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Over the 10 years we’ve been in business, we’ve had an astounding amount of rare and awesome JDM products roll through our warehouse. However, it seems like some have made themselves a home on our shelves and we’ve accumulated a pretty eclectic mix of rare products. Below is just a taste of what you’ll find. Among other things, check out the Ersteklasse Z4 kit and the Top Secret Longnose kit for the 350Z:

Clearly there’s a huge variety of items you won’t see anywhere else. We have a nice list of what’s in stock right here. You’ll find everything from First Molding canards to Top Secret Fusion Oil!

As a special offer for our loyal readers, if you’re interested in any of these items, give us a call at 213.745.6954 or drop us an e-mail at and we’ll get you a great price. These parts would look much better on your car then on our shelves! Who knows, we might soon be blogging about your project instead of parts just sitting around.

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Silent But Deadly JDM Hybrids – The Next Generation

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Zeus Honda Insight

The next generation of Hybrid cars are officially out and as expected the Japanese tuning scene is already hard at work to stylize and tune them!

The lead off image features my favorite design of the bunch by Exclusive Zeus. I really like how the painted the grill and center area of the bumper in black, it really helps give an aggressive front profile. Check out the rear under spoiler, its pretty damn nice! Very sporty for an Insight!

The usual acts are getting back into the game as well. Kenstyle has two new kits coming out, one for the Insight and one for the Prius as seen below:

Kenstyle InsightKenstyle Prius Next Generation

I’d take that Prius over the Insight!

Gialla Honda Insight

Above is the Gialla Insight, also very well executed! Gialla is a company we’ve been very close with as a direct dealer for a long time now. I’m looking forward to help them sell some of these kits!

And finally…

Top Secret Prius NOS Tuned

Yeah, thats right…Smoky Nagata is getting back to the future. A Top Secret tuned next generation Prius? Yes. You better believe it. Here you can see the new Top Secret aero kit being prepared (that rear under spoiler looks like it’ll turn out great!). You’ll also notice Nagata-san hooked up some nitrous so he doesnt entirely fall asleep while driving this eco ride.

Prius tuning is real, its not just that Rays Eco wheel ad that had you wondering if anyone with a Prius actually buys CE28Ns.. If you’ve been to Japan over the past year or two you’ll notice that there is a big push for “Eco” everything. The Japanese have fully embraced the Eco concept over the past few years and are working hard to produce and promote more eco friendly products and cars. I never thought I’d see the day that Top Secret was tuning a Prius…but the future is here, for better or for worse.

Anyone looking for any new Hybrid tuning parts, I suggest giving us a call at 213 745 6954 and we’ll get you set up with the latest and greatest.

(Thanks goes to Option Mag who did a great job helping out our friends in Japan with this promotional write-up. Pick up the latest Option Magazine at your nearest bookstore to see more!)

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My Friends Designed This Kit for HKS – I Think Its Cool

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HKS Genesis

Its old news at this point, but I wanted to feature it here because it’s a little more personal to me. This kit was designed by Oka-san of Kenstyle. Usually most Kenstyle kits are designed by my close friend Suzuki-san of Kenstyle, but I felt this was special since Oka-san really made his mark with this one. I’ve been running Kenstyle USA for the past couple of years and Oka-san has been our go-to sales guy at the Japan office…but I never saw him flex his design talent like this before…

As you may or may not know, HKS aero is designed by Kenstyle, with the previous IS and Mark X designed by Suzuki-san.

On a side note, Suzuki-san, just remixed my GT-RR logo for me for fun in his spare time…I always love his design sense. He’s one of the best to ever do it.

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Saying Goodbye to my M45

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Bespoke VIP M45 Kenstyle

Some of you may know about my “other” demo car. Lately the S2000 is getting all of the press but for the past couple of years I’ve been enjoying another car, a PY50 M45 Sport. This car was the launch vehicle for our Bespoke VIP division specializing in VIP and Exotic parts sales. Its been a great couple of years and it’s time to sell the car now. The car is listed on craigslist and will soon be put up on autotrader as well. If you know of anyone looking for a pristine car with very low miles and almost no wear and tear, this is it. Email me for details

Here’s the craigslist post:

The car featured full Kenstyle aero, a Ings+1 trunk spoiler, Work LS105 chrome rims in 20″, a Kenstyle exhaust system, lowered suspension, carbon trim, and literally every option Inifiniti offers with the car.

The car was featured in numerous magazines (two different Japanese VIP tuning magazines) and was an Advan tires display car for SEMA 2006 and a Yokohama tires display car for SEMA 2007.

Time to clear space in the garage…whats next? I don’t even know at this point.

Bespoke VIP M45 Kenstyle

Bespoke VIP M45 KenstyleBespoke VIP M45 KenstyleBespoke VIP M45 KenstyleBespoke VIP M45 Kenstyle

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