Carbon Porn – New Pictures of Carbon Dry Japan’s Porsche 997

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Carbon Dry Japan Porsche 911 997

Earlier I posted a sneak peek of our friends at Carbon Dry Japan’s dry carbon Porsche 997 parts. However that sneak peek didnt do the parts justice. These new pictures do!

I think Carbon Dry Japan has some of the best dry carbon production out of Japan. They’re quality in person is amazing and I recently also installed a set of their mirror covers on my GT-R which I’m loving!

Carbon Dry Japan Porsche 911 997Carbon Dry Japan Porsche 911 997

Just amazing stuff…

Carbon Dry Japan Porsche 911 997

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40lbs of Gold On A Porsche 996 Turbo Cabriolet

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40 pounds of gold on a 997 porsche turbo cabriolet

This is so over the top insane that I had to comment on it. 40lbs of gold was added to this Porsche. The owner was clearly too poor to add 40lbs of platinum or diamonds so he settled for gold…maybe next time he can step his game up to more exotic materials once a fully gold plated car is played out and relegated to the poor folk in his social circle. Or perhaps, just maybe for this owner’s next car he’ll simply clearcoat a couple hundred thousand dollars of actual money into the bodywork and make a finish out of that.

What I will say though is that the detail work is really quite beautiful. I happen to really like the wing in the top picture. Still…you gotta wonder, who is stepping out of a car like this when it rolls up?

40 pounds of gold on a 997 porsche turbo cabriolet40 pounds of gold on a 997 porsche turbo cabriolet

This was posted by our blog poster Matt Rus on his own personal blog a while back. I just happened to run across it (thanks Kris):

OG Post:

Edit – Thanks to the great (and entertaining comments) we now have the following picture, video and link to it for sale on ebay!

Gold Porsche 996 Turbo

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Porsche 918 Spyder CG Rendering

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Porsche 918 Spyder CG ALMS Concept

Joshua Cloud just sent us a new rendering he was involved with. The rendering is of a ALMS version Porsche 918 Spyder concept. I think the style and rendering is pretty cool!!!

Joshua has a new business and website coming soon here:

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Rauh Welt – The Ultimate JDM Porsche Car Meet by Ben Schaffer

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RWB Rauh Welt Porsche Meet

Our friend Jon Sibal has done it again. On this one he did it way better than I could have. I’m posting this as a service to anyone who appreciates hardcore JDM Porsche tuning. If you know JDM and you know Porsche then you already know Rauh Welt. This feature on their owner’s meet opened my eyes to just the size and scope of how many cars they’ve built. I could never imagine seeing so many RWB Porsches in one place! I wish they held this meeting at Tsukuba Circuit and had someone video it! Hearing all of those cars run must be beautiful and ear bleeding painful all at the same time!

There are about 200 pictures of this meeting and although I dont know the original source, I know that Jon did a great job compiling it all to be enjoyed by us all!

Check out Jon’s blog here:

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The Ultimate Minivan by Patrick Callahan

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Dropping Porsche engines in VW vans is nothing new. Enthusiasts have been creating these sleepers for years owing to the remarkably similar powertrain layouts of both platforms. A company called TH Automotive recently took this concept to the next level. After making over 500hp worth of Porsche-power in the back of a T5 VW Transporter, they decided to go for the record books.

Porsche Minivan Transporter

They decided to go for top speed with their family hauler. The goal was 300km/h or about 186mph. They acheived that and then some with a 193mph run at the Nardo test track.

Porsche Minivan Transporter

“Cool,” I hear you say, “but how does it relate to JDM?” Take a look at the above picture of the interior of one of TH’s vans. That sort of clean execution is a universal language. Also, can you imagine what a JDM version of that concept might look like? The closest thing I can think of was the drift Element which worked surprisingly well.

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Rauh Welt Rival by Matt Rus

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One of My Favorite Car Colors

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Porsche 997 Color

I’ve kept this topic to myself for a long time. My plan has been to build a car using this color for years now. In fact, it is still my plan (someday).

I take note of various things that impress me and keep a folder on my computer called “Inspiration”. It might be something as simple as a color I like or a material. It could be the shape of a fender, or the way a custom interior is put together. The fact is that certain things inspire me and I like to remember them and integrate into my builds that very essence of where my inspiration started. For example on my S2000 some of the style came from my desire to resurrect the Top Secret gold demo car concept that I loved so much+ my love of Mana-P’s (MS-R) graphics on the Top Secret V8 G35 (version 2 of the graphics). So I told Mana-P what I liked as a starting point for our collaboration on my car and together he and I came up with a design that I felt was even better than what he did on the Top Secret G35 (if you look, it is still similar on the hood and the doors but more style was added).

I saw this Porsche at SEMA perhaps 3 or 4 years ago and immediately fell in love with it. Champion put the car together and did a phenomenal job. But really what made me fall in love with the car is the paint color choice. Pictures simply do not do it justice but I’m glad I at least have those to remember it by. It was one of those cars and color combination that just left a lingering impression on me. I find myself years later still waiting for the perfect project to break out this color with a different spin on it. The use of this color and carbon fiber accents is absolutely perfect on this Porsche.  Classy all the way. With the right car and the right lines, this color can and should be revived once again. I hope to be the next one to do it, but now that I’m putting this out there you can go ahead with it too if you like.

I realize some of you may not think the color lives up to my own personal hype of it. True, the pictures don’t do it justice. But trust me, in person this car in this color is absolute perfection.



Please excuse the first and last pictures…they’re HUGE. Those are the raw images off of my camera from SEMA years back.

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