Hiace Racer by Matt Rus of FarmOfMinds

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The Toyota Hiace is immensely popular to modify in Japan due to its spacious interior. Many Japanese modify these like you’d outfit your living room or bedroom featuring full out bars, couches and/or beds inside. While the car is wildly popular to customize for cruising and hanging out it is a very rare sight to see one on the race track. So when Mat Rus of FarmOfMinds found this raced out Hiace we thought it would be a really fun post to share.

This Toyota Hiace sports a motor swapped Nissan 2.8l  OHC L28 inline 6. We can only guess that there are many serious other mods done to this Hiace. I’m sure those gauges aren’t there for nothing and also you’ll notice a full roll cage, window safety net, oil cooler, ITB’s, etc…

These shots are not the best but the Toyota Hiace is cool enough to post here!


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What PETA Wouldn’t Drive

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Vellfire Minivan Leather Painted Wald

I missed this car at SEMA this year. I cant say I missed too much…but its worth a mention just because its the first time I’ve ever seen a car (Minivan) “painted” in leather.

The car is a Toyota Vellfire from Japan. The kit used on the car is actually pretty decent and is produced by Wald. The leather treatment on the full exterior of the car is just plain nuts…presumably just as a car tuned in this style should be. The result is just barely creative enough to be saved from being tagged as a “hater fodder” car here, but still ridiculous nonetheless. If the trend of leather wrapping cars ever catches on in Dubai, that will probably be the last time I visit there. Anyway Dubai is too good for just plain old leather anyway, I think they’d probably need a Crocodile skin wrapped car or maybe Ostrich. Cow hides wont be baller enough unless, at the very least, they are from Kobe raised cows and then sprinkled with diamond dust like the limited edition Koenigsegg.

More ridiculousness below:

Wald Toyota Vellfire Minivan Leather PaintedvWald Toyota Vellfire Minivan Leather Painted

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Rim Fitment

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Minivan with S1 3pc Work Rims

I took this picture back in 2003. Years later, I still love how they managed to cram those S1 3pc rims onto this Minivan. The mega stretched tire look isnt for everyone…but it cant be denied that a step lip rim with a stretched tire looks hard as hell! Even on a minivan.

A word to those not familiar with this technique:Stretching the tire over a much wider rim allows not only reduced worry about rubbing against the fender but also, it exposes more of the rim which makes the rims look much larger than if they were more covered with tire sidewall. Its a very dramatic effect which works great for show cars, street cars and even drift cars. On my own personal cars I compromise a little on this subject. I don’t like having too much tire on a street car since its less fun to drive (a whole different conversation to save for later), but I also don’t want to overexpose my rims to damage for street use. So on my S2000 for example, I run 265/3518 tires on 10.5 width rims. That gives it a little stretch, but not too much. An example of too much stretch would be like this car shown, which I’m guessing is running a 225-235 with tire on a 10-10.5 width rim.

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