FB Update: DAMD LF-A Style Kit for FT86

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DAMD Lexus LF-A kit for FT86 Scion FR-S

Wow.  DAMD Japan is planning to make a Lexus LF-A inspired aero kit for the FT86 (Scion FR-S).  An ultra lightweight, affordable, mini LF-A seems like an interesting concept!  What do you guys think?!  We’ll be selling these for sure as soon as they come out!

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L-interFAce by Stanley Ku

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Everyone has seen pictures of the Lexus LF-A, but how many people have seen the gauges of the car? If not, then you are in for a real treat.

Impressed? I certainly am. There are so many things about the LF-A that is so fascinating from a design standpoint. This is just one of them but it is, so far, my favorite part of this car.

Drivers spend most of their time watching two things, the road and the gauge cluster (or at least I hope so). The cluster allows the driver to receive all the crucial information about the behavior of the car. Undoubtedly, it is an important aspect of the car. It would make sense to design a gauge cluster that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. With that in regards, I stronger believe that Lexus has done an exceptional job. This digital display is simply a work of art. It is unlike any other that I have seen. This is light years ahead of the analog gauge clusters that I am accustomed to seeing in my E30 M3.


Lately, I feel like automakers, especially from Japan, are making a come back with fresh and creative automotive designs. The industry is entering a new echelon of engineering in order to revitalize the market. Who says gauge clusters have to be boring? I hope that one day, that mentality would carry into the design of every aspect of a car. I am excited for the future and the things to come. I hope elements such as this will soon make their way into other production cars, even if it only begins with the gauge cluster.

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These Pictures Might Make R35 GT-R Owners Scared

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Some evil evil evil competition is coming for the R35…

Lexus LF-A, Race Car

Lexus LF-A, Race Car Lexus LF-A, Race CarLexus LF-A, Race CarLexus LF-A, Race Car

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What a Top Secret Lexus LF-A Might Look Like

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Here’s another great rendering that I’m excited to share with you all. What particularly impresses me about this work of Charlie’s is his design concept for the extremely complicated yet well integrated and clean looking carbon rear wing+radiator outlet duct finishers. Much like the LF-A’s original concept again, I’ve never seen any rear profile and design look quite like what Charlie has put together. I simply am loving Charlie’s design concepts. The image below is fairly hi-res so don’t be afraid to click on it! Let me know what you think!

Top Secret LF-A Concept Rendering

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