Me Getting OWNED by Mansory’s SLR

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Mansory SLR Benz

So I thought I had some nice details in my S2000 I built. I thought I built a nice gold sports car. After getting OWNED this hard…I’m not sure I did enough. This Mansory SLR is serious. I’m all about the details, thats my thing…and this photo above is perhaps one of the sickest examples of quality and detail that I’ve ever seen. I need a bigger bank roll if I’m going to try to compete with this, thats for damn sure.

I will give myself one thing towards my credit – I would never do that gaudy-ass shiny-ass gold ostritch leather all over the interior like that. Maybe a small accent of it, ok…but that shift boot is just cheesy and the seats are way overdone. Although I guess it’d match nicely to any millionaire owner in Florida who rocks those colorful Versace shirts mostly unbuttoned with heavy duty gold chains.

Oh and they should have stepped up their wheel game a bit more on this car. This car is too HARD for those tame wheels.

Mansory SLR Benz

Whatever gold paint they are using is INCREDIBLE! I did not like Mansory when I first saw their stuff years back, but I’ve been getting more and more impressed with their original parts lately. Also I suggest checking out their new Ferrari 599, also pretty hot but not quite as good as this.

Check the pics, in hi-res goodness you’d expect on this blog. We don’t cater to those with the 1990’s 15″ tube monitors, so if you have one it’s time to step your monitor game up and live in hi resolution.

Mansory SLR BenzMansory SLR BenzMansory SLR BenzMansory SLR BenzMansory SLR BenzMansory SLR BenzMansory SLR BenzMansory SLR BenzMansory SLR Benz

Mansory SLR Benz

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