn far over my head that its exciting.

Mega Aero

Full picture here in hi-res:

Mega Aero


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Sick of GT-Rs? Me Neither…

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 My mind is still on GT-R overload and at the moment this picture/desktop background is simply awesome.

Great GT-R pic

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