A Slice of GT-R Heaven (Video)

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Here is a video taken last month at R’s Meeting in Japan. This video gives the best impression of what it was like to be there. In the video you’ll see me walk through perhaps the most epic parking lot of GT-Rs ever, starting with R34 GT-Rs and working back in time all the way to the legendary Hakosuka GT-R, all set to a musical backdrop tribute to the late great Japanese musician Nujabes.

I hope you like it!

For more on our time at the R’s meeting, check out my guest blog post at Speedhunters: Guest Blog: R’s Meeting Experience.

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Bulletproof @ Speedhunters Event.

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Bulletproof S2000 R35 GT-R SpeedHunters Event

On Saturday the guys over here at Bulletproof rolled out to the SpeedHunters event to hang for the afternoon. We brought out the S2000, the new 2012 GT-R (pre-modding spec), Alex’s Genesis and Jason’s Evo X. It was great to see some nice rides and to have good conversations about this crazy hobby we all love.

We will be putting up a few more pictures up on our facebook fan page shortly. Thanks to all of those who dropped by and said hi!

(special thanks to William from Night-Import blog for his great coverage and support)

Here’s the link to our facebook page:


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