RX-8 Reventon In Singapore by Ben Schaffer

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RX-8 Mazda Reventon Lamborghini

After yesterday’s amazing success of blog reader Janne’s Electric Race About, I thought we should balance it out with a bit of mysterious failure.

It seems that this Mazda RX-8 owner really wanted to build a rotary powered Reventon. But rather than just having some crazy idea, he/she actually went out and built this wacky mash-up of a car!  Its safe to say that we’ve never seen a Japanese car styled quite like this before. And perhaps for good reason…

RX-8 Mazda Reventon Lamborghini

While it is easy to mark this car as hater fodder and go on the attack, something should be said for the originality and execution. For how crazy of an idea this was, it sure could have been a lot worse. Particular parts of the car are somewhat decent (if I’m being generous). While the front fenders dont work for me at all, the rear fenders and rear bumper is actually fairly cool.

Overall, although I don’t personally like how it turned out I think the owner deserves some respect for trying something as crazy and different as this.

Thanks to Russ of Re-Extreme for the lead on this:


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Interesting Piece of JDM x Italian Supercar History

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During my past trip to Japan I had dinner with one of my friends who is a famous aero parts designer. In the course of the evening’s conversation on design he schooled me on something that I should have known but never did…and it blew my mind!

Did you all know that the Lamborghini Diablo uses Z32 300ZX (Fairlady Z) headlights? I consider myself to be a bit of a car nerd and I had no idea of this fascinating fact, which looking back is quite an embarrassment because I should know things like this!!!

lamborghini diablo z32 300zx fairlady z headlightslamborghini diablo z32 300zx fairlady z headlights

Anyway, its a pretty fascinating  story. The Lambo uses the exact OEM Nissan headlight with no modifications. The headlight even says Nissan on it, although Lamborghini put a carbon fiber strip over the Nissan markings to save face with Lamborghini clientele who just paid a hell of a lot of money for Z32 parts bin headlights.

Our discussion reached this topic when we were discussing just how expensive it is to produce custom headlights. The example given to me was that even well established car companies like Lamborghini often will use existing products to keep development costs reasonable on their cars.

Another example he gave me was the Lotus Esprit using AE86 Corolla/Levin tail lights. I’ve later found that the Saleen S7 and Pagani Zonda use the same tail lights. I suspect there are dozens of stories like this, so feel free to share if you have more to add!

I apologize to those of you who already knew this, but IMO this is must know information for any car nut out there. I wish someone would have told me these cool facts earlier! I was truly in disbelief at the idea of a Lamborghini using Z32 headlights, its amazing they pulled it off without getting more heat from the press and their customers!

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Mad Cow by Stanley Ku

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Confused? So was I when I first saw this car at the local Supercar Sunday meet in Woodland Hills. Honestly, I was fooled and believed it to be a Lambo Murci at first because there was no reason for me to think otherwise. However, as I approached towards the car, the stranger it looked and then it hit me. The car was a fake.



If it weren’t for all the ugly addictions, especially in the front, it might actually look decent. It’s just a dead giveaway with how it looks right now. If I’m not mistaken, it think the car is for sale. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m sure some budget ballers would be interested in it.

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Tecnocraft + Gallardo by Stanley Ku

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Tecnocraft is the company that is responsible for the seats that I mentioned earlier. Tecnocraft is actually a branch of Password JDM. For those who are not familiar with Password JDM, they mainly specialize in carbon and kevlar composite parts for Honda’s and Nissan’s, but they are not only limited to just that. Utilizing the same experiences and technologies, Tecnocraft is a branch of Password JDM that develops and manufactures composite parts that cater to high-end cars such as Lamborghini’s.


Their current demo car is a Lamborghini Gallardo that has been entirely carbonized with their extensive line of products for the car. In the engine bay, the hatch assembly, panels, and intake assembly are all replaced by dry carbon parts. The hood and inner hood bin are constructed out of dry carbon as well. The car is equipped with dry carbon front splitter, underbody panels, diffuser, and adjustable wing assembly to provide additionally stability at high speeds. As a result, the Gallardo was able to shed roughly 350 lbs. to make it even lighter than the Superleggera by 200 lbs. That is a very impressive to say the least.



Tecnocraft is currently working on a few other cars so stay tuned for more carbon goodies.

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VR.G2 Lambo Spec by Stanley Ku

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The Volk VR.G2 was released earlier this year as an updated successor to the TE37. Paired up against the TE37, it has huge expectations to fill which it has yet to do.

The guys over at SP Engineering ordered a set, not for a GT-R or anything JDM for that matter, but for a Lambo Gallardo Superleggera. This is the first set in Lambo specifications, 20×9 in the front and 20×11 in the rear.


I was really surprised at how good the G2 fits the Superleggera. The car looks simply stunning. It is a perfect choice not only cosmetically, but also in the performance category. The G2 is a one piece forged monoblock design that is both incredibly light and strong. The 20×11 G2 only weights in at 25.8 lbs which follows the “super light” Superleggera theme. The car is matched with a set of Swift springs to create the perfect package in helping the car put down the 600+whp courtesy of the twin turbo upgrade from Heffner Performance.

Hopefully, this example is just the beginning of a trend. I want to see JDM wheels on more non-Japanese cars. It will create an interesting combination that is both visually amazing and performance oriented.


For more info and pictures, click here.

EDIT FROM BEN – This car is indeed incredible with that color combo and wheel package! Bulletproof is also selling these Lambo fitment Volk wheels for anyone interested! The second I saw these G2s on a Lambo I had to get into the game and get supply on these!

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News: GT-RR.COM Partners with GT500 Parts Supplier Craftsquare

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Nissan R35 GT-R Super GT GT500 Craftsquare Mirrors

August 27th, 2009

GT-RR.COM Partners with GT500 Parts Supplier Craftsquare

GT-RR has been selected as the exclusive North American distributor of Craftsquare’s upcoming R35 GT-R specific mirror conversion. The Craftsquare application will be a direct replacement for the stock R35 GT-R mirrors, using original mounting locations for a clean and simple bolt on installation. Craftsquare is used in Super GT racing by Nissan because of their functional advantage in aerodynamics as well as weight savings. Craftsquare, because of their wide use and history within the Japanese Super GT series has benefited from extensive wind tunnel testing. The countless hours of wind tunnel testing has resulted in determining the unique and functional shape of their mirrors. Each set of Craftsquare mirrors is produced in Japan with a  full carbon fiber housing to maximize weight savings.

Craftsquare has a long history of success on race cars in countless forms of motorsport, yet is also very popular for street applications on Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus and many Japanese vehicles such as the previous generation Nissan GT-Rs. The mirrors are known for being highly functional during daily driving, maintaining a comparable horizontal range of vision to the stock mirrors. This is accomplished by being wider than most “racing” aftermarket mirrors and also by use of a wide angle mirror. The result is less blind spots and a more usable mirror set for the street or circuit.

The design is being finalized now for the Nissan R35 GT-R street application, it will differ in shape slightly from the Super GT500 racing application due to the car’s mounting location and body dimensions being different between the street and the race car. This new design from Craftsquare will be titled as a “TCA-F” mirror set and will be comparable to what is found on the Super GT Lamborghini Gallardo pictured below.

Craftsquare TCA-F
Once actual product photos are released they will be on display immediately at www.gt-rr.com.

Official pricing has been competitively priced at $795.00 USD, all inclusive of importation costs, duties and insurance from Japan.

An initial order has just entered production in Japan and the mirrors are available by pre-sale immediately. The mirrors will be exclusive items and will be imported in limited numbers. Orders will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Contact and Order Information:

Website: GT-RR.COM

Voice – 213 745 6954

email: sales@gt-rr.com

Note – Endless USA is the official and sole agent of Craftsquare in North America. GT-RR is procuring Craftsquare mirrors in partnership with Endless USA, using official distribution channels. The full support of Endless USA and Craftsquare Japan will be in tact on all sales conducted by GT-RR.COM, as the only official supply source for North America.
Nissan R35 GT-R Super GT GT500 Craftsquare MirrorsNissan R35 GT-R Super GT GT500 Craftsquare Mirrors

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Decotora Style x Lamborghini Mucielago!?! WTF

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Decotora Lamborghini Murcielago WTF

Sometimes I come across things that leave me speechless. I really dont know what to say about this. But I’ll try…

I’ve started this blog post with the best picture of the car. The 16 year old in me really loves this picture actually and still I could say this is pretty badass to do on a Lamborghini despite seeing similar attempts on Honda Civics for the past decade that I’d like to forget. The rear diffuser fin lights are actually pretty damn cool, if nothing else. If the car was all normal and just those fins were illuminated I’d give it a 100% WIN from me.

It does go downhill from here…

Decotora Lamborghini Murcielago WTFDecotora Lamborghini Murcielago WTF

For those of you who didnt catch the decotora style refrence in the title, I suggest you link to an older post I made about the Decotora Truck scene in Japan found below:


Here’s a taste of the connection I’m trying to draw here. It might be a stretch, but there undoubtedly is a point when too many lights cross past “spocom” style and enter into “decotora” tuning turf:


And this last part I simply can not make up…If you ever wonder what the image of someone driving this Lamborghini might look like then look no further than this image right here:

I still dont know what to feel about this car. Maybe its a love hate relationship for me…although mostly hate (when I look at any angle of it besides the first shot).

I’d normally say the source of the link (I found it online recently) but I don’t want to draw unneeded attention to the source in this case. To the source: thank you for taking these pictures and entertaining us!

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