Photoshop – FT-86 Top Secret Styled

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Today I was shown this really cool photoshop and I wanted to share it. As the hype builds for the upcoming Toyota FT-86 people are beginning to fantasize about the tuning possibilities of the potent FR sports car.

This design was created by BramDC from Wergea, Netherlands. In this rendering we can see lots of styling adapted nicely from other great tuner cars. Some of the things that I notice at first glance are components that include: Ridox 80 Supra/Amuse Superleggera Z type carbon fender/side skirt panel, Voltex Type-3 wing, Craftquare mirrors, Advan RG wheels, and a front bumper that looks like if a Vestito bumper, and Ings+1 N-Spec bumper and a Top Secret bumper all merged into one.

What do you guys on the blog and facebook think of it?

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Lexus IS Aerodynamic Study – D1 Version and Super GT Designs

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Lexus IS Super GT Aero Design

The Lexus IS still looks great in various modified conditions and takes to re-shaping very well. These are two renderings that I happen to like quite a lot. There are some great ideas in here to enjoy. I hope you like them both as much as I do. That bumper below on the D1 is perfect!

Lexus IS D1 Aero Design

Credit goes to Take Out!49

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Porsche 918 Spyder CG Rendering

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Porsche 918 Spyder CG ALMS Concept

Joshua Cloud just sent us a new rendering he was involved with. The rendering is of a ALMS version Porsche 918 Spyder concept. I think the style and rendering is pretty cool!!!

Joshua has a new business and website coming soon here:

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Ferrari F458 Italia Rendering

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Ferrari F458 Italia Rendering Aero Kit

Our blog reader/friend Joshua Cloud just sent me another beautiful rendering. I wanted to share it with you all!

His words:
“Ben, in light of the recently released 458 Italia photos, I decided to make a rendering of my version. I thought a high gloss orange, more aggressive kit, and gloss black wheels will make this Ferrari stand out from the rest of the red, white, and black painted Italian crowd.”

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CG: Joshua Cloud GT5 Exige Rendering

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Josh Cloud just sent me a great rendering he recently completed of a Gran Turismo 5 inspired Lotus Exige GT1. I thought you’d all enjoy his rendering, so here it is!

Josh Cloud CG Rendering Lotus Exige GT1

Source Material:

Josh Cloud CG Rendering Lotus Exige GT1

Thanks Josh!

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R35 Widebody Design – Photoshop

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R35 GT-R Widebody Concept Photoshop

This is pretty interesting. I like posting photoshop work here now and then. It always provides for great inspiration and since it is a lot cheaper than doing the R&D on a full kit, we all get to see more designs!

This photoshop can be found by Deviant Art member agespoom:

Also big ups to the blog Farm of Minds who put me on to this.

Lastly for those of you on RSS – Come check out our new blog redesign that launched today!

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PCAL – The S14 gets a Swedish Massage

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While most interest in Nissan’s S14 has to do with drifting, I tend to have a soft spot for versions of the car that have been tuned for grip. The C-West car above illustrates that. It seems that someone in Sweden has a similar fascination with the sports coupe. Vizualtech is a firm that specializes in 3D renderings of everything from technical drawings to vintage racing art. Their blog is definitely worth checking out. They recently released rendering of a very extreme S14. Whether this car was inspired by an existing car or designed to be inspiring, the result is stunning. Here’s to hoping the potential of the design is realized.

vizblog1 vizblog2

vizblog4 vizblog5

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