FB Update: Red Katana GT-R

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Red Katana Switzer GT-RR GT-R Bulletproof Jon

Our “Red Katana” build with Switzer runs 8.973 @ 163.43 with the nicest interior ever in a GT-R!  Congrats Jon!  We are so proud!

8 eight second GTR Switzer GTRR Bulletproof

See more photos in the FB gallery or in our original blog post.

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Customer Car – 1000hp Dry Carbon R35 GT-R

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1000hp GT-RR Switzer R1k Dubai R35 GT-R

This is what doing it big looks like. Right now we’re nearly finishing up with a 1000hp GT-R build for another client so it seems only fitting that we feature an earlier 1000hp build GT-R. This GT-R resides in Dubai and features a unique color combination likely inspired by the rare 599 GTO in matte red featured below.


Switzer was contracted for the 4 digit power build and the car was dyno tuned to perfection before being sent off to the UAE. This is our client’s second GT-R so it retains a few of the parts from their earlier GT-R (Amuse wing and Zele carbon side skirts). New on this car is a full dry carbon fiber front bumper, hood, rear bumper and rear under spoiler from Top Racing. Couple the aerodynamics with 1000 horses and some ADV1 wheels…hardcore.

1000hp GT-RR Switzer R1k Dubai R35 GT-R1000hp GT-RR Switzer R1k Dubai R35 GT-R

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