FB Update: GT-RR demo car at Buttonwillow

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GT-RR demo car at Buttonwillow

March 10th 2012, GT-RR/Bulletproof demo car in action at Buttonwillow Raceway!

This post has been rebroadcast from our Facebook fan page.  To see similar updates, visit us at http://www.facebook.com/therealjdm.

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Customer Car: Miles’ GT-R

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Miles has a great race prepped GT-R over in Australia.

Loads of great mods were done. On this car we made Miles an authentic Amuse front diffuser converted to carbon fiber as a one-off.


The car also sports the Top Secret hood, Aeromotions wing, full custom cage, dry carbon doors and loads of other mods.

Doesn’t get much lower than that!  The front lip is practically scraping that iPhone.

This GT-R glows like an angel.  Must be the car of Miles’ dreams!

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Last month I realized I had the opportunity to spend a weekend in Colorado and watch the Pike’s Peak International Hillclimb. After some peer pressure from the staff here at Bulletproof and a significant drop in the price of airfare, I had a ticket to the race. I arrived in Denver on a beautiful Saturday morning and was picked up by a friend. After a fun day seeing what people in Colorado do on the weekend we headed to the race with an hour and a half of sleep, brats, burgers and beverages.

One of the interesting things about Pike’s Peak is the lack of access to the course. There’s only one way up and down the mountain and the race starts early so although I got there at 5:30 AM, I was “late.” Weird. Traffic going up the mountain is slow, but even at that speed your natural instinct is to stay as far away from the edge as possible. Soon we arrived at Devil’s Playground.


This is one of the best spectating areas and gives a breathtaking view of the hillclimb and the valley below. At 13,000 feet you also get to experience the full effects of altitude on the human body.


After a few of the vintage cars ran it was time for the cars everybody came to see, the Unlimited class. Rules for the Unlimited class don’t really present a whole lot of, well, limitations. This class has been home to Pike’s Peak legends like Ari Vatanen’s Peugeot and Rod Millen’s Celica. However, one man has defined the Unlimited class for the past several years and that man is Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima. After watching the 800hp Fiesta and 1,150hp RS200 my perception of acceleration was slightly skewed but watching Monster’s Suzuki rocket out of the hairpin was more akin to a drag car launch than a rally race. The noise and speed were too much to fully take in  by the time the car was gone and everyone in the area had a stupid-looking grin on their face.


Many cars, motorcycles and quads continued to make their way up the hill throughout the day, rain or shine. Everyone that races up the mountain has a few screws loose, but there were a few notable individuals even among this crowd. Whatever Rhys Millen’s haters have to say, the man can drive and drive he did. He left thick black marks everywhere he went and put a great show on for everyone.

The second fastest class is the Open class. Once again the name is quite descriptive and the cars are very open, consisting of not much more than engines, wings, wheels and glorified scaffolding. These cars are quite rudimentary when compared to the exotic Unlimited cars but they are no less effective. By the time they made it to Devil’s Playground the track was soaked but none of the drivers seemed to notice and watching the cars take a blind crest flat and very sideways was so amazing I couldn’t hold my camera well enough to take a picture. Every driver in this class is a superhero as far as I’m concerned.

This event is a must for any gearhead and I’ve already begun making plans for next year. For those wanting more, check out the photos here.

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