The Find – Nismo R34 GT-R Z-Tune For Sale!

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Nismo Z-Tune R34 GT-R For Sale by GT-RR.COM

I just returned from my most recent trip to Japan. During these trips I’m often lucky enough to find some really cool stuff because of my network of friends out there in the industry. Usually its new parts and inside news, but this time it was something far different… I was shocked to find a friend of mine who asked for my assistance in selling a very VERY rare BNR34 GT-R Z-Tune by Nismo. This is an authentic Nismo produced car (only 19 were ever made). The car (as expected) is an extremely special collectors car which is unlikely to ever depreciate in value due to the historical significance and legendary status amongst GT-R enthusiasts (plus only 19 exist and no more will ever be produced). Not to mention is runs like a monster on crack for those lucky enough to take it to the streets or circuit.

I took some pictures of the car when I got a chance to see it in the flesh. It was a really special moment to get up close and personal with this rare piece of JDM GT-R history. I’ve seen these cars in the past at events but usually they were roped off and inaccessible. Checking out the custom bits that cant be bought was a special moment for me. Things like the carbon fiber reinforced chassis points and the insanely over-engineered titanium Z-Tune SPL strut tower bar were the little joys in life that remind me how much I love my job!

I’ve added the car to GT-RR.COM’s website and it can be found here:

For those fortunate enough to ask the scary question of how much it costs, please email us at

For the rest of us, more car porn (pictures of this beast) can be found at the link above and a couple of extra pics below.

Nismo Z-Tune R34 GT-R For Sale by GT-RR.COM GTRNismo Z-Tune R34 GT-R For Sale by GT-RR.COM GTR

Nismo Z-Tune R34 GT-R For Sale by GT-RR.COM GTR

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Nismo: Renting Tuning Parts!?

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Nismo R35 GT-R ECU Rental

In Japan, Nismo just announced an aftermarket ECU upgrade for the R35 GT-R. The ECU offers increased performance and an increased top speed while being fully authorized by Nissan to retain the factory waranty.

Where it gets interesting is that Nismo will not sell the ECU, they only rent it! To customers in Japan, they would pay Nismo approx $3000 USD to rent the ECU for 2 years after which point they need to return it to Nismo.

I’m sure Nissan has something to do with this madness of renting tuning parts with no option to own.

I just find the topic really interesting and absurd!

Found at our friend Kris’s blog:

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Reader’s Ride: Lowell’s Z33 350Z

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Lowell and I started talking by email. He instantly earned my respect when he sent me pictures of his car. Nothing else needed to be said, I was a fan of Lowell’s.  Although I usually feature customer cars and things that I’ve had a hand in, today I wanted to feature Lowell’s car. I had nothing to do with this car, sadly as I really wish I had been a part of this beauty. The execution and the details are excellent, making this one of the very best street Z33s I’ve ever seen. And that is saying a lot since I generally never like red cars.

I hope you enjoy Lowell’s Z33 as much as I do.

Lowell’s Z33 350Z

Lowell has plans to do a trunk spoiler in the near future, and he’s chosen a good design/brand for it as well (I don’t want to give away what it is, but it’ll look perfect with the car). I think it’ll be a great finishing touch to an already timeless car build.

Lowell’s Z33 350ZLowell’s Z33 350ZLowell’s Z33 350ZLowell’s Z33 350Z

This serves a good example of how to build a clean and classy street car. All quality parts, excellent stance with the rims/suspension, and with nice little details like custom red matching decals on the rims.

Great job Lowell!

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The Definition of Quality for 2009

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Nismo GT-R Titanium Exhaust Details

This is the future right here…Nismo surprised me by building an exhaust even more high end than Amuse (I didnt think it was possible). I still prefer the Amuse B tails over the Nismo finisher, but this picture right here is the most impressive thing I think any of us have ever seen on an exhaust…

For those wondering what you’re looking at:

those are sheets of metal welded onto the piping of this GT-R exhaust by Nismo. The purpose of the welding is to utilize air flow to improve cooling on areas of the exhaust that are most prone to high temperatures. The GT-R has exceptionally hot exhaust gases and managing exhaust heat is a challenge for companies. Amuse has STTI (a proprietary super tough titanium alloy) to combat durability challenges of the super hot exhaust temps of the GT-R, but nobody has been so meticulous as Nismo as to actually make all of these welded sheets to direct air flow.

Its no wonder this exhaust costs more than $20,000.00 Its a work of art (plus it comes with a new dry carbon diffuser).

More hi-res goodness:

Nismo GT-R Titanium Exhaust DetailsNismo GT-R Titanium Exhaust Details

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As Expected, The Z34 370Z is Growing On Me

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At first glance I must say I didnt like the new design of the Z34 much…although I knew with confidence that the day would come where I’d open up to it and learn to enjoy it. Recently I’m starting to get comfortable with the headlights, tail lights and front bumper shape. MCR has done a lot to help me see the beauty of the car with these pictures of their 370Z demo car. Stay tuned as we continue to introduce MCR to Z and GT-R enthusiasts outside of Japan.

MCR Z34 370Z

MCR Z34 370Z

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Obligatory 370Z Post – 370Z Koi Fish Contest???

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I’ve been waiting for something worthwhile to post about for the 370Z. It seems like everyone in the media is talking about it, but everyone is saying the same thing and showing the same photos. What’s the point of talking about it if everyone is saying and showing the same stuff? I’ve been bored with 370Z content and I didn’t want to contribute to it until there was something worth being said.

So I’d like to start with this…

Koi 370Z

After some review in the office and discussion, we have concluded that the Nismo 370Z looks like a Koi Fish. There, now wasnt that worth the wait! LOL…

Anyone that shares either a good picture of a Koi fish in the same angle as this car, or a photoshop between the 370Z and a Koi fish will be featured on this blog and I’ll update this post with the picture. I simply couldn’t find the perfect picture to share yet, although I know it is out there somewhere…Also on a seperate topic: Bonus points to anyone else who wants to take the mustache part of that aero kit and stylize it (Rollie Fingers…anyone!?).

370Z Mustache Rollie Fingers

Secondly, in what will probably be the first relevant news on this blog relating to the 370Z…Zele is already at work on their upcoming aero kit for the Z34. Look for a debut at Tokyo Auto Salon. You know I’ll be on top of it since Bulletproof is Zele’s direct dealer.

Zele Z34 370Z

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Nismo 370Z?

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I found this online…I hope this isnt for real. That wing and those rear spats look way out of place. The rear of this car is way too busy…I hope this isnt official.

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