ZELE x Bulletproof Automotive 370Z Z34 USA Demo Car

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From Japan to USA… a new demo car is born.


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Option Magazine Nardo Ring Challenge! Top Secret, Powerhouse Amuse, & Phoenix Power R35 GT-R Shoot out!

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[Ben] I’m nearly able to finally release the results of Option’s Nardo challenge where a new FASTEST top speed record was made for Japanese sports cars.
I’m still sorting through 1200 pictures I took while there with the teams. Here’s one that’ll get a feel of the challengers just moments before they made their first high speed runs on the famed Nardo ring. Check back tomorrow for results of how fast these hyper tuned GT-Rs went. I’ll be rolling out many pictures over coming days and weeks.
We’re proud to represent the products worldwide for all 3 challengers:Powerhouse Amuse Top Secret – Performance Engineering Service and Phoenixs Power

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Option Nardo Italy: So…who has the fastest top speed Japanese car? R35 GT-R at 234 MPH

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[Ben] Here’s the speed: 377kmh (234mph) However there’s a bit more to the story. Nobody likes ties but what we were left with as we left Nardo was nearly a tie. Even worse, in both cases both cars Top Secret – Performance Engineering Service and Powerhouse Amuse were unable to reach their true potential due to facing the same unexpected computer error at 7500rpm in 6th gear. As a result both cars pulled to 7500rpm in 6th gear and both maxed out electronically rather than reach their potential. They had more speed in them. The Top Secret car was the winner with a speed of 377km/h whereas the Amuse car reached 373km/h. The difference of 4km/h is attributed to slightly different final drive gear ratios between the two. Ask anyone there and we all believe they both could have passed 400km/h if not for the ECU problem. Call it a tie if you want, but the winner was ultimately Top Secret by a very small margin. Smoky remains on top as having the fastest Japanese street car ever made! We all hope to find the true potential of these cars next year with Option’s next Nardo attack!
More behind the scenes updates from Nardo coming from us soon.

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Night Import feature of a Bulletproof Automotive Powerhouse Amuse Z34 370Z

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New Esprit 262 Dry Carbon GT Wing’s fresh from Japan for the Nissan R35 GT-R

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What’s going on here?

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Skyline GT-R

“Raptores in Car”? “Hawk Transit”?

Alright guys/gals. We are going to wrap up a good work week full of GT-Rs with this picture.

Seriously. Who knows what’s going on in this picture? Our team here at Bulletproof has been trying to figure out what these decals even mean. Anyone out there have an idea? Please fill us in by writing a comment at the bottom!

Have a great weekend guys/gals!

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FB Update: BenSopra R35 GT-R (Bulletproof Illuminati)

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BenSopra R35 GT-R

Bulletproof Illuminati at its finest.

I believe this car does not need an introduction. If you’ve never seen a picture of a BenSopra GT-R before, you need to get out more.

This car is an absolute BEAST.

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