Bulletproof’s 11th Anniversary Meet Recap

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Some of you may remember that Bulletproof had our 11th Anniversary meet this past October 15th; some of you were even there!  We had fifteen Bulletproof Select Showcase cars on display.  The Bulletproof Select stickers were designed by our GT-R specialist, Kris.  Great job, Kris – love the Option font.

Here’s the Bulletproof Select line-up.  We were lucky to have extensive coverage of the meet by William Lee of Night-Import, as well as additional photos by James Younger and David Izrailov.


Check out all the carbon on that DreamzSport NSX.  This thing caused quite a stir when it rumbled into the lot – full carbon fiber widebody, built motor with twin turbos, Brembo racing brake system, and finished off with some one-off vinyl graphics by the world famous Mana-P of MS-R Japan.

Full Powerhouse Amuze Vestito 370Z with our 2012 demo car.  Photo by James Younger.


Jon’s Evo with full Varis kit and Jason’s Evo, flurry of 370Z and 350Zs leaving the lot, including Andrew’s 370Z with full Powerhouse Amuse kit on Volk TE37SLs.


CR-Z with Mugen MF10s and Spoon BBK, our R35 demo car.

370Z with full Amuse kit (and exhaust) and Kelvin’s Do-Luck widebody Evo.  Photo by James Younger.

2012 R35 with brand_RR front lip and Esprit dry carbon wing, and more R35s galore!

When this guy rolled in, all eyes were on him – you could tell that everyone knew and respected the lineage behind this hakosuka GT-R.

Photo by James Younger

I think that reaction perfectly demonstrates the high-level of rides and owners who were at our event.   The day was all about quality; you could tell that by the cars that showed up.  But more importantly, the quality of the attendees was top-notch.  There was no tension between different crews or drama.  Everyone was just there to have a good time.


Thanks to Night-Import for covering the meet, K1 for allowing us to take over their parking lot, Phamish for providing the tasty banh mi, and everyone who came out to enjoy all of the above!

For more photos and coverage of the event, check out our Facebook album and the post over on Night Import.

GT-RR.COM Signature Build – Toyo Tires SEMA 2008

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Now that this GT-R is completed, I thought I’d start to share a little more of the background.

gt-rr.com signature build for Toyo Tires

The GT-R as shown above was still relatively stock in that photo. When it debuts at SEMA it will look entirely different. As such, I dont mind sharing a couple of pictures here because it’ll never be seen looking like this again.

Goal: Although I have two different GT-Rs I’ve been preparing for SEMA, each one has a very different concept and design goal. The goal of this car for Toyo tires is to make the world debut of the 20″ R888 tire for Toyo at their SEMA booth. As a campaign car for a tire as extreme as the R888, this car needed to be aggressive and track ready. This was to be achieved by using track tested parts such as the Amuse front diffuser, Amuse high mount carbon wing, Mines Racing canards, Endless Mono-6 brakes, Amuse suspension, mixed with weight reduction parts like a dry carbon hood, trunk, titanium exhaust, titanium catalytic converters and mid pipes. Most importantly, all of the parts needed to fit together in both design and in function. I then worked closely with Manabu “Mana-P” Suzuki of Option and MS-R fame, to design some one off graphics which represent my desired style for the car. I even had Mana-P redesign the GT-RR logo for the car and future use.

Overall, the car is meant to produce the most power to the wheels of any street legal GT-R yet. Between the power, the braking, suspension, aerodynamics, weight reduction and unique design, I hope to have created one of the world’s leading tuned GT-Rs.

Of course the car represents the very best tuning parts available world wide, which is the essential function of GT-RR.COM. Consulting and helping our clients choose the right parts is something all of my businesses pride ourselves on being the best at. This car represents our ideals when a client gives us the freedom to create what we feel is the best car possible in the shortest amount of time (the car was prepared in less than 3 weeks).

With this particular GT-R coming from our client in New Jersey for us to build, it ends up being a great example of the custom services that we offer our clients. Much like the cars I’ve built in the past, I put my heart and soul into the planning, design and execution of this car. Although I’m perhaps best known as a JDM parts distributor or possibly a writer (to those of you here on my blog), my love is designing car concepts like this one and seeing it go from design concept to flawless execution. If I could do this all day, I might finally be able to satisfy my addiction to this car tuning bug.

Modification list:

Exterior: OEM Nissan White
Amuse Front Diffuser, Carbon/FRP one-off by GT-RR.COM
Zele Carbon Side Skirts
Zele Carbon Rear Under Spoiler
Zele Carbon Fender Duct Set
Amuse Dry Carbon Hi-Mount Wing
Mines Carbon Hood Ducts
Mines Dry Carbon Racing Canards
Mines Carbon Grill
Mines Carbon Radiator Shroud
Mines Carbon Antenna Cover
Password Dry Carbon Hood
Password Dry Carbon Trunk
One-Off GT-RR.COM Carbon Roof
MS-R Graphics

Cobb Tuning AccessPORT
Amuse R1000 Turbine Outlet Pipes
Amuse full Titanium exhaust system with hi-flow catalysts
Top Secret Carbon Intake System
Animal House Ceramic Wheel Bearings

Suspension, Brakes, Wheels:
Amuse Suspension
Endless Mono 6 Full Brake Upgrade Front and Rear
BBS Japan – Limited LM-DBK-P Wheels: 20″
Tires: Toyo R888

MCR Carbon Paddle Shift Conversion System
Top Secret Steering Wheel and One-Touch Boss
Bride Gias Carbon/Kevlar Seats
Takata Harnesses

gt-rr.com signature build for Toyo Tires

gt-rr.com signature build for Toyo Tires

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I’m pleased to report on some of the major progress that has been made with GT-RR.COM:

1. It can now be said that GT-RR.COM is currently without a doubt the world’s largest stocking distributor of R35 GT-R tuning parts. GT-RR has more GT-R tuning parts on order for stock than any parts distributor in Japan or anywhere in the world for that matter. GT-RR has made a massive investment into ensuring the best stock and the fastest shipping in the world for GT-R parts.

Although being highly selective on the products offered for sale (by weeding out lesser quality parts and offering only the top tier products) GT-RR still has managed to already order more than $200,000 USD in stocking orders (just for R35 GT-R parts)! That number increases daily to ensure unprecedented speed, service and selection. GT-RR is fully committed to carrying the largest and best stock selection of GT-R tuning parts.

Stocking orders are either already in stock in the USA or en-route for the following brands:
Amuse, MCR, Zele, HKS Japan, HKS Kansai, Mines, OEM Nissan, Auto Select, Garage Defend, Cobb Tuning, MF-R, Top Secret and BBS Japan

2. Strong Relationships in Japan for fast and affordable ordering:

Our price match guarantee works flawlessly as does our unprecedented speed because of our direct relationships to the tuning companies. We can ship anywhere in the world, directly from Japan!

Just one look shows some of the worldwide product connections we have for the GT-R:

Amuse USA Official Distributor

Zele USA Official Distributor

MCR USA Official Distributor

Auto Select USA Official Distributor

Garage Defend USA Official Distributor

Cobb Tuning USA Authorized Distributor

Mines USA Authorized Distributor

Top Secret Worldwide Official Distributor

3. The Near Future:

We have some big demonstration GT-R projects preparing for a SEMA Debut. All in all we will have 8-10 client GT-Rs on display at SEMA showcasing the top end products readily available on GT-RR.COM.

In addition to that we will have two signature GT-RR.COM custom GT-Rs that will debut at SEMA. One signature car will be featured on a 900 sq/ft billboard placed near or on the Vegas Strip and will be promoted with a company which we will announce soon.  The second car will be Toyo Tire’s main featured car in their booth.

Both GT-Rs will be seen in the future within Toyo Tires advertisements and the other partner’s advertisements in major automotive magazines, as well as with magazine cover features. Each GT-R represents a different image of what GT-RR can offer to our clients. To emphasize that point, both cars are actual client cars from opposite ends of the United States which we have acted as car builder and consultant. One car comes from a client in New Jersey and the other comes from a client in Hawaii. In both cases, design is done by both myself and legendary Japanese taste maker, celebrity and graphic designer Manabu Suzuki (Mana-P) of MS-R, Option, and D1GP fame. Both cars will feature exclusive MS-R full graphics, showing a new look from the master designer who has given HKS, Blitz, Top Secret, and countless other legendary tuners their vehicle image in Japan. (Disclaimer: GT-RR/Bulletproof also acts as MS-R’s USA Agent)

GT-RR special decals designed and produced in Japan by Mana-P will also be created and in the future will be offered exclusively to GT-RR clients. Mana-P is currently remixing the GT-RR logo for these limited decals.

Stay tuned to The Real JDM blog and our media partners: NAGTROC, Cardomain.com, autoblog.com, GTRblog.com and GTR-World.Net (Japan) for details as the projects come to life.

4. Final Word:

To all GT-R enthusiasts, tuning shops, distributors, media and anyone else who would like to work with us, we welcome your alliance. United together we will offer a trusted, fast and affordable way for the world to buy tuning parts for their GT-R! We can be reached at sales@gt-rr.com

World wide, GT-R tuning tuning parts will be distributed at a level of professionalism and efficiency never before achieved. In a time of economic uncertianty, we’re very happy to offer GT-R owners a safe and trusted source as evident with our 8 year history in the industry and reputation to match.

(Photos coming of products, SEMA cars, etc…below is just one pic of our recent Amuse shipment)

Amuse and Other GT-R Parts Shipment

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HKS Z500 SC Fairlady Z

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 Z500SC 350Z by HKS

Lets talk about a car not often discussed in the media (a specialty of this blog). The HKS Z500SC 350Z is without a doubt a beast of a car. I’ve known about it for a while since I’m MS-R’s international agent and MS-R designed the car’s graphics. When Koen (a reader of this blog) sent me an email asking me to feature the Z500SC here, I thought it was a great idea! So thanks Koen!

Lets talk about this car…or what little I know about it.

First off the name Z500SC is easy enough to interpret. This 350Z utilizes HKS’s GT supercharger kit to output 500ps to the wheels as evidenced in this dyno graph:

Read the rest of this entry »

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One of My Favorite R34 GT-Rs

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HKS Driving Performer R34 GT-R

I like a lot of R34’s for different reasons. I love the M Speed time attack car because its just nasty hardcore, I love the Garage Kagotani R34 because of it’s innovative widebody, great tuning and solid results, I love the Top Secret R34 Time Attack because its so raw and legendary, I love the Mines R34 because it slaughters most of the competition while keeping street legality and comfort…I could go on and on.

This HKS R34 Driving Performer seen here is the perfect street car / daily driven R34 in my mind. I love absolutely everything about this car. Visually the dark silver accents are superb as is the rim choice. The color combo and accents are absolutely perfect as are the MS-R graphics. Mana-P knows perfectly how to make a car immensely more attractive with the simple addition of vinyl. On this car he gives Nismo a run for the money with some one-off HKS pinstriping that give the essence of Nismo’s classic pinstripe package but with an HKS twist. Perfect for what a light tuned street car should look like. For those that think MS-R graphics are just one style, think again…this is the classy simple MS-R style.

HKS built a great GT-R, showing their future customers with both their product catalog and their tuning style how someone can build the ultimate street driven R34. I couldn’t agree more.

HKS Driving Performer R34 GT-R

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Custom Top Secret Time Attack Wheel Finish 2005

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On my recent “bling attack” post we’ve been getting a lot of controversy (and a record # of comments) as I had hoped for and expected. So far I’d say we’re at 75% love it and 25% hate it ratio. I’m enjoying the feedback on both the love and hate side and I’m having a lot of fun getting people passionate about a new design, whatever their feelings are.

For the record however I need to set something straight. My interests are not primarily about show cars or about bling. Anyone who knows me or the blog can attest to that. To those that are new to me, all of these posts about 24K gold RE30 wheels and bling attack R57GT wheels might give you the impression that we’re like Garson in Japan and about to build a crystal studded R35. Not true. Not even close. Our roots are in racing and sports cars, not in show cars.

The reason I think the bling attack wheels are so damn cool is because its the furthest I’ve pushed the limits yet of wheel customization. Its essentially my showcase piece of what we can do. It is definately not the right wheel for most enthusiasts because of costs, practicality (people will want to steal these rims wherever you go), the gold’s fragility for racing, etc. However it is absolutely the perfect wheel for the client it is intended for and it is also the perfect showpiece for our capabilities. My client and I feel the same way about this…we could do the same thing that’s been done before and do a damn good job at it with his R35, or we could smack people over the head with something entirely new and out of the box different.

To me controvery is a great thing because it means that I’m contributing something entirely new to this industry (my goal). Much like my client who wants a car that is set apart from any other and that oozes quality in every piece and every detail. For that mentality and that specific purpose I think it is indisputable that these are the best wheels that could be built. For another car, more often than not it would be a very wrong wheel. And again there lies the definition of “bespoke”, something that is custom built for a specific client’s need. For the haters, I could talk to you for 30 minutes about your car and your goals and create another unique wheel finish that you’d love and something that is entirely different than these wheels. Thats my specialty and I’m not shy about it…the trick is knowing that there is no formula, no standard solution and that every project has different needs that need good planning and quality creative design.

I wanted to bring back a piece of my history, another custom wheel finish that I built back in 2005. It is the Top Secret remix time attack wheel. In these photos you can see the normal time attack vs our Top Secret time attack wheel. The wheel I used for the TS version came in bronze from Volk, was stripped down and refinished with matte black and authentic Top Secret gold paint on the lip. They were made for a S2000 client (hence the not so impressive offset for the S2000).

The fact is that people are sick of the same wheels that everyone else has. Once my clients realize that accepting the norm is not necessary, some pretty interesting options await those with the creativity and bank roll to step into uncharted water…

Volk x Top Secret Time Attack CE28N

Volk x Top Secret Time Attack CE28N

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Bling Attack Pt. 2 AKA BPG Finish

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Please keep comments coming on the post below (the original debut of these wheels). I’ve been enjoying the comments, both good and bad. Keep it up.

More pics coming up…

It started with this post, as I picked up some standard color wheels and snapped a pic while hinting on the blog that something was “in the works”:


That prior photo was taken as I unpacked them to get them 24K gold plated.

Next up is a shot of the rims after the gold was added but before before painting. I know many of you love the rims in gold without painting…but there is something especially crazy and impressive about painting on top of gold and color matching an accent stripe to the car.

Bling Attack In Progress

Now, the finished product (keep in mind that white pinstripe is going to POP a lot more and look a lot cleaner once the tire is mounted):

Bling Attack Rays and Volk Wheels

ling Attack Rays and Volk Wheels

Thanks to Andrew at the office for the custom Bling Attack tag on the box. 🙂

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