Bulletproof’s 11th Anniversary Meet Recap

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Some of you may remember that Bulletproof had our 11th Anniversary meet this past October 15th; some of you were even there!  We had fifteen Bulletproof Select Showcase cars on display.  The Bulletproof Select stickers were designed by our GT-R specialist, Kris.  Great job, Kris – love the Option font.

Here’s the Bulletproof Select line-up.  We were lucky to have extensive coverage of the meet by William Lee of Night-Import, as well as additional photos by James Younger and David Izrailov.


Check out all the carbon on that DreamzSport NSX.  This thing caused quite a stir when it rumbled into the lot – full carbon fiber widebody, built motor with twin turbos, Brembo racing brake system, and finished off with some one-off vinyl graphics by the world famous Mana-P of MS-R Japan.

Full Powerhouse Amuze Vestito 370Z with our 2012 demo car.  Photo by James Younger.


Jon’s Evo with full Varis kit and Jason’s Evo, flurry of 370Z and 350Zs leaving the lot, including Andrew’s 370Z with full Powerhouse Amuse kit on Volk TE37SLs.


CR-Z with Mugen MF10s and Spoon BBK, our R35 demo car.

370Z with full Amuse kit (and exhaust) and Kelvin’s Do-Luck widebody Evo.  Photo by James Younger.

2012 R35 with brand_RR front lip and Esprit dry carbon wing, and more R35s galore!

When this guy rolled in, all eyes were on him – you could tell that everyone knew and respected the lineage behind this hakosuka GT-R.

Photo by James Younger

I think that reaction perfectly demonstrates the high-level of rides and owners who were at our event.   The day was all about quality; you could tell that by the cars that showed up.  But more importantly, the quality of the attendees was top-notch.  There was no tension between different crews or drama.  Everyone was just there to have a good time.


Thanks to Night-Import for covering the meet, K1 for allowing us to take over their parking lot, Phamish for providing the tasty banh mi, and everyone who came out to enjoy all of the above!

For more photos and coverage of the event, check out our Facebook album and the post over on Night Import.

Nova Engineering NSX by Matt Rus of Farmofminds

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Nova Engineering Pro Spec Honda NSX.

Edit from Ben – This is a blast from the past but has relevance to the modern JDM tuner scene. Nova is deeply involved with Nissan on the development and testing of special models of R35 GT-Rs. They were significantly involved in the production of the SpecV. Seeing this old school NSX by them is really cool! They also made the legendary Axle S2000 tuning parts by the way. Good find Matt!




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3pc Wheels – One Topic

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I wanted to discuss an often overlooked topic about 3pc wheels. Wheel companies have interesting ways to increase the diameter of rims without increasing the actual centers of the wheels. This NSX is a perfect example because it runs staggered rim sizes of 19″ up front and 20″ on the rear. If you notice the lips, the rears have an extra inch of height built into the lips to accept smaller centers. As a result a larger wheel can be used without engineering a larger center. From a distance the visual downside is that it does not look any bigger because the size perception of wheels often rests with the spoke length. However on a car like the NSX rarely do 20″ wheels look appropriate, this is a great way to pull off 20″s while still making the car look sporty and not ridiculous.

Its one of the many tricks of 3pc wheel making which can ultimately make your wheels appear to be bigger or smaller. The opposite technique of this is using a reverse drop on wheels which gives a flat lip instead of a more traditional step lip design. The result in that case is a center face that is an inch larger looking than if you had a traditional step lip. As a result for most custom 3pc wheel companies you can order a 19″ wheel with 19″ center forgings with a reverse drop or the same 19″ wheel with 18″ center forgings with a step lip. In this case we essentially have a 20″ wheel with 18″ center forgings and a mega step lip to cover the difference.

End result, Work is able to sell a 20″ Work Meister S1 3pc wheel without needing to engineer a larger center disc.  This is a very cool picture that Matt posted on his blog because I’ve seen the 20″ Meister S1 3pc in catalogs for years but I’ve never actually noticed one used before. You can spot it quickly as I have by looking at the the lips/outer halves.


This car was recently featured on our guest blogger FarmofMinds blog. The original post is : http://minds-farm.blogspot.com/2010/07/apex-blue-pearl-nsx.html

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Customer Car – Full Carbon Dreamzsport NSX

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bulletproof automotive dreamzsport carbon widebody acura nsx

This NSX has been eagerly anticipated. In my 10 years doing this for a living, I’ve run across some very dedicated enthusiasts. I’ve seen a lot of project cars get built, but nothing quite like this. Since I started working with Kitty and Keith at Dreamzsport roughly 8 years ago they’ve been building this very same NSX. This car has taken roughly 10 years to build…and I don’t mean being built in phases in between use like most of us do.  I mean like 8 solid years of downtime during the build. The amount of patience they’ve had working with the various builders, fabricators and shops (in multiple states across the country) is really quite phenomenal. This car was (I’m fairly sure) out of state for more than a year straight for one phase of the build.

At this point, mod list wise, this NSX is the heaviest modified NSX in the world. Kitty and Keith are very passionate and extreme about their love for cars, and this NSX has been one of their main life focuses for a decade to reach this point of completion.

I remember getting them a Gruppe-M supercharger kit from Japan back in 2003 or so for this car. You’d think that such a rare and high performance power system would be good enough for just about anyone. Yet shortly after they dumped the Gruppe-M kit and went to a custom twin turbo setup.

I wont give away the mod list yet…that is for a future post. I need to give them a couple of weeks to write up all of the mods! Its insane how long the list is.

For now I simply wanted to share a 1800pix hi-res wallpaper for you all. And also to answer the long unanswered question, “what ever happened to that widebody full carbon NSX that Mana-P did those crazy graphics for”.

Here’s Mana-P’s (MSR Japan) graphics he produced for us for this build from back in the day. Yes the car finally has taken shape!

PS – Any magazines interesting in featuring this car just let me know, this is the debut of the car and I’m happy to put you in touch with the owners. Email ben@bulletproofautomotive.com

dreamzsport bulletproof automotive ms-r mana-p nsx

Bonus pic of the reflective vinyl captured by flash:

MS-R Mana-P Dreamzsport NSX Bulletproof

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NSX Spider by Stanley Ku

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Route KS created this NSX Spider concept car relatively recently, about a couple months ago. It is really hard to gather information when you can’t read Japanese. Initial impressions, I think it looks pretty good. However, there are still a lot that remains a mystery that I want to know. For example, is this a soft-top convertible? Or topless? From my assumption, I am thinking that it is the latter and that might be inconvenient at times.

There are styling cues that are taken from several different cars. Most noticeably, the stripes are from the Ferrari F430 Scuderia. I am indifferent towards them. They can be done with or without.


The exhaust surrounds are from a Lexus LS which I don’t like. I much prefer regular exhaust tips. The back is my least favorite part of the car. I feel that it is the area that received the least amount of attention. It is very dull compared to the rest of the car. The LS exhaust surrounds and the rectangular vents are very tacky. I would redesign the vents and relocate the exhaust tips higher up to make room for a full diffuser, something similar to the Amuse GT1.


The seats are from the R33 GT-R, which is another thing that I don’t understand. Why these seats in particular as opposed to Brides or Recaros? Also, I don’t see any harnesses or seatbelts. Strange.


The car sits on Work Emotion XC8’s with 17″ in the front and 18″ in the back.


Here is Max Orido’s seal of approval with a thumbs up.


Route KS has definitely built an interesting concept car. It looks good and with some further refinement in the details, it has a lot of potential to be a great looking kit for the NSX.


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Who Is Tracy Sports? – Pt. 2

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Tracy Sports should be known more than they are, but they purposely kept themselves out of the spotlight for many years. Do you like C-West, J’s Racing, or 5 Zigen’s race cars that compete in Super Taikyu, Time Attack and Endurance Racing? If so then you like Tracy Sports instantly because Tracy Sports is the shop that fabricated almost all of those company’s race cars from the groud up. Yes…that C-West dry carbon S2000 time attack car is actually a Tracy Sports time attack S2000 that utilizes C-West Aero and carries C-West’s name.

Tracy Sports Twin S2000 Time Attack Cars

Tracy Sports themselves are most famous for the NSX which they campaigned in the Super Taikyu race series for many years. They even manage international teams, for example when J’s Racing competes in Korea it is Tracy Sports who is helping to run the team.

Tracy Sports NSX in Korea

Tracy Sports is about as hard core of a race car builder as they get, competing in many forms of racing globally and doing everything from team management to R&D, Aero parts design and engine building. But it has only been in recent years that they’ve started making their own name as famous as those companies which they’ve been behind all of these years.

Tracy Sports Fabrication

Tomorrow we’ll focus on NSX’s and look at some great photos!

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Who Is Tracy Sports? – Pt. 1

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I wanted to blog about a company that is always behind the scenes but often not recognized. Do you know the name Tracy Sports? If not, you soon will…

I met Yamamoto-san from Tracy Sports nearly three years ago. At the time I was so impressed, I instantly decided that I wanted to become their North American distributor despite them being entirely unknown outside of Japan. This happens from time to time, I get lucky and find a great company that nobody has ever heard of and then I make it my goal to let the world know. Over the past three years, I’ve ended up distributing Tracy Sports products to clients all over the world and people are now starting to see first hand what I’ve seen.

You might recognize some of their products on my S2000, and if you read this blog you’ve seen their parts on various clients cars as well (http://www.bespokeventures.com/blog/?p=308) I’m going to focus now on what you haven’t seen. Lets start with one picture of one of my favorite cars of theirs and then tomorrow I’ll dig deeper into it. I hope you love this car as much as I do, it’s one of my all time favorite NSX’s.

Tracy Sports NSX

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