The Best Gran Turismo Rig Ever – BMW E30 M3

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BMW E30 M3 Gran Turismo Rig

This is by far the best Gran Turismo game rig ever. Actually it was already one of my favorite E30 M3 BMWs before I even saw the front of it and realized that it is being used to play video games in! Garage Studie is responsible for this masterpiece. I have a feeling I’m going to need to stop by there during an upcoming trip to Japan…

Garage Studie BMW E30 M3 Gran Turismo RigGarage Studie BMW E30 M3 Gran Turismo Rig

Thanks to Gawa’s blog for stealing my post recently…if it wasnt for that I wouldnt have found your blog and been able to return the favor by stealing your content! 🙂 Great blog you have over there my friend!

See the full Studie shop tour post Here:


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Love it or Hate it?

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From my friend Jon’s blog:

Studie Fuscia E92 M3

This was taken from Studie’s blog in Japan. Studie Japan builds some sick BMWs, if you dont know please educate yourself. Its one of their demo cars.

I can see reasons both to love it and to talk trash about it. Overall, I really like it but I wouldnt be caught dead driving it. Its just way too loud of a color for me, a rapper I could picture driving this though. Instead I’d drive it with a race helmet on at all times (even in gridlock traffic)…and hell no, the helmet would not be color matched fuchsia!

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