FB Update: Silvia Special Delivery

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S15 Silvia Garage Defend

Special delivery vol. S15.  Via Garage Defend.

This post has been rebroadcast from our Facebook fan page.  To see similar updates, visit us at www.facebook.com/therealjdm.

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Forza 3

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I just wanted to share a couple of pictures I found online featuring two cars that we’ve been working with Microsoft on for Forza 3. These two cars also happened to be in Forza 2. Microsoft came to visit me to take about 7 hours worth of pictures and measurements of the S15 Silvia at our Los Angeles warehouse. They are meticulous with their data they collect, I was shocked actually with how precise they are. I hope the game play is good, with that sort of precision I think it will be.

Thanks MSFT for the exposure!

Pics I found online:

Top Secret Supra Forza 3

Top Secret S15 Forza 3

By the way, the Top Secret S15 is available for purchase. If you’re serious and ready to make an offer, email me ben@topsecretjpn.com

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Top Secret R33 Spotted by Stanley Ku

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(check the bottom edit from Ben for clarification on what we’re looking at here)

I checked up on one of my favorite car photographer, Chester Ng’s website and came across an album of a track day held by the Hong Kong Lamborghini Club. I saw this gold colored R33 and immediately recognized it to be the work of Top Secret.



I’m not too sure on the background of this car. I believe it is a demo car build by Top Secret that was intended for drag racing. Looking at the windshield, there is a D1GP decal though. But here, we see it doing some laps as a track car. Maybe Ben knows more about this car and has something to share? Awesome car and looks very fitting on the track. Hong Kong might be a small place, but there are a ton of car enthusiasts with all types of exotics, Euros, and modified cars there.

EDIT BY BEN – This was an amazing find, it really surprised me! I’m truly flattered by this car. This car is not a Top Secret demo car at all. It seems to be a fan of Top Secret’s car which painstakingly recreated the Top Secret S15 D1GP world champion drift car we have sitting in our garage here in Los Angeles. Check out the details, I was shocked to even see our Bulletproof Automotive windshield banner on the rear windshield of this! Its pretty much dead-on accurate with the vinyl! Since there are toys and RC cars made off of the S15, I’m guessing the owner took the decal set and upped the scale of it until it fit his car. If so, hell of a job! I have the S15 D1GP Top Secret die cast on my desk and its pretty much exactly right.

I’ve seen a lot of people try to emulate Top Secret demo cars, but this one is very convincing! Whoever the owner is, they did a great job! This made my day.

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The Best Private Built Silvia Ever

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S14 Silvia Private Build

I cant believe I have never seen this car before. The build of this car is massively epic. A guy in Leeds built this car in his garage from a bone stock S14 Silvia. He even made his own fiberglass body panels from scratch. This is essentially a backyard built Super GT car…something I was pretty sure I’d never see.

The guy who built this car deserves some sort of award or something. It is truely insane to see how he put this together all on his own.

The thread:


S14 Silvia Private BuildS14 Silvia Private BuildS14 Silvia Private Build

I cant do this car justice. You need to see the build pictures. It is absolutely insane.

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My Day – With 2 Top Secret Race Cars

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Bulletproof Rides

So today I went down to the garage where the Top Secret cars are kept. Microsoft came out to do extensive measurements and photos of the S15 for an upcoming video game and I was there to let them in and supervise.

It was a good chance for me to take some pictures of the two cars, some of which I’ll show now and others I’ll save for a rainy day.

Although I still dont have a XBOX, I’m a little more excited for the the upcoming video game than I thought I’d be. They’re really going crazy with detailing everything…for Forza 2 the Top Secret Silvia D1GP Champ was rendered really well, but they never needed to do any of this stuff (detailed measurements of every little thing, 900+ photos). I guess they’re really stepping their game up. Now, if only Microsoft would give me an XBOX360 for donating my car and my time to the game…

So today I’m here to share some hi-res, non-watermarked pics of Top Secret’s most notorious time attack car and most successful drift car ever built.

The Hi Res:

Bulletproof Rides – Top Secret S15 D1GP and Fusion RR

Bulletproof Rides - Top Secret S15 D1GP and Fusion RRBulletproof Rides - Top Secret S15 D1GP and Fusion RR

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Top Secret Demo Cars arrive to USA New Home

First off, no the Ferrari isnt mine… Damn.

Secondly, yes the Top Secret S15 D1GP World Champ and the Fusion RR time attack car are mine!

No longer on display at Autobacs in Japan, they’ve finally made it to their new home.

For those of you that know me, this has been years in the making since I bought them in 2005 and 2006. These are two of my favorite Japanese demo cars of all time and when I had the chance to buy each one of them, I jumped on it because there will simply never be another. These cars have thousands of hours of Smoky tuning and fine tuning over and over to get them just perfect. I’d say 57 seconds at Tsukuba Circuit (GT-R) and World Champion of D1GP and D1 UK Champion (S15) would back up their perfection nicely.

I’m very lucky that one of my clients introduced me to a beautiful garage with other people’s collector cars which is where I’ve stored them. This garage is incredible, with loads of Ferraris, Lambos, Ford GTs, Porsche GT3 RSs and now some hard core from JDM’s finest.

I”m currently taking offers to sell them both now that they are in my possession officially. I dont mind holding on to them in the meantime…but these cars are a little too rich for my lifestyle right now and ultimately I bought them to be re-sold to someone who can appreciate them as much as I do (and afford them more easily than I can).

I put together a website a while back to sell the cars. www.bespokemotoring.com is the site for anyone interested.

Top Secret Demo Cars arrive to USA New Home

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Random Photo – Bulletproof Warehouse Circa 2004

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Bulletproof Warehouse, Top Secret S15

I dug up this pic recently. It was just a random day in the warehouse after a container arrived (before we moved to our new facility) . I look back on this and find it really amusing. As you’ll notice we were way out of space and had boxes piled up 10 ft tall and blockaded in between boxes was the Top Secret S15 D1GP car! To keep overhead low running the business (to give everyone low prices this is a necessity), I ran the business out of a small dumpy office and warehouse for many many years. These days we finally have a large, scalable warehouse that is a lot better and way more efficient…yet large and efficient doesn’t give priceless photos like the chaos in this pic!

To me, this picture is priceless and a piece of my/Bulletproof Automotive’s history.

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