Wagon Showcase by John Babbitt

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Before crossovers, before SUV’s, there were wagons. The concept is simple. Take a sedan, add more rear cargo room and call it a day. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an especially great variety of shooting brakes available to us here in the states. But with makers like Cadillac and Acura introducing some really cool wagons as of late, there might still be hope.

But wagon tuning isn’t just limited to newer models. There already exists an untapped market full of potential. Anything from Volvos to Subarus, Chevys to Benzs, there is a wagon to suit anyone’s taste. All it takes, as with any build, is some imagination. Like this Caprice meets Celsior collabo.

As a plus, wagon tuning parts are readily available, due to their popularity overseas. So it’s time to drop the stereo types and consider wagons as serious tuning platforms. Here are a few more real swagger wagons. Enjoy!- Jbab

v70r1 accord wagn

r35 stagea tommykaira legacy and a4

wagon-varis-rear ae86 wagon

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TommyKaira Legacy by Matt Rus of FarmOfMinds

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TommyKaira Japan has been working on the body kit based on the sketch bellow. We can see that they are remaining true to the concept which is a great sign. If the final product looks like the original sketch then it will be an awesome Subaru Legacy body kit with a traditional TommyKaira wing that shares a similar design inspiration to STi’s wing!


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