Customer Car – Danny’s S2000

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Danny has put together one incredible S2000! This car is one of my favorite private owned S2000s ever, regardless of country of origin. It is a perfect balance of classy and aggressive. The car perfectly represents the type of JDM tuning that we’re all about here with this blog. I’m excited to say that on top of us getting Danny some rare JDM goods already seen in the pictures, the car will receive further updates soon with some additional choice pieces.


You’ll notice the rare Sorcery front bumper, the Spoon front fenders, ASM rear fenders, Ings+1 Z power low mount wing, J’s Racing rear diffuser, JGTC carbon mirrors and a number of other high quality and tasteful parts.

Danny drives this S2000 on the Miami Florida streets and regularly also attends local car shows. I’ve included a website that Danny is behind here:

I have sized the picture above and the two below at 1800 resolution for some hi-res action.


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New Sorcery 350Z Super GT Widebody Kit Released!

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Sorcery (best known for their NSX tuning programs) has been expanding their horizons. Over the past year they’ve released not only a new S2000 widebody kit, but now a 350Z widebody. This 350Z kit is designed with significant influence from the JGTC/Super GT 350Z car. Release date for this new widebody is November 2006.
Bulletproof Automotive has recently been set up as a North American distributor for Sorcery. Pricing will be added to the Bulletproof website shortly (as well as pricing for the S2000 widebody kit).

Photos below are hi resolution, download to view hi-res.

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