Old School Meets Modern Pt 2 – R32 x R34 Nur Spec

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Mines R32 NurSpec Refresh

Continuing on yesterday’s post about a refreshed 240Z, today I wanted to make mention of a forgotten classic…

In 2004 Mines put out a refresh package for the R32 GT-R. Amounting to essentially a complete car for sale, the Mines R32 Nurspec was an instant classic when it was released. Unfortunately in just 5 years the refresh car seems to be lost in time, with nearly no google results coming up on it when I checked. Fortunately I snapped a picture of it a while back.

Why is it a classic?

Many would argue that the R32 GT-R is one of the most pure GT-Rs ever built from a driving standpoint. Having an advantage of lighter weight than the newer GT-Rs that replaced it, the R32 base in this car got enhanced with an array of top spec BNR34 GT-R Nur parts. Some of the modifications included in the refresh:

R34 Nur Spec Engine and getrag 6spd transmission

R34 Brake System

R34 Wheels

R34 Seats

In the end, this refreshed classic R32 enjoys the best of both worlds, while retaining an understated OEM type appearance. Under the basic bolt ons, Mines reworked the suspension, the electronics, the drive train and various other parts.

Mines R32 NurSpec Refresh

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