FB Update: Meet the Family

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R32 Hakosuka R35 GT-R Bulletproof meet


R32, Hakosuka, and our demo R35.  From last year’s Bulletproof select meet, via Night-Import.

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FB Update: TE37 SLs!

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Advan A050 Rays TE37SL R32 Skyline GT-R

Advan A050, TE37 SL, R32 Skyline.  Need I say more?

Found via our friends Farmofminds from the Advan gallery.

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FB Update: Auto Gallery Yokohama R32

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Track R32 from Auto Gallery Yokohama

Hardcore R32 track machine from Auto Gallery Yokohama.

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The Next Limited Edition Recaro Japan Seat – SR-7 Advanced Edition

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SR-7 Advanced Edition Recaro Japan

The SR-7 Advanced Edition seat comes on the heels of the recently sold out SR-6 Super Stark Limited Edition seat. The SR-6 SS’s sold out extremely fast and Recaro Japan (with ASM’s collaboration) followed up that success with a newer exclusive model. It should be noted that these seats are produced  in Japan and sold exclusively in Japan. We are offering them for international export for those interested in these as well as other Recaro Japan only seats.

The SR-7 Advanced Edition is essentially the same in concept as the SR-6 Super Stark in that it takes the basic seat (in this case the newer SR-7) and remixes it with exclusive materials and colorways. The new touches are again the black with grey alcantara accents as well as the small red limited edition lettering.

The SR-7 comes in two variants- a high side bolster and a low side bolster version (high side bolster pictured here)

More pictures and pricing can be found at the following link:


Oh…and this immaculate R32 GT-R is sporting one of these new seats as well (I had to share a picture of this perfect R32)

R32 GT-R

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Blogger Search Contestant 3 – A.J.

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On with Contestant 3 – A.J.

A.J. is a client of ours with an CZ4A Evo X and he has impeccable taste when modifying his ride. His Evo X is modified with such quality goodies as an Amuse Titanium exhaust and a Gruppe M carbon intake system. He also runs a blog called JDMEvolved which did some nice reviews of his Evo X parts purchases (with some great pictures)!

You should hopefully already know the rules from the previous two posts. Simply reply with the word WIN to cast your vote to keep A.J. around.

— A.J.’s Post Follows —

Title – Like A Fine Wine

R32 Skyline GT-R Street Snap

I snapped this shot during my last stay in Japan. The R32 seems to look better as time goes on, whereas plenty of cars start to look old and dated as time goes on. This particular ride is really clean and symbolizes what I like about the import scene in Japan. Things aren’t overdone, balance and minimalism seem to always be apart of Japanese tuning. The modern Tokyo backdrop really sets a contrast to the classic, simple lines of the R32 GT-R.

If only Nissan sold these in the states!

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Old School Meets Modern Pt 2 – R32 x R34 Nur Spec

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Mines R32 NurSpec Refresh

Continuing on yesterday’s post about a refreshed 240Z, today I wanted to make mention of a forgotten classic…

In 2004 Mines put out a refresh package for the R32 GT-R. Amounting to essentially a complete car for sale, the Mines R32 Nurspec was an instant classic when it was released. Unfortunately in just 5 years the refresh car seems to be lost in time, with nearly no google results coming up on it when I checked. Fortunately I snapped a picture of it a while back.

Why is it a classic?

Many would argue that the R32 GT-R is one of the most pure GT-Rs ever built from a driving standpoint. Having an advantage of lighter weight than the newer GT-Rs that replaced it, the R32 base in this car got enhanced with an array of top spec BNR34 GT-R Nur parts. Some of the modifications included in the refresh:

R34 Nur Spec Engine and getrag 6spd transmission

R34 Brake System

R34 Wheels

R34 Seats

In the end, this refreshed classic R32 enjoys the best of both worlds, while retaining an understated OEM type appearance. Under the basic bolt ons, Mines reworked the suspension, the electronics, the drive train and various other parts.

Mines R32 NurSpec Refresh

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A Blog Milestone and a Picture

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Two topics, one post. Here we go.

Topic 1

Blog Milestone: As I see it as there are certain stages of evolution that a blog goes through. It works like this with my blog:

A. Someone actually reads it!

B. Someone actually commented!

C. Many people read it and many comments appear regularly!

D. Other blogs and magazines like it so much they copy content from it (some authorized, some not but its all good)!

E. Haters arrive!

Yesterday/two days ago this blog reached a new level of growth, the presence of haters. I see it as a good thing because it is yet another step of evolution. So although of course I wish people respected me for the effort I put into this industry and with my various other activities like this blog, I understand that there will always be haters. I’m cool with that. It is very true in many ways that without haters you’re not trying hard enough or you haven’t reached a reasonable level of success.

To simply my theory on haters, there are two types of hater: A constructive hater and an impulsive hater. I welcome the constructive haters the most because they actually allow me the insight to learn how they think and perhaps if I’m lucky find ways to improve myself within their hate-tinged criticism.  The impulsive haters unfortunately often dont have the care, or perhaps the knowledge to justify their hate and unfortunately I have no method to improve myself or my actions when that style of hating is used. I welcome the constructive hater to the discussion, but I still put up with the impulsive hater as well.

One thing I believe in, and you’ve seen it again yesterday, is keeping open and unbiased discussions. I could have deleted or banned comments/users, but I did not. I could have switched the topic, but instead I delved deeper into it by re-clarifying my perspective for you all to judge me however you will. The fact is, I want a community where everyone has the ability to be heard. The hater in question brought up a very valid point…when negative things are spoken of other companies, its allowed on this blog, so I should allow negative things about myself to be heard as well. Of course I agree with that, fair is fair. I always welcome debate because if the debate is functioning properly then I have a chance to gain new perspective and improve, plus the community can talk more together.

I’m glad yesterday happened. I’m glad the blog reached another milestone. I’m glad that you are all here with this blog as we continue to share ideas about the passions that we love.

Topic 2

Now onto a simply badass picture I took 5 years ago.


I need to say something. I said it 5 years ago and I’ll say it again now. There is nothing more hardcore or impressive than a car that moves its radiator to the trunk. Any car that does that, to me, starts off at legendary status and then would need to work damn hard to lose it. Seriously, is there anything more hard core than the rear image of this car? I’ll talk another time about the functional benefits of this modification, and I’ll show you much cleaner implementation (top secret nardo supra is the best ever at it perhaps). For now, just enjoy the hardcore.

PS: I have a CRAZY design that I dream of doing on my s2000 with regards to this, but I will never have the money to pull it off.

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