FB Update: JDM Unicorn

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Z-Tune Nismo R34

We sourced a Z Tune for a customer last year. Great photo of a true legend…

This post has been rebroadcast from our Facebook fan page.  To see similar updates, visit us at http://www.facebook.com/therealjdm.

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Bulletproof x R34 Z-Tune

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Bulletproof Automotive x Nismo R34 GT-R Z-Tune

Bulletproof Automotive’s R34 GT-R Nismo Z-Tune.

Such an honor, such an incredible car. This car is a legit and super clean Z-Tune, not a kit car or replica. These pictures were from earlier. We’ve now sold the car to an appreciative new owner. There’s a Z-Tune rolling around now with Bulletproof stickers in an undisclosed location. That makes us very happy just to think of it.

PS – Sorry the blog has been a little inactive. We’ve been busy with awesome stuff like this and designing/producing original new parts. More blog posts will be coming. In the meantime, we update our facebook fan page daily if you want to stay better in touch with us.


PS – Thank you to our friend Mr. Ito.

Bulletproof Automotive x Nismo R34 GT-R Z-Tune

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Nismo 370Z With Custom 4 Muffler Amuse Titan Exhaust

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This is what titanium dreams are made of.

A lucky Nismo 370Z owner in Japan had Amuse whip up a one-off custom exhaust trading off the usual twin parallel mufflers for FOUR independent R1 type mufflers. They had to throw a little body language onto those tips to angle them into the tight spacing of this Nismo Z rear bumper.  While it might not make more power than the normal Amuse titanium exhaust, it sure looks awesome!


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Top Secret 350Z with Nismo S2 Motor For Sale

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This is the best $30,000 someone will ever spend.
$30,000 gets you a full Top Secret aero kitted 350Z with a Nismo S2 Motor and balanced NA tune. Not to mention one of the cleanest looking Z’s ever built. That motor is 10k alone.
* Note – The car is for sale in Japan only.

Sorry, these are the best pictures I have.

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The 2012 GT-R: A Tuner’s Perspective by Kristoffer Friberg

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2012 GT-R Black and Blue

Today ended up being a major day for GT-R fans worldwide as a comprehensive amount of new information went public about the refreshed 2012 GT-R.  Since everybody’s probably already seen all the nitty-gritty details, and I’m going to be discussing the car from an aftermarket perspective, I’ll just give a basic recap… Some of the predicted improvements include upgraded suspension, brakes, overall fit and finish, and of course more power.  However, perhaps the biggest highlights were the ones that came as a complete surprise, like the new, even lighter-weight Rays wheels (saving over 6lbs total unsprung weight) and the amazing, new 2WD mode that allows the GT-R to finally be driven in full RWD (can anybody say, ‘drifting’)!!

2012 R35 GT-R Nordschliefe

For the last year or so, many people were speculating that Nissan would only do minor updates to the exterior of the car; with the changes merely evolving the look, but not improving it much.  However, I personally was surprised to see that the changes the front fascia alone have drastically improved the look of the car (giving it a little more class in the process).  The rear under spoiler has been completely changed as well, with added side vents and a center diffuser that features an F1-style LED lamp.

2012 R35 GT-R Rear

From a tuning perspective, I think this new GT-R will have a big influence on current R35 owners.  From the reactions I’ve seen so far, it seems like the new exterior parts, carbon interior pieces, improved suspension and ultra light-weight wheels are all desirable upgrades.  Being in the aftermarket industry, I’m personally wondering just how many of the the newer parts will be a straight swap with 2008-11 GT-Rs. For example, while wheels are an obviously easy swap, retrofitting the new RWD only computer settings may prove to be a much more involved job.

Undoubtedly it will be interesting to see people start “upgrading/tuning” their first generation R35 GT-Rs with the some of the newer OEM parts (just like owners in the past have done with S13 and S14 Silvias, R32 and R33 GT-Rs, FD RX-7s, and Toyota Supras).  Conversely, it’ll also be interesting to see how creative owners can get with modifying the new GT-R, and how the car can be improved with already existing aftermarket parts (and which parts are compatible).

There’s always room for improvement over stock; which can even be said of Nissan’s “OEM perfect” SpecV GT-R (I’ve seen it already firsthand, as several of our customers have even gone as far as doing full motor builds on these ultra-rare toys).  With that said, I’m excited to see what kind of tuning potential this updated GT-R has when it finally goes on sale next Spring!

Credit goes to GT-R Blog for the tech info on the car.

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The Rarest Of The Rare – Nismo Z-Tune R34 Midnight Purple by Ben Schaffer

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Midnight Purple R34 Nismo Z-Tune

The is the purple unicorn of the Japanese car collector world if you will…

There were 19 Nismo Z-Tunes produced in Japan and they were all Silver. This is the one mythical one which is different from the rest. We’ve just been asked to sell a Midnight Purple (OEM GT-R Color) Nismo Z-Tune. This is the only one in the world and I’m shocked to even see this car in existance, never mind have the ability to help broker the sale of it.

(by the way, we have a Silver Z-Tune for sale as well with 5000km on it)

The car has only 3,000km on it. It is a Nismo full Z-Tune conversion.

The car is for sale FOB Tokyo, Japan.

For inquires please email sales@gt-rr.com

The car can be found here:


Midnight Purple R34 Nismo Z-Tune

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Video – FIA GT1 GT-R Up Close and Personal

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I wanted to share with you a video I took during my last trip to Japan. The video is an up close look at Nissan’s R35 GT-R FIA GT1 Race car. This was one of those cars that was far more impressive in the flesh than I ever expected. Of all of the cars that I enjoyed seeing at the Nismo Festival this year, these GT1 cars were my favorite. The quality of the car’s construction, the sound, the details in the design and the closer resemblance to a street GT-R all made these cars more special to me than seeing the Super GT cars (which are closer to resembling rocket ships than street cars these days).

Having felt that pictures do not do the car justice, I jumped behind the ropes with my press pass and shot a walk around video of the car. My hope was to try to show the car from my perspective there at the event, getting a closer look at the design and also getting a chance to hear the sound of another nearby GT1 rev its insane V8 engine. Pictures in my opinion have a hard time doing this car justice.

I just put this up on youtube a minute ago for you all to see. I hope you enjoy.

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