New Mines R35 GT-R Dry Carbon Parts Debut!

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New GT-R Parts Debut on GT-RR Today!

My personal take: I think everyone will love the parts and hate the price. Just know that we have nothing to do with the price of these! Mines Japan sets the pricing for the US market. Anyway, here’s the new eye candy!

Mines R35 GT-R

Check out the rear diffuser, dry carbon and super beautiful/functional! (sorry for the ugly watermarks)

Mines R35 GT-R Trunk

Check out the intergrated wing base design!

Mines R35 GT-R Hood

The ducts were integrated into the design. Smooth…

Mines R35 GT-R Front Diffuser

With integrated brake ducts like the Spec-V

Mines R35 GT-R Side Diffusers

Smoothly intergrated side diffusers.

Full Mines GT-R Catalog Link:

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Old School Meets Modern Pt 2 – R32 x R34 Nur Spec

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Mines R32 NurSpec Refresh

Continuing on yesterday’s post about a refreshed 240Z, today I wanted to make mention of a forgotten classic…

In 2004 Mines put out a refresh package for the R32 GT-R. Amounting to essentially a complete car for sale, the Mines R32 Nurspec was an instant classic when it was released. Unfortunately in just 5 years the refresh car seems to be lost in time, with nearly no google results coming up on it when I checked. Fortunately I snapped a picture of it a while back.

Why is it a classic?

Many would argue that the R32 GT-R is one of the most pure GT-Rs ever built from a driving standpoint. Having an advantage of lighter weight than the newer GT-Rs that replaced it, the R32 base in this car got enhanced with an array of top spec BNR34 GT-R Nur parts. Some of the modifications included in the refresh:

R34 Nur Spec Engine and getrag 6spd transmission

R34 Brake System

R34 Wheels

R34 Seats

In the end, this refreshed classic R32 enjoys the best of both worlds, while retaining an understated OEM type appearance. Under the basic bolt ons, Mines reworked the suspension, the electronics, the drive train and various other parts.

Mines R32 NurSpec Refresh

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SEMA Starts Today – Here They Are

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mobil 1

mobil 1mobil 1

Sorry, I didnt have the wheels on for these photos. I think you’ll find more on the internet in 24 hours or less with the BBS LM’s on it. Honestly, those pictures of the Midnight Purple are terrible…wait until I get some proper pictures up after I return from SEMA with proper lighting where you can really see the paint. The paint is insane.



Thanks goes to Signal Auto who came through in the clutch with the installations for both cars. If anyone out there wants to use Signal Auto for their installs, let me know and I’ll get you a special rate through Bulletproof as our client.

Leaving for SEMA - Readying for Transport

FYI – I wrote this on October 31st. There will be much better pics of the cars in their finished states soon on my end. As soon as I get back from SEMA I’ll be doing photo shoots daily with both cars for about a week. It’ll yield some really great shots, some of which I can share on the blog.

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GT-RR Toyo SEMA Car – Getting Here…

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Here’s a really half-ass timeline (most parts missing, but overall you’ll get a slight bit more of a feeling for some of the project’s progression)

We received the car on October 7th


The same day, I started detailing some ideas I had about painting, remixing the image of FRP parts into carbon, etc.



next thing you know the above part changes from full carbon to painted with little carbon accents, and the bottom picture shows the FRP front diffuser turned into carbon and ready for painting with accents as well.


that side section of the wing was never carbon.


the roof became carbon, and we planned our detailing and pinstriping with the paint.


here’s how a part ends up


getting assembled, no canards yet. Still simple, clean, a little innocent still…


here’s mana-p’s design that he and I collaborated on after 15+ revisions to reach this final version.


laying down the hood graphics (thanks Jesse)


umm…I think I just showed this picture too early. oops! Anyway, it wasnt finished yet…still missing wheels.


Sorry, I didnt get a chance to document much of the installation of the tuning parts.  Quite honestly it was damn hard to get out of the office to document as much as I did.

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Champagne Wishes and Track Dreams

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Are made of this…

BBS 20″ LM-DBK, Toyo Proxes R888 285/35/20, Endless Mono 6 BBK, Amuse Front Diffuser, Mines Dry Carbon Racing Canards.

(hi-res of course)


And a close-up below:


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GT-RR.COM Signature Build – Toyo Tires SEMA 2008

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Now that this GT-R is completed, I thought I’d start to share a little more of the background. signature build for Toyo Tires

The GT-R as shown above was still relatively stock in that photo. When it debuts at SEMA it will look entirely different. As such, I dont mind sharing a couple of pictures here because it’ll never be seen looking like this again.

Goal: Although I have two different GT-Rs I’ve been preparing for SEMA, each one has a very different concept and design goal. The goal of this car for Toyo tires is to make the world debut of the 20″ R888 tire for Toyo at their SEMA booth. As a campaign car for a tire as extreme as the R888, this car needed to be aggressive and track ready. This was to be achieved by using track tested parts such as the Amuse front diffuser, Amuse high mount carbon wing, Mines Racing canards, Endless Mono-6 brakes, Amuse suspension, mixed with weight reduction parts like a dry carbon hood, trunk, titanium exhaust, titanium catalytic converters and mid pipes. Most importantly, all of the parts needed to fit together in both design and in function. I then worked closely with Manabu “Mana-P” Suzuki of Option and MS-R fame, to design some one off graphics which represent my desired style for the car. I even had Mana-P redesign the GT-RR logo for the car and future use.

Overall, the car is meant to produce the most power to the wheels of any street legal GT-R yet. Between the power, the braking, suspension, aerodynamics, weight reduction and unique design, I hope to have created one of the world’s leading tuned GT-Rs.

Of course the car represents the very best tuning parts available world wide, which is the essential function of GT-RR.COM. Consulting and helping our clients choose the right parts is something all of my businesses pride ourselves on being the best at. This car represents our ideals when a client gives us the freedom to create what we feel is the best car possible in the shortest amount of time (the car was prepared in less than 3 weeks).

With this particular GT-R coming from our client in New Jersey for us to build, it ends up being a great example of the custom services that we offer our clients. Much like the cars I’ve built in the past, I put my heart and soul into the planning, design and execution of this car. Although I’m perhaps best known as a JDM parts distributor or possibly a writer (to those of you here on my blog), my love is designing car concepts like this one and seeing it go from design concept to flawless execution. If I could do this all day, I might finally be able to satisfy my addiction to this car tuning bug.

Modification list:

Exterior: OEM Nissan White
Amuse Front Diffuser, Carbon/FRP one-off by GT-RR.COM
Zele Carbon Side Skirts
Zele Carbon Rear Under Spoiler
Zele Carbon Fender Duct Set
Amuse Dry Carbon Hi-Mount Wing
Mines Carbon Hood Ducts
Mines Dry Carbon Racing Canards
Mines Carbon Grill
Mines Carbon Radiator Shroud
Mines Carbon Antenna Cover
Password Dry Carbon Hood
Password Dry Carbon Trunk
One-Off GT-RR.COM Carbon Roof
MS-R Graphics

Cobb Tuning AccessPORT
Amuse R1000 Turbine Outlet Pipes
Amuse full Titanium exhaust system with hi-flow catalysts
Top Secret Carbon Intake System
Animal House Ceramic Wheel Bearings

Suspension, Brakes, Wheels:
Amuse Suspension
Endless Mono 6 Full Brake Upgrade Front and Rear
BBS Japan – Limited LM-DBK-P Wheels: 20″
Tires: Toyo R888

MCR Carbon Paddle Shift Conversion System
Top Secret Steering Wheel and One-Touch Boss
Bride Gias Carbon/Kevlar Seats
Takata Harnesses signature build for Toyo Tires signature build for Toyo Tires

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GT-RR.COM SEMA R35 GT-R Design Elements Pt. 2

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Yesterday I started previewing one of our main SEMA GT-R projects. Today we’ll continue with a few of the design elements.

GT-RR.COM SEMA R35 GT-R Design Elements Pt. 2

This image showcases two different design points. One is symmetry (perhaps parallel might be the better word), which I also worked hard to achieve on my S2000 last year for SEMA. The S2000 utilized twin canard shaped designs front and rear which were parallel.  On the rear of the S2000 last year I matched up Top Secret Kevlar vortex generators with Tracy Sports rear canards at the rear whereas the front matched up Amuse canards with the Amuse front diffuser. This year, I matched up Mines racing dry carbon canards with an Amuse front diffuser. I played into this parallel image with the paint design which accentuates the common design elements. Also notable is the intention of remixing the Amuse front diffuser.

The Amuse front diffuser is a fiberglass product, but we converted it to essentially CFRP (carbon top layer, FRP base) for the sake of design and paint scheme. The goal was to integrate this more aggressive front diffuser into carbon fiber side skirts and a carbon rear under spoiler. Again, following yesterday’s theme of blurring the lines between FRP and carbon parts, this was the concept here as well…The FRP Amuse front diffuser after being treated to a carbon fiber conversion then was painted. The paint concept was to integrate it better into the car while also drawing out the aggressive lines of the product with carbon fiber accents.

GT-RR.COM SEMA R35 GT-R Design Elements Pt. 2

This above photo shows the continuation of paint and carbon intermixing and shows more of the design/concept with the car. The carbon side skirts and rear under both got a new image by painting over quite a lot of the carbon. I used the carbon again as accents to showcase the design of the parts, using the natural shapes of the products to determine the paint design. On the full rear profile it also accentuates the low body lines. I dont want to show a full rear profile yet of the car, but there’s more to be seen than this.

GT-RR.COM SEMA R35 GT-R Design Elements Pt. 2

Most people would not care about details like this in the above photo. It features the Mines NACA hood ducts which come in full carbon fiber. I wanted to accent the depth of the ducts as well as the shape, so we painted the outside edge of the duct and left the recessed section in carbon fiber. Minor stuff, but I like the details of car design…these details however insignificant are what get me excited.

The car is getting parts installed now and becoming a real functioning street tuned car. Building this and the other GT-R over a period of about 3 weeks has been stressful, but miraculously we’re keeping our schedule dead on.

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