Option Nardo Italy: So…who has the fastest top speed Japanese car? R35 GT-R at 234 MPH

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[Ben] Here’s the speed: 377kmh (234mph) However there’s a bit more to the story. Nobody likes ties but what we were left with as we left Nardo was nearly a tie. Even worse, in both cases both cars Top Secret – Performance Engineering Service and Powerhouse Amuse were unable to reach their true potential due to facing the same unexpected computer error at 7500rpm in 6th gear. As a result both cars pulled to 7500rpm in 6th gear and both maxed out electronically rather than reach their potential. They had more speed in them. The Top Secret car was the winner with a speed of 377km/h whereas the Amuse car reached 373km/h. The difference of 4km/h is attributed to slightly different final drive gear ratios between the two. Ask anyone there and we all believe they both could have passed 400km/h if not for the ECU problem. Call it a tie if you want, but the winner was ultimately Top Secret by a very small margin. Smoky remains on top as having the fastest Japanese street car ever made! We all hope to find the true potential of these cars next year with Option’s next Nardo attack!
More behind the scenes updates from Nardo coming from us soon.

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Option Nardo Top Speed Challenge: Phoenix Power R35 GT-R

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[Ben] Web exclusive Nardo coverage.
Lets start with 3rd place. Clocking 356.99kmh (221.2mph) was the incredible Tokyo Auto Salon favorite Phoenixs Power R35 GT-R
This car was the first car Daijiro drove. It sounded like a jet plane from far away but as it approached us after the first high speed lap we realized there was a problem. At 221mph the sheer forces destroyed the front diffuser! This was a humbling way to start the day and it surely reminded me of the extreme risks running at those speeds. Daijro was lucky that this was not another catastrophe as he’s endured his fair share of life threatening danger as a racing driver. The Phoenix Power GT-R was the only of the three cars utilizing the stock final drive gear ratio so it was essentially able to reach full potential before the crippling aerodynamics injury knocked it out of commission for the remainder of the event. This picture was taken as soon as the car came in and you’ll see Daijiro describing the incident in the background for Option Video as Phoenix Power and Top Secret look on.


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