More Midnight Purple Z-Tune

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Two weeks ago I announced that we’re offering a Midnight Purple R34 GT-R Nismo Z-Tune for sale. Just as I was shocked to be able to locate the car and offer it for sale, the internet seemed equally shocked that the car existed.

It is really interesting to see how people act online at times like that. I thought it was a positive thing that I was sharing with everyone here on the blog, since I felt that we had just unearthed a major discovery of JDM legend with this car for sale. But then I started seeing crazy rumors online that we possibly had a fake Z-Tune we were selling. That negativity spread like wildfire into discussion that consisted of false rumors and insulting the intellect of Americans and other such nonsense. It was crazy to watch the drama unfold. All negative trash coming out of something that we should have all been excited and inspired by. Ultimately I never went on there and joined the argument since I dont see a need to defend 10 legitimate years of being in business without any trickery or fake crap…and you know what… sure enough the truth came out that the car is real when someone found an old Japanese magazine article discussing it.

Clearly it became apparent (sadly again) there are a lot of negative people out there perhaps trying to push their own interests through slandering others. In this case it shocking to me,  I mean…we don’t even sell knockoff parts of any sort, yet we’d sell a fake car!? Seriously!? I’d sooner close up my business and flee the country than sell something fake.

So this post is dedicated to all of those who doubted…here are a few more pics of the Midnight Purple Z-Tune for sale. I’ve also updated the link here with the new pics (I really love that first picture…I wish the owner took more pictures of his car for us!):

Midnight Purple Z-Tune R34 GT-R

Midnight Purple Z-Tune R34 GT-RMidnight Purple Z-Tune R34 GT-R

Z-TuneMidnight Purple Nissan R34 GT-R Z-Tune

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The Rarest Of The Rare – Nismo Z-Tune R34 Midnight Purple by Ben Schaffer

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Midnight Purple R34 Nismo Z-Tune

The is the purple unicorn of the Japanese car collector world if you will…

There were 19 Nismo Z-Tunes produced in Japan and they were all Silver. This is the one mythical one which is different from the rest. We’ve just been asked to sell a Midnight Purple (OEM GT-R Color) Nismo Z-Tune. This is the only one in the world and I’m shocked to even see this car in existance, never mind have the ability to help broker the sale of it.

(by the way, we have a Silver Z-Tune for sale as well with 5000km on it)

The car has only 3,000km on it. It is a Nismo full Z-Tune conversion.

The car is for sale FOB Tokyo, Japan.

For inquires please email

The car can be found here:

Midnight Purple R34 Nismo Z-Tune

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The Find – Nismo R34 GT-R Z-Tune For Sale!

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Nismo Z-Tune R34 GT-R For Sale by GT-RR.COM

I just returned from my most recent trip to Japan. During these trips I’m often lucky enough to find some really cool stuff because of my network of friends out there in the industry. Usually its new parts and inside news, but this time it was something far different… I was shocked to find a friend of mine who asked for my assistance in selling a very VERY rare BNR34 GT-R Z-Tune by Nismo. This is an authentic Nismo produced car (only 19 were ever made). The car (as expected) is an extremely special collectors car which is unlikely to ever depreciate in value due to the historical significance and legendary status amongst GT-R enthusiasts (plus only 19 exist and no more will ever be produced). Not to mention is runs like a monster on crack for those lucky enough to take it to the streets or circuit.

I took some pictures of the car when I got a chance to see it in the flesh. It was a really special moment to get up close and personal with this rare piece of JDM GT-R history. I’ve seen these cars in the past at events but usually they were roped off and inaccessible. Checking out the custom bits that cant be bought was a special moment for me. Things like the carbon fiber reinforced chassis points and the insanely over-engineered titanium Z-Tune SPL strut tower bar were the little joys in life that remind me how much I love my job!

I’ve added the car to GT-RR.COM’s website and it can be found here:

For those fortunate enough to ask the scary question of how much it costs, please email us at

For the rest of us, more car porn (pictures of this beast) can be found at the link above and a couple of extra pics below.

Nismo Z-Tune R34 GT-R For Sale by GT-RR.COM GTRNismo Z-Tune R34 GT-R For Sale by GT-RR.COM GTR

Nismo Z-Tune R34 GT-R For Sale by GT-RR.COM GTR

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GT-R Love

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One of my friends loves the GT-R so much that he bought a push pedal toy GT-R for his one year old daughter! We imported the toy from Japan for them last year. Here in this picture you can see a true GT-R loving family with the R34, R35 and the toy car!

I love this picture!
(Quality note – this is a photo of a photo, taken with my iPhone and published remotely from my iPhone in NY)

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Blogger Search Contestant 4 – Stanley Ku

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Contestant #4 for The Real JDM’s blogger search is Mr Stanley Ku. I’ve been a fan of Stanley’s blog for a while now. He has excellent taste in cars and is someone who truly “gets it”. Of course I was really excited when he said that he wanted to write for us here. Stanley does not just talk about it, he lives it as well. He has one of the cleaner private built S2000s I’ve seen. Plus he has a thing for the E30 M3 (he owns one I believe) which sits well with me.

Lets see if you are as excited about having Stanley write here as I am. Comment here and/or on facebook with the word WIN to cast your vote. Our facebook link is:

— Stanley’s Post Follows —

Title – Endless Possibilities

Endless-R of Japan is offering a recent technology that allows any parts that won’t surpass 150° Celsius or 300° Fahrenheit to be wrapped in dry carbon fiber. This is more just than a cosmetic enhancement. Endless-R conducted a strength test on a 80mm piece of aluminum that is 20mm thick to see how much force it could withstand.

Force withstood Strength increase
No coats 60 kg 0%
1 layer 86 kg 43%
2 layer 180 kg 300%
3 layers 296 kg 493%

Converting that to units that we understand.

Force withstood Strength increase
No coats 132 lb 0%
1 layer 190 lb 43%
2 layer 397 lb 300%
3 layers 653 lb 493%

I’m not sure how the test was exactly conducted, but either way, the results are very impressive and speak for themselves. This is similar to the method that Nismo used to reinforce parts of the chassis in the Z-tune. In the case of the Z-tune, the dry carbon parts were created separately and bonded to the chassis by special glue and bolted/riveted on. Areas that were prone to high stress such as the transmission tunnel and strut towers were covered to provide extra strength. The additional weight of the carbon fiber is very minimal but the strength increase is exponential.

Here’s a few pictures showcasing the technology. They have covered their intake plenum and pipes with carbon fiber. These parts don’t need additional rigidity so in this case, it’s done more as a cosmetic mod to showcase the possibilities.

These following pictures are what really impress me. They are from the actual company, Carbon Dry, which offers this service to Endless-R. They have coated the OEM GT-R wheels. The weave is perfect even with all the sharp, tight corners. The details are just exquisite.

Contact Endless-R at for any questions or interests. However, it may be easier to just contact Ben because Bulletproof / GT-RR is a distributor for Carbon Dry. Besides the temperature of the parts to never surpass 150° Celsius, the only other limitation is the size of your wallet.

The link for more information is here:

Stanley Ku, July 07, 2009

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See Edit Note

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Original Post:

I saw this picture and immediately I had so many things I was going to say. But instead, I’m saying nothing.

What’s your caption for this pic?


I feel terrible after reading the comment which linked to the story behind this. I must admit, I made this post really fast after seeing the crazy picture. Too fast, actually… After realizing the backstory, this post in hindsight is looking like a very distasteful post.

Out of respect for the tragedy behind this picture, I’d like to request a shift in comments to either:

A. Captions that encourage more responsible driving on public streets (on the track go buckwild)

B. Stories of friends lost or other related consequences of street racing / poor judgment. I know a lot of people who have lost close friends in similar incidents. I think stories will help to remember those we loved and also will encourage more responsible driving on the street.

My rule is, if you’re going to drive at 10/10ths (at your limit) test your limits at the track…or at the least in a flat abandoned area with no surprises. As far as I’m concerned, speeding is up to you and I don’t feel speeding is necessarily dangerous (depending on both the car and the driver’s safe capabilities) but seriously, don’t test your cars limits or your driving limits on the street. Keep it 8/10ths or under.

Rather than delete this thread, which I may need to do if it goes downhill…I’m hoping to change it up in mid progress into something productive.

The idea of getting entertainment at the expense of others is not something I intended to or currently intend to promote.

Hope you all understand. Sorry for the immediate lack of perspective/insight when I made this post.

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HKS BNR34 GT-R Gets Do-Luck Treatment

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At Auto Salon I was surprised to see an already classic car of HKS’s get a tasteful refresh. The HKS driving performer R34 GT-R was updated with not only a set of new Advan RS-D wheels, but with a Do-Luck carbon trunk and carbon hood. Its a little scary when someone messes with perfection, but I think the trunk in particular is a huge improvement to the car. Ito-san of Do-Luck is a close friend of mine and I was so pleased to see him show the world once again why his design and quality is so great.

Later on with the blog I’ll show you the debut of our collaboration trunk that we funded development, as showcased on the ARC Evo X at TAS. For now, enjoy the Do-Luck and HKS fusion (all my original pictures, so hi-res of course):

Do-Luck meets HKS

Do-Luck meets HKSDo-Luck meets HKS

For my older post of the car circa 2004 click here:

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