A Classic – Advan Supra

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Advan Supra
6 or so years ago I had this poster on our office wall.


Check out that beautiful CRT monitor on Rich’s desk! :)

I just stumbled upon these pictures from Yokohama/Advan on my computer from back in the day. I feel they’re worthy of sharing so here they are!

Advan Supra Super GT

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From The Archives – Esprit Time Attack JZA80 Supra

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Esprit JZA80 Supra Time Attack

I was going through some of my old pictures today and I stumbled across this 2006 picture of the Esprit time attack JZA80 Supra. I’m a huge fan of Esprit and their demo cars. I have a special soft spot for Esprit dry carbon wings and I put them above even Voltex as my favorite GT wings. All of Esprit’s demo cars are HARD. This Supra is no exception. I wish I had more info on it to share with you. This picture in itself tells a lot.

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Preview – Ab Flug S900 Supra Widebody Refresh

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Ab Flug Schwazer S900 Supra

This is one of the cars I’m really excited to see in person (in less than two weeks!)! The previous version S900 widebody was a classic and it seems that it is now time for version 2.0! They are calling this one the Schwarzer S900 Supra.

Above is the rendering, below is the in-progress shot. Naturally I’ll be updating in real-time from Tokyo whenever I get the chance. Odds are you’ll see the finished version of this car here first!

Ab Flug Schwazer S900 Supra

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Tamon Design Gang Rolls Deep

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Tamon Design Crew Rides

Seeing many of my favorite Tamon Design demo cars together at one time is a rare occurrence worthy of sharing. Getting that much awesome in one picture just isn’t easy. I can’t imagine how incredible it must have been to see and hear all of these cars ride by on the freeway!!! Only in Japan.

Tamon brought out all of the heavy hitters for a cruise, including an incredible looking Porsche that I’m not sure has been seen before. Check out some of the pics!

Tamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - PorscheTamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - Porsche

Tamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - PorscheTamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - Porsche

All the hitters were there. You might recognize the red Tamon Design FD3S RX-7 for being a kit also used on the legendary Scoot Sports 4 rotor RX-7. Then there’s also the ridiculously expensive Tamon 370Z, a Super GT inspired JZA80 Supra, and another FD3S as well. The only thing absent is Tamon’s FC3S which is another favorite of mine.

Tamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - Porsche

Lets close this out by looking at one of my favorite S2000s.

Tamon Design Crew Rolls Deep - S2000

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It’s On…

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Top Secret R35 GT-R Gold x Nardo Supra

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Forza 3

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I just wanted to share a couple of pictures I found online featuring two cars that we’ve been working with Microsoft on for Forza 3. These two cars also happened to be in Forza 2. Microsoft came to visit me to take about 7 hours worth of pictures and measurements of the S15 Silvia at our Los Angeles warehouse. They are meticulous with their data they collect, I was shocked actually with how precise they are. I hope the game play is good, with that sort of precision I think it will be.

Thanks MSFT for the exposure!

Pics I found online:

Top Secret Supra Forza 3

Top Secret S15 Forza 3

By the way, the Top Secret S15 is available for purchase. If you’re serious and ready to make an offer, email me ben@topsecretjpn.com

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Skunkpra by Stanley Ku

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Here is a unique take on the widebody kit from Esprit. Instead of painting the kit the same color as the car, this owner from Finland decided to do something different. The lower portions of the car has been painted black which makes it resemble somewhat like a skunk. It is another one of those “love or hate” thing. Some people may prefer it entirely one color like the following.


(Quick Edit By Ben – Esprit is distributed by Bulletproof Automotive so if anyone needs anything just give us a call and we’ll hook you up)

I think this theme will work better if the car has more aggressive styling and continued more with the black and white theme. Maybe a vented carbon fiber hood from Top Secret, black headlight housings, Ganador/Craft Square mirrors?


A Top Secret diffuser will finish off the back nicely.


For more pictures of the car, go here.

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