Video: Threatening R33 by Matt Rus

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With all of the talk about R35 GT-Rs, I wanted to share a video of an older GT-R that I enjoyed. Besides the 650hp pumping out of this Skyline from Denmark, the reason I like this video is actually the music which caught my attention. I believe it’s from the movie  Batman. The footage itself is nothing special: just cruising GT-R R33 and some engine shots but music is the key factor that makes video worth to watch.

Skyline from Simon Helbo Nielsen on Vimeo.

…and two shots of the car. If you are wondering what has been done to the car, here is short list of modifications (built by Full Stage Japan):

Bored out to 2,700cc
HKS 87mm forged pistons
STEP 2 camshafts (264/272)
HKS Head gasket 1.6mm
Head ported and polished
Combustion chamber processed
SARD 700CC injectors/NISMO fuel pumps
AP MINES 6 POT brake callipers
TRUST T78-29D 14cm turbine


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Top Secret R33 Spotted by Stanley Ku

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(check the bottom edit from Ben for clarification on what we’re looking at here)

I checked up on one of my favorite car photographer, Chester Ng’s website and came across an album of a track day held by the Hong Kong Lamborghini Club. I saw this gold colored R33 and immediately recognized it to be the work of Top Secret.



I’m not too sure on the background of this car. I believe it is a demo car build by Top Secret that was intended for drag racing. Looking at the windshield, there is a D1GP decal though. But here, we see it doing some laps as a track car. Maybe Ben knows more about this car and has something to share? Awesome car and looks very fitting on the track. Hong Kong might be a small place, but there are a ton of car enthusiasts with all types of exotics, Euros, and modified cars there.

EDIT BY BEN – This was an amazing find, it really surprised me! I’m truly flattered by this car. This car is not a Top Secret demo car at all. It seems to be a fan of Top Secret’s car which painstakingly recreated the Top Secret S15 D1GP world champion drift car we have sitting in our garage here in Los Angeles. Check out the details, I was shocked to even see our Bulletproof Automotive windshield banner on the rear windshield of this! Its pretty much dead-on accurate with the vinyl! Since there are toys and RC cars made off of the S15, I’m guessing the owner took the decal set and upped the scale of it until it fit his car. If so, hell of a job! I have the S15 D1GP Top Secret die cast on my desk and its pretty much exactly right.

I’ve seen a lot of people try to emulate Top Secret demo cars, but this one is very convincing! Whoever the owner is, they did a great job! This made my day.

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