FB Update: GT-RR One-Off Shift Knob

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carbon fiber GT-RR one-off custom shift knob

We one-off!  Living up to the name “Bespoke.”

Here’s a GT-RR one-off shift knob we made for a client by taking a stock GT-R knob, tearing it apart, redoing in carbon fiber, black alcantara, red alcantara, custom stitching and custom painting of the top button. Photographed sitting on top of a GT-R wing that we redid in carbon fiber as another one-off.

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Limited Edition Varis Shift Knobs

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varis special shift knob carbon fiber event only

* I posted this on our company facebook fan page but I wanted to share it here as well. *

Here’s a pic of a recent incoming shipment of special edition Varis shift knobs. These can’t be bought anywhere except from Varis directly at shows/events in Japan…oh wait, did I just say we got these in a recent incoming shipment!? Forget you heard that…
(we stay getting the exclusive stuff)

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