FB Update: S2000 Demo Car Interior

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Bulletproof S2000 demo car w Recaro Super Stark and Mugen roll bar

The Bulletproof S2000 demo car interior has a few special Japanese parts like these sold out Recaro Japan RS-G Super Stark limited seats and a Mugen roll bar with roll hoop delete panel.

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JDM Recaro Limited Edition Seats – SR-7 Evolution

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Recaro SR-7 Evolution Japan

In the hierarchy of premium seating one brand reigns supreme. That brand is not Recaro, it is Recaro Japan. Having dealt with pretty much every seat manufacturer there is, I have a particular lust for Japanese Recaro seats. Unlike the German and US Recaros, the Japanese models use premium materials not found in other regions. Additionally Recaro Japan has a number of models that simply do not exist in other Recaro markets. In many ways, Recaro Japan is it’s own brand.

Japanese culture loves the concept of limited edition seasonal products. Recaro Japan adopts that Japanese taste of exclusivity by releasing limited edition seats each year. I personally own a set of RS-G Super Stark limited edition seats which were released earlier in the year and I continue to be impressed by them.

At the moment some of the best seats out there are Recaro Japan only releases…models like RS-G, SR-7 and SP-X come to mind as the best aftermarket seats money can buy. Each of those seats can be bought from Recaro Japan with exclusive materials like Alcantara and premium leather.

Although exchange rates have not been kind to buyers outside of Japan, guys like myself still have no choice but to ante up the extra cash if we want the ultimate in seating options. I’ve made numerous calls to Recaro US to see if there is any way to get these models of seats and it is simply impossible. As a result, we export them from Japan in limited quantities.

After that long intro, I wanted to share the latest limited edition Recaro Japan seat. This is yet another remix of the popular SR-7 reclining model. Those of you who follow what we do might remember us selling the previous limited edition model called the SR-7 Advance. While the Advance followed the stylings introduced by the “Super Stark” limited edition by keeping the color pallete to a minimalist black and focusing on strategic placement of premium Alcantara, this new Evolution seat takes a different twist.

The SR-7 Evolution takes on a high end and somewhat European influenced (think Porsche GT3 RS) point of view and incorporates some orange accents to set off the car’s interior. The orange details include highly skilled custom stitch work and the use of Recaro’s premium leather to make up the orange accents. The premium leather is the same stock used on their $10,000 SP-X seats. To cap it off, the orange stitched Evolution badge lets you know that you’re sitting in something special.

Like all other limited edition Recaro’s, these are sold only in Japan and they sell out fast. We’ve brought in some sets for guys in the past and we’re happy to do so again upon request.

Recaro SR-7 Evolution

* disclosure – I just bought a set of these for myself. It’ll be a fun challenge to integrate the splash of orange into the interior of my car. I have some fun ideas after seeing these seats and promptly buying a set. I think a lot of people will be off-put or confused by the splash of color in the way that it is introduced with this seat…to me, I find it a really fun challenge to build an interior around something this unique. Without a doubt, this is a new style and it’ll be a love or hate relationship for most people whereas the Super Stark and the Advance are more of a safe play that everyone can appreciate. Much like the new Rays sticker on the TE37SL edition wheels, the orange on this seat is a different look than everyone was expecting. To me, that’s a great thing.

Recaro SR-7 Evolution

here’s the link for more info on these:


Here’s the link for more Recaro Japan limited edition seats:


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The Next Limited Edition Recaro Japan Seat – SR-7 Advanced Edition

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SR-7 Advanced Edition Recaro Japan

The SR-7 Advanced Edition seat comes on the heels of the recently sold out SR-6 Super Stark Limited Edition seat. The SR-6 SS’s sold out extremely fast and Recaro Japan (with ASM’s collaboration) followed up that success with a newer exclusive model. It should be noted that these seats are produced  in Japan and sold exclusively in Japan. We are offering them for international export for those interested in these as well as other Recaro Japan only seats.

The SR-7 Advanced Edition is essentially the same in concept as the SR-6 Super Stark in that it takes the basic seat (in this case the newer SR-7) and remixes it with exclusive materials and colorways. The new touches are again the black with grey alcantara accents as well as the small red limited edition lettering.

The SR-7 comes in two variants- a high side bolster and a low side bolster version (high side bolster pictured here)

More pictures and pricing can be found at the following link:


Oh…and this immaculate R32 GT-R is sporting one of these new seats as well (I had to share a picture of this perfect R32)

R32 GT-R

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