Bulletproof’s 11th Anniversary Meet Recap

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Some of you may remember that Bulletproof had our 11th Anniversary meet this past October 15th; some of you were even there!  We had fifteen Bulletproof Select Showcase cars on display.  The Bulletproof Select stickers were designed by our GT-R specialist, Kris.  Great job, Kris – love the Option font.

Here’s the Bulletproof Select line-up.  We were lucky to have extensive coverage of the meet by William Lee of Night-Import, as well as additional photos by James Younger and David Izrailov.


Check out all the carbon on that DreamzSport NSX.  This thing caused quite a stir when it rumbled into the lot – full carbon fiber widebody, built motor with twin turbos, Brembo racing brake system, and finished off with some one-off vinyl graphics by the world famous Mana-P of MS-R Japan.

Full Powerhouse Amuze Vestito 370Z with our 2012 demo car.  Photo by James Younger.


Jon’s Evo with full Varis kit and Jason’s Evo, flurry of 370Z and 350Zs leaving the lot, including Andrew’s 370Z with full Powerhouse Amuse kit on Volk TE37SLs.


CR-Z with Mugen MF10s and Spoon BBK, our R35 demo car.

370Z with full Amuse kit (and exhaust) and Kelvin’s Do-Luck widebody Evo.  Photo by James Younger.

2012 R35 with brand_RR front lip and Esprit dry carbon wing, and more R35s galore!

When this guy rolled in, all eyes were on him – you could tell that everyone knew and respected the lineage behind this hakosuka GT-R.

Photo by James Younger

I think that reaction perfectly demonstrates the high-level of rides and owners who were at our event.   The day was all about quality; you could tell that by the cars that showed up.  But more importantly, the quality of the attendees was top-notch.  There was no tension between different crews or drama.  Everyone was just there to have a good time.


Thanks to Night-Import for covering the meet, K1 for allowing us to take over their parking lot, Phamish for providing the tasty banh mi, and everyone who came out to enjoy all of the above!

For more photos and coverage of the event, check out our Facebook album and the post over on Night Import.

Customer Car – Danny’s S2000

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Danny has put together one incredible S2000! This car is one of my favorite private owned S2000s ever, regardless of country of origin. It is a perfect balance of classy and aggressive. The car perfectly represents the type of JDM tuning that we’re all about here with this blog. I’m excited to say that on top of us getting Danny some rare JDM goods already seen in the pictures, the car will receive further updates soon with some additional choice pieces.


You’ll notice the rare Sorcery front bumper, the Spoon front fenders, ASM rear fenders, Ings+1 Z power low mount wing, J’s Racing rear diffuser, JGTC carbon mirrors and a number of other high quality and tasteful parts.

Danny drives this S2000 on the Miami Florida streets and regularly also attends local car shows. I’ve included a website that Danny is behind here:


I have sized the picture above and the two below at 1800 resolution for some hi-res action.


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Customer Car: Ultra Clean Street Spec S2000

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Rob's S2000 Mugen, J's Racing, Spoon, ASM

The continuation to yesterdays story about our friend Rob’s widebody Range Rover is more like a prequel.

Rob and I worked together to produce this S2000, which I ultimately give Rob all the credit for because his vision for the car has been absolutely timeless.

Lets look at the details. No knockoffs here…the real deal Mugen Dry Carbon roof and you know what…he painted it! Check the carbon fiber accents. That is how it is done right there. Leaving large parts fully carbon is old news, on a street car it is all about classy integration. Rob knows the deal.

Rob's S2000Rob's S2000

So what do you want to know? The pictures show that it is all done right. Mugen SS rear bumper and diffuser with special titanium SS exhaust (higher mounted than stock, yet another reminder of the theme I was saying earlier with higher mounted exhausts). J’s Racing front bumper, twin canards and type V carbon hood. Craftsquare mirrors. Prodrive wheels with the J’s Racing special Endless big brake kit behind them. Spoon kevlar buckets with Prodrive harnesses and a Mugen roll bar. Mugen SS carbon wing, carbon trunk. You name it, this car has it and has done it tastefully.

M's Kevlar Intake S2000

And dont forget the rareness…the original discountined M’s kevlar intake system. This is the OG JDM. ASM sold and ran these before they started having M’s make their own intakes. And I passed on buying the last 5 sets from Kanayama-san of ASM when he asked me, looking back I should have taken that last bit of stock since it is a classic. Oh yeah, J’s SPL valve cover and ARC titan cooling plate, check.

Rob's S2000Rob's S2000

I mean, check out the interior execution. Rob did not miss a thing. Mugen Steering wheel, Navi integrated into the dash, reworked leather,  its all super clean.

Rob's S2000Rob's S2000

And the last pics are evidence. The car was always class. He was even rocking the ASM front fenders back in the day that we imported for him.

Just a great example here of how you can build a high quality car with high performance parts and still keep things in an understated and usable way.

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Customer Car – Tom’s S2000

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Tom’s S2000

I consulted with Tom and supplied him the parts to build his dream S2000 about two years ago. This project from the beginning I knew would be special because Tom is someone who like myself is a real lover of high end JDM quality. No shortcuts were made, this car was prepared with simply the best of everything from the frame up.

There are too many quality modifications to list, but here are some of my favorites:

Tracy Sports GT widebody

Spoon Hardtop

ASM Dry Carbon Doors, dry carbon hood and dry carbon trunk

Top Secret 19″ TE37 wheels

J’s Racing big brake kit

ASM Limited Edition Recaro RS-G Seats

ASM Multi-meter

ASM Titanium Exhaust

Mugen Race Roll Cage

Toda Individual Throttle Body Kit

Tracy Sports Header

The car was stripped to the bare frame and repainted in the beautiful blue hue you see. The car is very light weight and with a highly responsive NA tuned engine, it really is a great example of an ultimate NA street legal S2000.

Tom’s S2000Tom’s S2000Tom’s S2000Tom’s S2000Tom’s S2000Tom’s S2000Tom’s S2000

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Customer Car (and now employee car) – Hunter Modlin

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I mentioned earlier the exciting story about how Hunter, a reader of the blog and client of Bulletproof’s who took the trip from Georgia to Los Angeles to interview with us. Actually, at this very moment he is busy preparing to make the move to Los Angeles and join the Bulletproof team next month.

In the meantime, he sent us some updated pictures of his car. As a reader of this blog, Hunter has gradually learned the right perspective on JDM tuning and fine tuned his good taste over the years (I know you love reading this as I kiss my own ass here). 🙂

Lets see what he’s done with his S2000:

Hunter Modlin S2000

While the project is incomplete at the moment, he’s off to a wonderful start. Of course being a fan of Bulletproof, he had to go with the Bulletproof x Spoon remix hardop (using the authentic Spoon hardtop as a base…no knockoffs here), Spoon rear fenders, ASM front fenders and Volk CE28N Time Attack rims. I did not however sell him the exhaust or some of the other parts on the car, which means that he, I and you all know that at some point I’m going to try to convince him to run an Amuse (or Bulletproof GT limited) exhaust on his car.

I’m a fan of this angle of his car, and since he’s still working on the front of his car I’ll refrain from showing that.

What do you all think of this work in progress?

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Dry Carbon Goodness For the GT-R

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Fortunately in my business we occasionally come across parts which are the ultimate pinnacle of their respective category. Parts that just take quality to a new level and make everything else pale in comparison. Recently we’ve received another one of our containers and there are a few parts yet again that shatter the image of what high quality is. Today I’m going to be talking about the Mines Dry Carbon Racing Canards for the R35 GT-R, sold to a lucky client of ours in New Jersey. Tomorrow I’ll talk about the pinnacle in Titanium exhausts, an exhaust so good that we just had to make it/commission it ourselves and brand it as Bulletproof Automotive.

The Mines dry carbon racing canards are by no means reasonably priced. In a world where $500 carbon canards are considered expensive, is there really a place for a $2180 set of dry carbon canards? Most rational people would say no…that’s stupid to pay $2180 for a set of canards. But those same rational people are also not the ones who are buying art work like I am buying Takashi Murakami’s art. So perhaps I’m not the norm…and for perhaps that reason, I think these canards do make sense. They are automotive art at the highest form. And unlike art, these do function.

Mines commissioned one of my favorite dry carbon factories in the world to produce their dry carbon parts. This factory charges a lot to begin with (although I think they are worth it), but whenever I buy parts from them and they ask me if I want to have them spray a UV clear coat I always say NO because they charge damn near $1000 to UV clear coat a hood. At some point, I must draw the line…and that line is at $1000 UV clear coating.

But Mines didnt say no. They didnt say no to anything, they just wanted the best…and if that means that their canards sell for $2180, then so be it. So these dry carbon, UV clear coated canards arrive here on my desk in absolutely flawless condition. I tried hard to find a flaw and I could not. I dont even think with a microscope you could find a flaw with these…

They’re not for everyone…thats for sure. But then again my clients arent the “every man”, my clients are the top 1% in the industry who demand the best and they know it when they see it.

Can you see it?

Mines R35 GT-R Dry Carbon Canards

Mines R35 GT-R Dry Carbon CanardsMines R35 GT-R Dry Carbon CanardsWet Carbon Mines Antenna Cover by Mooncraft

The last photo also includes the Mines carbon fiber antenna cover co-produced with Mooncraft, a motorsports engineering company which also helped Mines with their Z33 dragless carbon door surrounds for the Z33 350Z. Some of you might know the name Mooncraft as the designer and original maker of the coupe hardtop now sold as Spoon brand for the S2000 (the one I modified and use on my S2000).  By the way, if you know your carbon then you’ll know from seeing the inside of the mooncraft/mines antenna cover that its wet carbon. Still damn nice wet carbon production at that.

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