Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 Live!

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Jun R35 GT-R

Jun R35 GT-R Ben Sopra

Jun R35 GT-R BenSopra Kit

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FB Update: Step into our office…

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Bulletproof office and hangar  with GT-R R35 demo

We’ve been crazy busy over here, juggling more projects than ever, bringing in some exciting new hires, all while moving into a shiny new office in sunny Hawthorne, CA!  We’re right on the runway of the Hawthorne Airport, so we get to watch all the private jets and helicopters take off from our window.

Hawthorne Airport office w GT-R R35 demo on runway

Turns out all those fumes draw some pretty cool neighbors too – Tesla, SpaceX (aerospace transportation), Gyron (aerial cameras), Filmotechnic (camera car systems), and numerous flight schools are all clustered within the same square mile around the airport.

new office kitchen toward hangar

Needless to say, we’re loving it here.  I’m excited to do a full tour of our place soon, but for now, here are a few quick snaps from our FB album.

Bulletproof office hangar R35 demo JUN Evo X

This photo was taken from our office’s hangar.  The Evo X on the right is secretly packing a full JUN crate motor, JUN one-off turbo kit, Brembo GT-R nickel-plated brakes and JRZ coilovers (see more in the FB album we created for his build).  This beast belongs to our longtime friend and customer Tenzin, who was one of the first to visit the new place.  We encourage everyone to come by and check it out, even if you don’t have a private jet for door-to-door transport!

Customer Car: Jesse’s Evo X

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Jesse's Evo X with Varis, Volk, ARC, and Do Luck

Jesse’s Evo X has been completely modified with Varis, JUN, Volk, ARC, Test and Service, Do Luck, and much more.

Jesse's Evo with Varis, JUN, ARC, and Do Luck

I love pictures of cherry blossoms and tuned cars; perhaps this is our best representation of a US twist on it. There are no sakura found in this picture but still there is an amazing blend of natural beauty and a mechanical beast.

Jesse's Evo X with Do Luck, Varis, and ARC

So much beauty for one photo!  Props to Jesse on this build (and the photography too which is killer).

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What a $50,000 R35 GT-R Motor Looks Like

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Courtesy of JUN and Phoenixs Power

This picture features a fully built JUN 4.0L stroker motor, JUN custom intake plenum with big throttle bodies, JUN Cams, JUN head work, Greddy twin turbo kit, Top Secret oil catch tank and MUCH more.

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JUN GRB Impreza STi Demo Car For Sale

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JUN GRB Impreza STi Demo Car

Our friends over at JUN in Japan are clearing way for future demo cars by selling their hyper lemon Subaru GRB Impreza STi. The car is street spec, meaning that it still has full interior and can be used for both street and track duties.

As expected the car has a fully built JUN stroker motor and features extensive upgrades everywhere. JUN’s Endless co-developed 6 piston front and 4 piston rear brake kit is installed along with a number of quality racing parts. The car utilizes Cusco LSDs both front and rear as well as Zeal X coilovers with 10k front and 18K rear springs! The exterior features a full Ings+1 aero kit with a JUN front under diffuser and Advan RZ wheels.

For anyone looking to pick up a full JUN demo car, stuff like this does not come around often. If you’d like the car send me and email and I can get you in touch with JUN.

(the car is right hand drive, registered in Japan and for sale in Japan only)

JUN GRB Impreza STi Demo CarJUN GRB Impreza STi Demo Car

JUN GRB Impreza STi Demo CarJUN GRB Impreza STi Demo Car

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JUN R35 GT-R Stroker Kit Arrives At GT-RR (Pics)

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JUN R35 GT-R GT-RR Stroker Kit 4.0L VR38JUN R35 GT-R GT-RR Stroker Kit 4.0L VR38

With so much going on the past couple of months, I totally forgot to share pictures of this extremely rare $20,000+ stroker kit from JUN that we had at our office roughly two months ago.

This engine kit is destined to be used in a client project we’ve been working on. That same car also utilizes our own in-development GT-RR SPL twin turbo upgrade kit. Although some of our clients like this one prefer to keep a low profile, people he races will know what the deal is once he unleashes his 1000hp capable engine! Our turbos retain comparable response to stock yet they will flow upwards of 1000hp. The official release wont be until later on those, but for those who know us you can contact us and perhaps we can get another set or two out there for testing purposes, unofficially of course…

As for the pictures, when the box with the JUN stroker arrived  we just had to document this amazing piece of engine engineering.   You may recognize our office’s wood floor which our resident photo master Colin Chu has used for many of our product shots lately.

By the way, since we’re JUN’s direct dealer we’ve just released US pricing for their new camshafts, wet cylinder liner and short block processing services. Also we have access to a complete JUN short block already assembled for those ready!

JUN R35 GT-R GT-RR Stroker Kit 4.0L VR38JUN R35 GT-R GT-RR Stroker Kit 4.0L VR38

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JUN’s 4.0L Stroker Kit for the R35 GT-R

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JUN 4.0 Custom EX R35 GT-R Stroker Kit

With our first order of this massively expensive stroker kit said to be on its way to us shortly, I was happy to get my first actual glimpse of the mythical parts that Tanaka-san has been telling me about for many months now.

Running nearly $20,000 for the kit, the prices start to sound like a Spec-V joke ($50k brakes anyone?). But then again, in the history of GT-R tuning and for that matter Japanese car tuning in general, there is no company with a better track record and history of industry leading stroker kits than JUN. Those guys are the long time reigning champs of engine building and stroker kits.

Although without a doubt not many of these will be sold due to the price and commitment to build a complete engine, we are happy to represent JUN and offer direct shipping from JUN Japan to anywhere in the world for anyone who wants the most hardcore VR38DETT engine in the world. (JUN says this kit will handle in excess of 1000hp, with the right supporting mods of course)

Product Page Link:

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