Hate It or Love It? CR-Z with Martini Rally Livery

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Martini Rally CR-Z

What do you think of this rally-themed CR-Z hanging out at a snow-strewn paddock in Japan?  Does this ride do justice to the famous Martini livery?

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Kalle Rovanperä: The 8 Year Old Rally Driver by Matt Rus

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Is this the new Sébastien Loeb? Kalle Rovanperä is a son of the famous Finnish rally driver Harri Rovanperä and he is already following in his  father’s footsteps. At the age of 8 he already shows the talent of driving a rally car like a pro!

Kudos to Kalle!


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PCAL – The First Pink Rally R35 GT-R?

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Edit from Ben: (and I hope it’s the last pink rally R35 GT-R as well)

Here’s another post from Patrick:

Pink R35

The R35 you see is currently being prepared for the 2008 Targa Tasmania which will run April 15-20. The car is sponsored by Donut King and, yes, their signature color is pink. You can stop scratching your head now.

I found it posted on the Australian GT-R owner’s club site here. So, while I don’t know anything about the car besides what’s at the link, I do know that the Targa should be the perfect proving grounds for Nissan’s supercar. In the past the event has seen Porsche Turbos, Lamborghini Gallardos and other exotics mix it up with WRXs and EVOs all piloted by some of Australia’s fastest drivers. The roads chosen are a great test of car and driver so the result this year should be very telling.

The GT-R isn’t the first car to receive the Donut King treatment. At least an M3 and Holden Monaro have also fallen victim to that most girly of colors.
pink monaro

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